One Simple Kiss

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You are wealthy, have a family, no children, and a husband. The next day, you forgot who you are. And so the day next to that and so on.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



“Do you have a friend who is not really your friend?” my therapist asked me. I was lying down on the couch he reserved for his patients. I had my eyes closed, enjoying the morning sun on my face. The sudden breeze made my heart flutter. The music of the ocean waves sedating my thoughts. I felt like I was floating, or maybe flying. It suddenly felt like I was gravity itself.

“Do you have a friend who is not really your friend Dr. Richard?” sometimes his questions were so annoying, but helpful. I know why they ask the question for self evaluation and self understanding but I couldn’t hold myself to be smart sometimes. “Sorry, no. I don’t have any friends. The ones I used to have had always caused me trouble.”

“Have you ever been betrayed by someone like this?” as my eyes were closed I went back in time, when I once had given my trust to a guy, I thought we were forever. We were only a five minute fling.

“Yes, but I don’t want to talk about that.” I responded in a low whisper. I hated to go back in time. That was in the past, if it hurts you, why should you ponder on it? Why even remember? I hate remembering. It makes me feel insecure, vulnerable....weak.

“I understand.” He started to scribble something in his book, looked up at me, and scribbled some more. “Is there something you have never told anyone? Feelings? Thoughts? An event? A dream?”

I was suddenly interested because there was something I’ve never told anyone. I sat up straight and looked out the window. The sky was bright blue with no clouds. The water was calm, so calm. Relaxing. “As a matter of fact there is. I met this guy, once. He was staring at me, but he never spoke. I started to feel frightened. I don’t know why, but he scares me. After that day, he follows me everywhere ever since. I’ve tried to hide, but he would always find me.” I shivered, something the Doc saw. He stared at me for a long minute and then spoke,

“Have you contacted the police?”


“And what happened?”

“They couldn’t see him. Only I could.” He paused from scribbling something and looked up at me. He thinks I’m crazy, I know it. I looked back at him, not blinking. Almost daring him to ask any question of my sanity; but all he did was look away to the clock and called it for the day. All he asked was for me to start coming in two days a week around the same time as today. I wasn’t bothered.

As I walked out of the building, I decided to take a walk on the beach. I started walking enjoying the ocean’s calming waves. The song of the birds that fly ahead. The sun was blazing yellow, its rays brushing heat through my skin. Suddenly I felt all but warm but frozen. My hands started to shake. As looked to my right, about 50 feet away was the strange man who invaded my dreams. Face your fears, my sister would have told me. So I walked up to him, and jabbed a finger to his chest. “Who the hell are you!?”

He looked down at my finger and smiled. Sick man, he liked it! He raised a hand to my cheek, caressing it with his thumb. I froze, I knew that touch. He lowered his face to mine, pausing as if to ask me in silent permission for a kiss. I pulled him towards me. As he pulled away he whispered, “I’ve wanted to do that for so long...but you always ran away from me.” I blinked in surprise, and repeated my question, only this time with much more curiosity. But I already knew who he was. And there was no need for him to respond.

Because all it took was for one kiss to answer a million of questions.

He was never a stranger, never unknown.

He was always mine, all so mine.

He, soul mate, of mine.

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