The Faerie Lord

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A dark tale of a human falling for the fae.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



I was lost in the frozen forest of the Netherworld.

Not a living thing in sight to see.

I am the only one left, or so I should believe.


The trees are vivid, the leaves so green.

The waterfall so calmly, the most relaxing sight I’ve ever seen.

The soil of the dirt is not dry, and not soaked wet.

The sky is as blue as the ocean, white and set.


While taking all the sudden beauty in,

I knew my luck, to be alone, grew thin.

For I heard whispers, far behind

That would most likely dread to find.


I took one step forth, two more to go.

Not to fast or a little too slow.

The effort of hiding wasn’t a choice

And scream I couldn’t because I had no voice.


The strange men jumped out of their hiding,

I tried to run, but they started among themselves, dividing.

I was grabbed from behind from a strange looking man

And with their victory, they shouted, skipped, and ran.


Wings and flowers they had on their backs

Some were red, blue, green, pink, orange, and others black.

Those were scary, the black ones, because their eyes were red

Hungry for love, hurt, lust, and company for bed.


I walked straight, frightened, but determined to fight

Because at the end of the tunnel, if I die, there will be light.

Two guards walked me straight to the throne,

Were the Faerie Lord sat, and away never gone.


He looked at me, eyes shinning, he smiled

With pure hate, love, and hope...No! I’m in denial.

The Faerie Lord walked down the crystal steps

To kiss my lips, as they parted, I wept.


This was the end of my I knew

Because a sudden feeling, for this Lord, grew.

He didn’t love me, he lusted, his eyes so pure blue

Caressing my face, with one soft hand, he knew

That everything in me was at his mercy and at his feet

He didn’t even seem excited, nor surprised or happy enough to weep.


I was just a filthy human, with a humanoid heart

He was beautiful and immortal, and that is what tore us apart.

And as I was ready for my head to be beheaded,

He wished, I knew, this part he dreaded.


His eyes found mine, filled with fear, a tear so blue

A hand reached to his unbeaten heart,

And sadness crossed his perfect face

Masking the mercy I deserved and pride took its place.


He loved me, and then I knew

That I couldn’t have him even if together we could.

He knew this too, as my head was apart from my neck

That would have taking his pride away and replaced it with respect.


Because even that together we could be too

There a weird pleasure in loving someone who doesn’t love you.

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