Love Game (The Death Of Jesse McMillan) Part 1 of 2

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Inspired by a true story.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



It was the first day of school for Destiny Millers. The day already having started gloomy, a little drizzly, and no peak of the sun out; she walked. She was dressed casually; blue ripped jeans, a green t-shirt, a black hoodie, and a pair of black converse.

As she passed the parking lot, her childhood and best friend Milo Freede, was waiting for her at the school entrance. As Destiny came closer, her friend ran down the remaining steps and embraced her in a warm hug.

“What is this? The last time you saw me was last night!” Destiny asked Milo as she let her go. Milo was a beautiful girl; bright green eyes, yellow almost gold shoulder length hair, petite with curves, and skin that glows. They’ve known each other since before they could walk; their mothers’ saw each other in their neighborhood book club. When Milo and Destiny started to walk, they played together all the time in the sand box creating castles with damsels in distress. When they turned twelve, they made a pact; to never separate from each other, no matter the circumstances. Until this they, they have been inseparable.

“Never mind that. It’s our senior year! Our last softball game, our last homecoming...I’m starting to miss you already!” Milo, fanning her hands so the cool air could touch her face, stared to cry.

“Stupid butt, we’re going to the same college! Let’s go to class or we’ll be late.” Ushering back inside the school, they went to their separate classes.

History class went well, Math was excruciating, Language class had her drooling, Gym had her dragging, and finally Biology class.

As she entered the room, everybody greeted her. Shawna, a girl who never liked Destiny or Milo, gave her the stink eye. Here goes nothing, she thought.

“How was your summer fling, Destiny? Left you for a better rack I see.” Destiny walked pass her to the back of the classroom, there was one table left with only one person. He was new to the school and looked a little glum. “Oh wait, let me think, he left you for me.”

“Well, you know what they say about sloppy seconds.” Everybody in the room started to laugh at Shawna’s angry face. She didn’t say anything back at Destiny as she sat down next to the new kid, taking out her note books getting ready for when class started.

When the class began, she didn’t pay much attention to the class. Her mind was drifting off to another world completely different from the one she lived on, when suddenly there was a light tap on her notebook.

She looked down to find a note; this isn’t over, said the note. She knew the handwriting and she perfectly knew without a doubt who had beef with her; Shawna. She looked up to see her looking back at her with a determined face. “Let me guess, tough love with a long painful past.”

She looked at the boy besides her. His face expressionless, not even a smile. “Yeah. Long story though.” She smiled up at him. He smiled back at her shyly. “Destiny.” She outstretched his hand to greet him; he took it still with the shy smile on his face.

“Jesse. Jesse McMillan.” Still with their hands together, he looked down and saw a scared line across of the inside of her wrist. She looked where he was staring and pulled back her hand as if being burned. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare.”

“It’s okay. They all do.”

As the bell rang, she saw him get up and pick up his things as he hurried out of the classroom. She wanted to stop him, but she let him go. Walking out of the classroom herself, she met up with Milo by their lockers. She put away her books, pens, and other things. As she did that, she told Milo about Shawna and the new boy Jesse.

“What a bitch. Don’t mind her.” Then, she smiled broadly at Destiny, playing with her braid as they walked out of school. “Jesse McMillan, I’ve heard about him. He transferred from New York; he’s in the basketball team. Cute butt too.”

“Hush Milo!” Laughing, they separated towards their own houses and promised each other to call later.

As Destiny took a shower, and prepared for bed, she looked down at her scarred wrists. She remembered why she did it, and she regretted it. The scare she gave her Aunt Judy when she ran up to her room when she didn’t answer her calls. Destiny had felt used, not needed, ugly...all because a boy told her she wasn’t enough. Tonight as she looks down at her wrists, she thinks how stupid and ungrateful she was. Never again, she promised her self, never again.

The next four months went by in a blur, people got more excited for the school games. The cheerleaders were cheering, the basketball players were scoring, the softball players were pitching; the whole school was winning. Destiny and Jesse became the heroes of the Louis Marin’s High School. They shared smiles in the hallways, and in Biology they spoke poor sentences which were enough for each other.

“He totally wants you, Dessy.” Milo one day had said. They were sitting outside of a café, eating ice cream, and gossiping about classmates. Milo was determined to get Destiny and Jesse together, but Dessy never enjoyed the idea of being in a relationship just now. She couldn’t see herself happy or making some one else happy; she believed she didn’t deserve it.

“No he doesn’t.” as Milo kept staring at her, she confessed. “Nobody does. It seems that I’m not worthy of anybody’s time.”

