Red Shoes (Hannah's Story)

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When little Hannah saw death, she felt the compulsion to protect her little sister, her father, and her mother.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



Hannah was getting off of the school bus, one day after school. She ran up to the wide black door of the Victorian house. She knocked once. Twice, but nobody answered. Putting her little blue book bag on the floor, she went on tippy toes, and twisted the knob of the black door. As soon as it was opened, she picked up her bag, and ran to the kitchen expecting to find her mother near the stove, cooking, and humming a song she just made up. But mommy wasn’t there, as she started to walk the stairs up to the second floor, she heard shouts, and little Sarah crying. She went to her little sister’s room to find her in bed, still with a fever, and crying from a sore throat. Hannah immediately went to the bathroom and grabbed a cup of water and handled it over to her sister. She drank it dry, and smiled up at Hannah. She stood there for a while longer until she heard her little sisters’ light snores’, when suddenly there was a hard slamming of doors in Daddy’s study. Sarah stirred but didn’t wake up, for she was too sick to even notice and too hot from the fever to open her eyes. Leaving her little sisters’ bedroom, closing the door shut behind her, she went back down the long staircase, and walked towards her Daddy’s study. She opened the door, just an inch to peek inside, when she saw her mother on the floor crying.

“Please, Rhaoul, I cannot take this any longer.” One the floor, gathering broken glass. Hannah noticed it was a clay vase she had given Daddy from a school project.

Her father was in the back pacing, one hand covering his eyes as he breathed in and out as if to calm himself down.

When he stopped, he crouched down in front of her mother, and with one hand he cupped one side of her face. “Why, Katerina, why do you torture me like this?”

“Because you have forgotten!” her mother shouted.

Her father got up from his crouched position, and stared at her mother from below. “I have not forgotten. The past is the past, as hurtful as it can be, but you must understand that they are gone, our babies, they are gone. Why can’t you fight for the two we have left?”

“Come here Hannah, I want to show you something!” lifting her Hannah up by the waist, and tickling her until she gave up and ran after her older sister.

“What are you going to show me, Danny?” Hannah as usual, curious by her kind, ran outside to the tree house after her sister.

Suddenly stopping at the steps of such tall tree, she beckoned Hannah forward, looking both sides; she whispered in Hannah’s ear, “You have to promise not to tell anybody.”

“What about mommy and daddy and Jazmina?” Hannah asked, a little shaky for she was suddenly scared she would get into trouble. But Danny would never get her into trouble.

“You can’t tell mommy and daddy, they are too old, and Jazzy is too young.” Smiling, she helped little Hannah up to the tree house. Once they were inside, Danny took out a vial with a pink top, and smiled down at Hannah.

Hannah had a look of wonder and awe, after a while of wondering what is was, she asked “What is it?”

Danny almost told her what it was, glitter, but a sudden imagination burst into her mind. “It is fairy dust; magic Hanna, magic.” Giving Hannah the vial, she took it into her small hands, smiling with such excitement, it made Danny smile in return.

Now holding the same vial with the pink top and ‘fairy dust’, she listened to her mother cry even more when daddy took her into her arms, his hands smoothing out the sudden tangles she had in her beautiful brown hair. As her mother looked up, she saw one little eyeball, with tears in its eye. “Hanny!”

Before her father looked back to see Hannah and holler at her for snooping, she ran back upstairs to her room, and silently closed her door. She changed into more comfortable clothes, and jumped into bed. She soon heard footsteps run up the staircase. She heard one door open and then close; Sara’s, and then a gentle knock as the door opened to reveal two smiling faces.

“Daddy, I didn’t mean to snoop, I really didn’t. I heard noises and I wanted to help!” Hannah started to cry, scared, not wanting to be grounded. But when Daddy picked her up from the bed and hugged her, filling her face with wet kisses, she had to laugh. “Ew daddy!”

Her father laughed, but her mother still had tears in her eyes. Hannah’s smile slipped off her beautiful baby face. When her father noticed, he looked towards the direction her mother was, and frowned. Letting Hannah down back on her bed, he gave a kiss on the forehead and said goodbye. “I have to go to the office, but I promise I’ll bring you back a sweet!” Before he left the room, listening little Hannah’s giggles, he took her mother into his arms and placed a butterfly kiss on her mothers’ lips. When she heard the front door slam shut, she sat next to Hannah on the bed and took her into a fierce hug.

