Stardust (A billion scattered atoms)

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"He was going to get her heart back. No matter what, he was.
Even if he had to go to Hades and back, he would retrieve what was his."

He was a young man with a very old soul. His heart was the smallest beater but the strongest. Time and again he’s fought for patience and gratitude, never losing hope. The young man smiled at the rich and helped the poor. He was an amazing young man, and alone.

Very alone.

It happened at midnight on Christmas day. Many other men were jealous of him for loving such a precious diamond. Her name was Minka; beautiful blond hair always in a styled bun, eyes as green as the a leaf of an oak tree in Summer, lips so full and always pink, skin so delicate he was frightened to hurt. Minka loved this young man in return so much that at their wedding day she declared that no other man could replace such beauty as the such as he brought to her.

He was everything to her; she was everything to him.

It was that same night, on their wedding night, that a horrible disfigured jealous man stole her heart and placed it in a locked box. Only he had the key. The young man was devastated, broken deep inside. He felt his heart could have stopped beating if he didn’t encourage it to keep on. The disfigured man was so cruel he laughed at the widowed young man on the floor crying. He left with the box in hand, and walked into the night; disappearing as the snow carried on falling down like a mad woman who has lost her child. The young mans’ heart, forcibly, kept beating; and every time a new beat would sound in his chest, it sounded with purpose.

He was going to get her heart back. No matter what, he was.

Even if he had to go to Hades and back, he would retrieve what was his.

Nine years later, at midnight and on Christmas day, he stands at the very place where he first lost his diamond. He was determined tonight. The young man always knew that the disfigured man had left something behind, but he was to broken to remember, for that day was his last happy day.

The young man looked around, and around; under broken tables, and garbage. He was about to give up, frustrated, he hadn’t noticed the shinning crystal on broken windowsill. When he did noticed that blinking crystal he ran towards it, and to his disbelief, it wasn’t a crystal; but a key.

All it took was for him to pick up that key and his diamond would be free. The disfigured man walked into the once beautiful castle, smiling at the young man, carrying his locked precious box. The young man could hear her heart, beating stronger as they came closer, inside of the box. As the old disfigured man stood nose to nose with the desperate young man, a tear appeared at the corner of his eye. The old man knew what he had done wrong, and he paid the price. He became a shadow to the unknown, and placing the box in the young mans’ hands, he waited for him to open it and observed with admiration the reunion of the two lovers.

The young man immediately slid the key into the hole, and opened the box. His diamonds’ heart stopped beating at his touch. The heart melted, confused, he grabbed the old man by the collar and demanded an explanation when a hand was resting on his shoulder. He turned around, and gasped. His diamond, his Minka, was standing there in front of him. She wasn’t solid, but that didn’t stop him to give her one last kiss.

As the kiss ended, she smiled and saying nothing, her soul disintegrated into a thousands diamonds, blinking for him to see. He stared at the floating diamonds with longing, he didn’t know what she was now, but she was the most beautiful creation God has ever made. The old man appeared at his side, with tracks of tears old and new, shinning on his face.

“Do you know what she is?” he asked the young man. For he knew what Minka had become, because he too once lost another and became the same.

“No.” the young man responded. He heard the longing in the old disfigured mans’ voice and felt sorry for him. At last he understood him more than what he did before. He couldn’t blame him for he would have acted the same. “What is she?”

“She is Stardust. A billion of scattered atoms, waiting to travel the skies.”

“Will she come back?” he asked as he saw the blinking blue atoms of his wife’s body float to the dark snowy skies.

“She’s never left boy; she’s never left.”

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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