The Dark Witch

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"It was then that she realized that all this time, she was forgiven.
And never alone."

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



Once there lived a girl with the most beautiful set of color eyes; the most beautiful gold there has ever been seen. She had long blond hair almost silvery in the moonlight; silky soft at the fingertips and had the smell of wild strawberries; and skin as white as the winter snow. Everybody in the village loved her. All of them believed in her. She could walk with all the confidence in the world through the seven secret gardens of the people of who lived in the village, but she was never confident, she always walked with fear. But she loved, and brought beauty to the ugliest creatures in the village. She was a priestess. Her name was Aphrodite, and she had a twin sister.

Her twin was the complete opposite of Aphrodite. Her hair was dark, raven black that cascaded in a tight braid down her back. Her eyes were the color of charcoal, with red sparks on the edges. Her skin was also white as snow, and she walked with all the confidence in the world. The kind Aphrodite never had. This twin sister always wanted what Aphrodite had, whether she liked it or not, if her sister had it she had to have it ten times better. Every adult, every child was afraid of this twin sister; for she carried evil where ever she went. Her name was Amphitrite, and she was also a priestess.

While Aphrodite carried love and wisdom, Amphitrite carried pain and misery. They were so unlike from each other, the people in the village couldn’t believe they were sisters of God.

By then, the time went by fast. They grew up to two distant beautiful creatures that God created. Aphrodite was known as the white witch, Amphitrite as the dark witch. They grew apart, creating a division of people and beliefs. The dark witch believed they should be immortal, to live forever and ever until the time ends; until silence falls upon them all. The white witch didn’t believe in such atrocities. She tried over and over to convince her sister that she was heading down a path she didn’t want to walk by. But like any sister, she didn’t listen to Aphrodite; she continued her rituals and incantations to the Dark Lord.

Aphrodite gave up on try helping her twin sister from destroying her own soul, and dedicated her life to her people. Her people loved her so much, that sometimes, the love was misinterpreted. One morning, as the rising sun peaked over a mountain, he declared his love to her and asked her hand in marriage. Aphrodite, priestess that she was, declined the opportunity. He begged and begged her to be his and she would explain to him that her heart and soul was dedicated for God. She loved him, yes, as a child not as a man. But he never gave her up, this young man, and continued to praise her.

Amphitrite noticed this young man, and how much he loved the white witch. She grew jealous, for she hasn’t had such luck. The men she loved did not love her back, after one kiss they could have sworn they were touched by the Dark Lord. She couldn’t take it any longer. Walking towards him, she offered him so many riches and glory that would make any man or woman difficult to decline. But he did, and she grew angrier.

A week past midnight, the full moon was shinning above their heads. It was the night of the Samhain, and each witch was celebrating. What the good people of Aphrodite didn’t know was that they were going to be attacked by the Dark Lord’s army; the people of Amphitrite. That night, hundreds of innocent people fell down to the ground, defeated. Their heart beats stopping the minute their heads touch ground. Aphrodite and the young man were the only two survivors left. Everywhere you looked at was on fire; it was hell on earth. The white witch prayed, in seven different languages, for the people who fell defending their priestess.

While being surrounded by the Dark Lords’ people, Amphitrite walked forward with a triumphant smile on her face. She offered them a deal for Aphrodite to be her slave, and for that the young man to be her wedded husband. They both declined, and Amphitrite lost her cool. Taking hold of nearby spear, and launched it to him. He looked down to his midsection where the spear pieced his skin appearing on the other side, and crying he smiled for he knew that after this day, Amphitrite will never find peace in this world; no love, no compassion, nothing. Looking away from her angry face, he looked into the eyes of the only woman he had ever noticed, had ever loved. He shuddered once, and his eyes fell shut.

Amphitrite never wanted to kill her twin sister; she never wanted it to come to this. She loved Aphrodite even when she didn’t want to. She was jealous, and jealousy is a deadly weapon. Once again she tried to convince her sister to live and to be her slave, but again, she declined. The dark witch had too much pride, and it blinded her. She walked closer to her sister, with tears running down her cheeks. Aphrodite knew this was going to happen for she had foreseen this day to come. The white witch closed her eyes, and mouthed a prayer. Amphitrite took one of her fighting knives and with it; she sliced her sisters’ throat.

After that night, nobody spoke. Amphitrite saw her sister out of the corner of her eye every night before she went to sleep; alone. She cried for what she did, and felt more alone than she has ever felt. Her people walked away from her, frightened, and never came back. She was so alone; it was intolerable. She begged God to forgive her sins, over and over, every night and every morning.

As the next day came to life, Amphitrite walked to the edge of a rocky mountain. The view of the ocean was beautiful. It looked mad; furious. The wind was so strong it rocked her body, trying unsuccessfully, to pick her off the ground. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and called for her twin sister. Opening her eyes, tears leaving tracks on her beautiful face, she felt a soft pressure on her shoulder. She looked back and smiled.

Then looking away from her sister’s soul, she jumped.

Aphrodite’s soul jumped with her, still with her hand on her shoulder. She floated with her sister’s breathing and bearably beating heart, as the ripples took them to shore. Aphrodite gave her a little piece of her soul, and whispered into the dark priestess’s ear. Amphitrite awoke to the sound of seagulls flying ahead in the sky, looking down at her with mocking eyes and smiling beaks. Standing up from the warm sand, she walked back to the rocky cave she called home and acted like nothing ever happened.

Days, months, and years went by as she grew old; alone. Aphrodite and Amphitrite were a legend of sorts. Everybody knew where to find the sister who killed her own blood. Nobody ever got close to her for they thought she was cursed; so alone she lived, day by day and night.

When sun was setting, and the stars were shinning at its most, Amphitrite went to bed in her rocky cave; and prayed. When she fell asleep, she never awoke the next day.

As her spirit traveled through the secret ancient gardens of their old village, when nothing was dark and gloomy, she saw her. She saw all of them, waiting to greet her; and she cried, sobbing and hugging her twin sister like a little child who was afraid of the dark.

It was then that she realized that all this time, she was forgiven.

And never alone.

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