Ode The Times!

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I was bored. I don't know if it even sounds good lol.
I'm so bad with poetry. ;)

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



Ode the times I hid behind the rock,

Of a strange forest in the middle of the night.

I had stolen an ice shaped heart lock,

And ran to be hidden, with all of my might!


Ode the times I was chased,

By a wild Griffin flying high above.

A hundred red caps on the land I faced,

With a sword of ice, a prince, so loved!


Ode the times I bled,

The nights I was attacked by Pixies.

They shouted and screamed; in their eyes they saw red,

As they tried to pry from my hands their blunts of magic like hungry hippies!


Ode the times I loved,

The prince with the blue eyes and crystal lips.

For he had left his icy home; unscarred and white gloved,

With his eyes on my breasts and his hands tight on my hips!


Ode the times that I drowned,

In the blue beaches of the icy fairy land.

Only a gurgled sound, the prince had found

My face deep in water and my hands deep in sand!


Ode the times I was killed,

Because the ice prince had left my castle.

Only despair, hatred, and loneliness my heart was filled,

With the darkness of death at the hassle!


Ode the times I was in battle,

For my lost Ice prince I set out to find.

And when I found him, I only saw the shadow,

Of the other girl I once was; shy, lovely, and kind!


Ode the time I hid behind a rock,

Staring at the prince with fury in my heart.

With the stolen ice shaped heart lock,

I gave it back with a furious butt fart!


Ode the time I saw him faint,

On the floor so beautiful, fragile, and white.

My poo on his face, my love, like paint,

He was out for vengeance as I ran in utter delight!

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