The Electric Bill

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My mom started a fuss about the electric bill, so I wrote this to get back at her lol

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



Once upon a time, in London, there lived a very happy family of four; Mum worked at a Daycare Center, Dad delivering News Papers, Older sister worked as a writer for such newspaper, and Little sister attended Middle School. Such a happy and adorable family, everybody looked upon them as extraordinaire. The adults in the community looked up to Mum and Dad as a perfect couple, a pair of role models; at Little sister as the better future to become and Older sister as a shadow. And outcast. She didn’t mind; she was a writer and she wrote facts for the news paper and that is something the community didn’t like; outing their darkest secrets.

So one beautiful morning as Little sister went off for school, Mum and Older sister sat in the backyard catching the rays of the blazing sun hoping for some to sting and kiss their skin for color, drinking a cup of tea, when all of a sudden, Mum broke out in a fury. She was furious as she opened the envelope, cursing the seven blazing hells. Older sister was frightened for Mum, but what could she do but wait and watch?

When Mum was done burning all of the Christians ears to crispy crust, she asked very politely, “What is that in your hands that has you so furious, Mum?”

Mum didn’t respond vocally, she threw the paper and envelope at her. Older sister watched it fall to the ground like a fleck of snow in winter, or a drop of rain in autumn. She picked it up and took a look at it. Oh, she mentally said, the electric bill.

She stared at the amount they had to pay, and it was three times what they normally do. Looking back up at Mum, she already could see the stress wrinkles around the corners of her beautiful brown eyes. She saw the tears escaping the protective walls of her eyes, running away for shelter through the thin line of her lips. Others just roamed aimlessly down her jaw and neck. Older sister, right then, didn’t know what to say. So she stood silent, making up ideas of how to help. But none were worth trying. Her writing couldn’t even pay off the half of a third of the bill. She was startled when the scrapping of a chair and the retreating footsteps walking away alerted her that she was alone. For a third time in her life, Older sister felt useless.

That very same day, after work, Mum had a conversation with Dad. It didn’t go pretty well, for he hand ended up paying the whole bill.

That same night, they had a family meeting at the kitchen table. Mum was furious, Dad couldn’t care less. Older sister and Little sister were nervous. They kept looking at each other and smiling at nothing. So when Mum spoke, they both jumped at her furious growl.

“From now on, I want you both to bed at midnight. Everything must go off.” She looked pointedly at the two sisters, trying to make a point of how serious she was.

“Question. Does that include the Air conditioner and the fan?” Little sister asked.

“Did I say anything about that exactly?” A even more furious growl.

“Well, just to point it out Mum, but you did say everything.” Older sister said.

Mum looked at Older sister for a long minute. Then said, “Don’t be disrespectful to me young lady.”

“May I point out that I am 21 years of age, an adult who can make her own decisions, who doesn’t have to go to bed like a child?” Older sister was furious. She hated to be treated like a child.

“When you find a real job and pay some of the house bills, then you’ll have the right. Right now you have nothing. I don’t consider writing for a wacky newspaper a job if you don’t get paid more than fifty dollars a month, which is rubbish!”

Older sister’s cheeks were beat red. “Why mum, why are you so-“

“I’m pointing out facts, isn’t that something you do as a living, sweetheart?” Mum interrupted.

Dad didn’t say anything, and from the corner of Older sisters’ eyes she noticed how he was enjoying this. She clamped her mouth for the reminder of the meeting, and at exactly midnight, Mum sent everybody to bed.

After they were in bed, little sister wanted the night lights on. As she had them on, already tucked into bed, Dad came out of the room to use the bathroom and threw a fit about the lights.

“Turn them off, that is wasting electricity. You fall asleep and then they stay on all night.” But before he closed the door to the bathroom, my sister let out her rage at Dad.

“Whatever.” One word, eight letters; a spit of rage.

A moment later, after Dad told Mum about Little sister, she came into the room of Older sister and Little sister and threw a fit.

“You don’t pay the bills here,” and pointing to the night lights, “that is wasting electricity! Turn them off, NOW!”

She did turn them off, and as she fell asleep, she slept crying. Why for such a little thing Mum would feel the need to scream?

A month later from that night, Older sister went to the bathroom while Mum and Little sister were downstairs cooking and chatting about school and boys. As Older sister came out of the bathroom, went downstairs and turned on the telly to watch a movie; she heard the telly and the music on at the same time in Dad’s room. She was mad, because she couldn’t hear the telly in the living room and second because he was wasting electricity. And before she went back upstairs to use the bathroom again, she told Mum,

“Why does Dad have the telly on plus the music?”

Mom didn’t look at her but Older sister saw the thin white line of her lips. “Because,” washing her hands, “he is watching the baseball game.”

“What does that have to do with choosing one or the other? It’s wasting electricity! You tell us we cannot have anything on after midnight, but the both of you are up! If not, you people leave the lights on!”

“He’s the one paying the bill, he can do whatever he wants!” her mother shouted back as Older sister ran up the stairs. Oh yeah? She thought, let’s see about that.

The next morning as Dad, Mum, and Little sister were out for their daily duties, Older sister was on a mission. She connected all of the wires of the computer, the telly, the lamps, and other accessories her Dad and Mum had in the room together, and in one slot she connected them as one. When Dad came home early from work, he went right to his bedroom and turned on the light, the telly, and the music.

And after ten seconds of playing the music, there was a loud explosion. Everything began to burn from her parents room. Dad burned along with everything else. As Older sister got up from the bed, and took a peek to see Dad and everything else crispy crisp; feeling satisfied she lied back down on her bed, with her arms crossed behind her head on the pillow, and the fan on, she said to herself.

“Well, that solves the problem of the electric bill.”

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