The Alien Huntress Part 2 of 2

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Present Day of The Alien Huntress

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



Present day....


There was nothing but darkness and a foul odor surrounding me. I sniffed again to no avail. It smelled like dried up blood, rotten flesh....oh God. I’m surrounded by corpses, all of them. The bodies that we were suppose to burn...I saw them burn! The door opens to a bright light and a dark silhouette enters the damnable room. He stands there looking at me, observing me while I sat there surrounded by alien bodies, gagged, hands bolted to the arm rest of the wooden chair, and ankles chained. I try to scream, but all that comes out is a moan. I’ve been shot on the shoulder, and the abdomen.

“Please Deion, don’t do this.”


Gun pointed to my head, I close my eyes ready to die when I see Dmitri from behind the man I once called friend.


Scrunching my nose at the smell, I concentrate on the figure by the door. Tall, with broad shoulders, dark hair....”I see you are enjoying the smell Hunter Max.”

I don’t respond. I can’t respond. Everything I thought, everything I believed in was a lie. The people I trusted.

“I want you to track, hunt, and confiscate the alien you helped escape.”

“What if I don’t want to, Guerilla?” I asked, shifting in the wooden chair. Strands of my hair fell on my face clouding my vision of him, when suddenly I feel warm fingertips brush them away. He had the look of a hungry man for power; for blood.

“Then I’ll have to execute you just like all of the bodies that are surrounding you at this moment.” That would mean heart out chest, and head off my shoulders, burned. Hurtful as it sound, I’ll be dead by the time they take out my heart, so why think about it? “If you do what I tell you, I might have mercy on your soul, Maxine.” Cold, cold words. “Actually, I might spare his soul, what did you name that thing?”

“Dmitri.” His name, a sudden chilled whisper, escapes my cracked lips. Something cold and warm and weird, all of a sudden, boils up in my chest.

“Track him, hunt him, and bring him to me if you wish him to live, Maxine, my word.” He caresses the side of my face with the care of a father. I look up at him, already having a plan in mind, and smile at his scarred faced.

“When do I start,” and with the very sourness of my soul, “Captain Guerilla?”



Crouching down behind a bush of wildflowers, I sniff the air catching Dmitri’s scent. There, I found him at the same place I once killed his people; the cave. His face was expressionless, those scary but beautiful shark black eyes staring into nothing, his mouth a grim line as he sniffs the air. In his hands he holds a piece of cloth, wiping down his hands. His head moves back and forth as in looking for something. As if he’s already given up, he moves back into the cave. Not needing any light, only scent, I move out from behind the bushes and walk towards the cave. Before I go inside, I put down my weapons and communicator. Giving him time to settle down, I walk in to find him right in front of me. He doesn’t say anything, just stands there and looks at me.

“Dmitri, you’re okay.” It was a whisper, but said so many other things that at this moment I couldn’t say what, or explain what. His hands take in both of my wrists, holding tight. A grip so hard, I cried out a whelp. “Dmitri?”

A stern nod and he lets go. He turns around as if to walk deeper into the cave and looks back at me expecting me to follow. I start but have to halt as I look down at my wrists; both of them had a dark symbol. I looked up at him with a questioning look. He shakes his head, and beckons me forth with one of his hands. Dmitri kept walking deeper, then, into the cave. I followed.

My team was the only ones to be this deep in to the cave, everything here I haven’t seen, and I’m beginning to see. The story from the images on the cavern walls, the scents of life and death were swirling around in the bottom air. Looking down to see what I stepped on, I crouch to pick it up. A doll?  “Dimka, we need to talk. We need to go back to the underground....” halting to a stop, the smell of decay rose bile to my mouth. All I saw was Dimka’s back to my front, and then the light of a torch came on. Oh my Gods, there were bodies everywhere, alien corpses, the same ones we attacked the night three months ago, were took captive some of our men. What I believe to have been burned as protocol, were here piled up near six feet of dirt holes on the ground. I looked back at Dmitri, his face full of grief as he stood next to the alien body from which I took the very same fetus from those months ago. “I’m sorry, she begged me....Dmitri...” I kept on, begging for forgiveness. “I was trained to be the best, to not to feel for those who we take in. When I saw her and the truth in her eyes....” tears decided then to show itself. My face a mix of sweat and tears I try to smile up at him, but what came out was a grimace. I shuffled my feet like a little girl looking for a place to hide my entire being.

“Maxine.” Two strides and he was holding me in his arms. Murmuring words of another language only he would understand.

“I’m so, so sorry.” With one finger he lifts my chin, and lowers his lips to mine. The most beautiful and forgivable kiss I’ve ever receive my entire life.

I, Hunter Maxine, best of the best, in love with a rogue alien.

“Now that you two have been reacquainted, I have an alien to dissect.”

Captain Gerilla was standing by the cave’s mouth with a dozen of our men. My communicator in the hands of one, my weapons in the hands of another and the Captain with a smirk on his face.

“Sorry boss, but I believe you’ve lost.” Looking back at him, I smile the wickedest smile I could muster.

“And what would I have lost?” his smile never faltered. In his eyes I can see how pissed off this man is.

“The best of the best; me.” I pull out one of my 9mm guns and shoot him right between the eyes. He goes down fast, but not fast enough. So I go down, pulling Dmitri with me into one of the holes he dug. The shooting goes down fast, bullets running out.

That is when I decide to show myself.

The best of the best.

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