Milo now looked at her with worry. In her mind she was replaying that night that Destiny almost lost her life by committing suicide. All for a boy. “Now you listen to me; you are worth every penny of my time and of others. Everybody, and I mean it, everybody loves you. They all want to protect you. They consider you as world class heroin.” She smiled at Destiny and winked. She stood up, pushing her chair back, and cleared her throat. “Destiny Millers is the most beautiful person I’ve ever known. She’s intelligent, thoughtful, and memorable. I, Milo Freede, am honored of being her friend and pact sister.” She sat back down, laughing because of Destiny’s hidden face, and whispered “If I liked girls, I must say, you would be on the top of my list baby.”

They both laughed at that, and hugged each other while the other one cried. When Destiny parted ways, she walked to the library first before going home, and as she greeted the person at the front desk and walked towards one of the tables; she saw him. Jesse McMillan, smiling up at her.

“Hello.” She liked the way he was dressed. He had dark blue ripped jeans, a white t-shirt and matching sneakers, with a red hoodie on. But what most caught her attention was his smile. A row of bright white teeth. She stared because she’s never seen him smile this way. A kind of shy boyish smile.

Destiny walked up to his table, sat down and grabbed his book.

“Hello to yourself, Jesse.” She smiled broadly in response. I like this part of him, she decided. “So, what are we studying?” as she opened the book, she laughed quietly. “Oh, how educative. Batman.”

He looked embarrassed; his cheeks grew from pink to red, his smile faltered. “Yeah.” He said.

“Where is Robin?” she knew a lot about comic books; she collects them.

“Robin is not in that edition yet, he is in the next one.” His voice faltered, and when she looked up, it was to see him staring at her.

“What?” staring back at him, her voice faltered. She shook herself internally and spoke again. “What’s wrong?”

He shivered as if he was cold, and lowered his gaze to the table. “I was wondering, are you going out with somebody...from school?” his eyes were planted on the table; they only moved to be winked. And in a whispered, shaky voice, he said “Or out of school?”

Destiny laughed at that moment. She’s never seen a boy who was shy, so shy that it cost him an arm and a leg to ask her a simple question. He looked up, startled. And when he saw her smile, he grimaced. “Nope. But I have my eyes settled on somebody. How about you Jesse?”

He took his time to answer, and when he finally got the hint, his smile was wolfish. “Yeah, my eyes are settled too.”

As spring approached, they had spoken more in and outside of class. Went on dates –as friends— and found each other at the comic book store. Sometimes he picked her up at her house to walk for school, other times she would walk him home. Everybody saw how well they were getting along, even the ones who didn’t much like her at all.

“Oh, would you look at that!” Shawna said as she walked by them in the hallway one morning. “Don’t cut your wrist after he comes looking for, lets say, something better than you. In other words; Me.” They laughed, and walked away. Destiny lowered her head, embarrassed, and started to walk away when a hand held her back.

“Don’t listen to them.” Jesse told her.

“No, they’re right.” She tried prying herself away, but he held her in place.

“No, they are not. Don’t give her the satisfaction she doesn’t deserve.”

When Destiny walked into Biology, she noticed a change in tables. Shawna was paired with Jesse, and Destiny was paired with her summer fling. She stared at Jesse, and he gave an apologetic shrug. As she sat down next to her living nightmare, he winked at her.

“How’re you holding up there kiddo?”

She took her time answering, when she did, she spoke with the sweetest of voices. “As a matter of fact, I am. How have you been?”

He didn’t expect her to answer, he was caught off guard and his smug smile melted away. “Good. I’ve been good.” He took one of her wrist, and with his index finger, he traced the scars. “You can always come back, Dessy. My arms are wide open for you. I don’t really go for girls like you but I might make an exception. After all, you almost gave your life for me.” His smile made her furious; and when she answered with a venomous smile, he looked aghast.

“I don’t let people use me to hurt others David. I have a backbone.” Snatching her hand away from him she said, “You said some horrible stuff to me Dave, and that is why I did what I did. Because I believed I wasn’t valuable to life itself to live. I didn’t do it for you, for all I care; you could fall on your face and stare there.”

At the back of the room, there was a short laugh. When David looked back to see who it was, he saw Jesse smiling at him. Next to him, Shawna hissed. Dessy turned around when the teacher came into the class and asked for everybody’s attention, with a smile of triumph on her face.

That same day before she was ready to start walking home, Jesse stopped her in the hallway in front of their lockers. He looked down at her, a little too shy, and smiled awkwardly. When he spoke, it broke all of Destiny’s brick walls to crumble.

“I was wondering if you’d be my girlfriend.”

Jesse was so shy he couldn’t even look at her. Destiny was so surprise and caught off guard, she took a whole minute to answer.

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