Pandora's Box (A Myth of Wonders)

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"While there's life, there's hope because the hope dies last."

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



There was a time when the Gods created the first woman to take a step on the face of the earth. She was a blessed woman by the Gods, who created her with water and earth. They gifted her with beauty, music, persuasion, and curiosity.

The woman was very beautiful indeed; long blond hair, blue eyes, and the fullest and pinkest lips. If you made her blush, you were rewarded with the most beautiful shade of red. Her hands were fine and silky soft, her skin the palest under the glowing moon.

One troubled night, she awoke to the calling of the Gods. Being summoned, she stood surrounded by the most powerfulness Gods, and was named for all giving; Pandora. She was ecstatic with her new name that she threw a feast to celebrate. Her friends and friends of friends attended this event. They were all happy for her, eating and drinking, congratulating her. When it was past midnight, everybody left for their own homes to sleep after another day. The woman, now named Pandora, couldn’t sleep. She was still feeling troubled and couldn’t point out why.

Time went by, and Pandora grew more anxious. For the time being, she awoke with this feeling she couldn’t explain. She felt as if something new and bad was about to be done. So when the Gods summoned her a second time, she was a wreck of emotions; some new and some that she knew.

Pandora was summoned to be given a gift; a box. She took it with the utmost gratitude she could ever give. The Gods explained to her what was in that simple box; it withheld all the evil of the world and she was told that by any circumstances, she was not to open the box. It was her job to guard it. Pandora said she understood, and was taken back to her home. There she sat on the floor, pensive, staring at the beautiful brown box.

Pandora got to the point that she couldn’t take it any longer; so she took the lid off of the box, and peeked in. She had no time to react; for she had released all evil out and wild into the world. She tried closing it back again, but she couldn’t; for that the evil had already escaped (greed, vanity, slander, lying, envy, pining). As she stood there by the window, watching evil fly forth, she felt that the box in her small hand was still a little heavy. Not everything was released. She peered inside again, this time a little more careful, and saw what was left at the bottom of the box.


Later Pandora opened the box once more and the hope escaped into the cruel world. This was Pandora’s present for the mankind.

Pandora was saddened for her actions, and was scared that she would have to face the Gods wrath. But that wrath never came, because the Gods knew that Pandora would open the box. Since the first day she was summoned to guard the beautiful box, they knew, because it was them in the first place that gifted her with curiosity.



"While there's life, there's hope because the hope dies last."

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