“Mommy, I’m scared.” The thunder outside and the rain hitting the glass windows with such fury frightened her. As soon as her mother beckoned her into the bed, little Jazzy and Danny came running and jumping into the bed as soon as another thunder hit home.

“Awe, my babies. My sweet, sweet babies.” Hugging her mother, wanting to feel her warm silky skin; Danny on the other side of Hannah hugging her protectively against the fury of the skies.

“Mommy, can you tell us a story?” Jazzy asked from the other side of her mothers hug.

Her mother laughed as they, united, begged for a story. As soon as they were all tucked into the monster blankets, with mommy’s arms wrapped around them all, she told them a story.

“Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived three little sisters who danced and sang to the rainy night sky....”

Hannah came back to the present as she felt her mothers’ body rocking. Small tremors broke out of her body. But she held tight to her mommy, wanting her to know that she was there for her, little Hannah barely ten years of age, such an old soul.

“Mommy, please don’t cry.” A naked whisper, with naked fear.

Her mother didn’t respond. She kept crying, but Hannah kept hugging her with her tiny body until she stopped. As she looked up to see her mother staring into space, she got up on her knees and cupped her mothers face in her tiny chunky hands. “Why are you so sad, mommy?”

Looking back into those haunted hazel eyes, she saw pain, so much pain. Hannah knew what pain was, she felt it ever since Danny and Jazzy’s death. Her mother didn’t say anything, getting up from the bed; she took Hannah’s face into her huge warm hands and kissed Hannah on her puckered baby lips. Before Katerina left the room, Hannah couldn’t hold her thoughts any longer.

“I remember them too, mommy, it hurts sometimes.” A whispered confession.

But her mother was already closing the door, and before the door clicked shut, she heard her mother whisper back; “It hurts me too, my sweet, it hurts so much.”

Blood every where; on the walls, the floor, the twin much blood. Danny’s limp body lying on a pool of blood on the floor. Jazzy’s little fragile body, broken in pieces. Her arms and legs like jelly, her eyes open staring at space. Katerina grabbing both of her babies, crying on the floor, screaming. Her clothes soaked in blood, her red high heel; a sad imitation of blood. Both their heads lolling from side to side as her mother cried.

“Hannah!” her father shouted from behind her, grabbing her by the waist and taking her out of the room. Other people ran into the room, her mothers’ screams in the hallway.

“I want my babies! I want my babies!”

“It’s going to be okay, Hanny. Calm down.” Why should I calm down? Her little mind said in thought, as her father kissed her shaking hands and with a ‘go to your room and don’t leave.’ Demand, he ran to her mothers’ side, holding her until she stopped crying.

“Why Rhaoul? Why!” her mother shouted. Her father didn’t answer; he just kept holding her in his arms, rocking her back and forth with tears in his own.

Standing there, in the corner of the hallway, she saw how broken the house was, everything was missing, and then she saw the men walk out of the room with Danny and Jazzy’s bodies covered with white sheets leave the house. As they left, she went to her room, and fell asleep. She was too tired to cry. She was too shocked to sob. All she did was mourn the deaths of her two sisters in silence, alone, and fell asleep.

“It will never be okay again daddy.”

The next day as she got off of the school bus, she ran to the front door to find it cracked open. Walking inside with small steps she called out for her mother and received no response.



As she walked pass the staircase, intending to walk towards the kitchen, she saw a red high heel shoe lying sideways on the floor. Hannah’s small lips smiled, in her little mind, she thought; Mommy is back again, everything will be okay! So she ran, as fast as she could, and stopped just before entering the kitchen.

One drop of single blood, a small piece of paper with her mother’s beautiful calligraphy.

‘Forgive me my babies. Forgive me Rhaoul. I couldn’t forget.’

Hannah didn’t pick up the note.

She walked into the kitchen, and all she saw was one bare foot and the other with one red high heel shoe on. The rest were shadows, swinging back and forth. She didn’t have time to scream. She didn’t have time to cry, because at that same moment, Sarah’s sweet little voice rang through the house calling her mother’s and Hannah’s name. Her father was just behind Sarah when he saw Hannah’s face.

But when she looked at Sarah, her little heart broke into so many pieces. She smiled at the little girl as her father ran to the kitchen, and grabbing her hand she walked her back outside. “I have something to show you, Sarah.”

“What is it?” her little sister said.

And she handled the small vial of glitter with the pink top to Sarah, and smiled.

“It’s fairy dust, Sarah, magic.”

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