The Hunt for the Head of Medusa

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To the ancient Greeks, I was the most terrifying deadly image.
But I was not always a monster. I was punished for a crime I did not commit. I was the victim that was about to become the accused. Centuries of punishment, alone in my secluded cave, men after men hunting bravely for my head; now a garden of warriors as they made the mistake to stare into my eyes.
I thought I was doomed, to stay cursed for all eternity. But like every love story, it all began...with a demigod.

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011




To the ancient Greeks, I was the most terrifying deadly image.

But I was not always a monster.

I was ravishing; my hair was black, long, and soft; way pass my buttocks. My skin was bronze, my eyes a twin of emerald gems. I had the body of a goddess. Every man in Greece wanted to possess me. But none could touch me.

I was the only mortal sister of three, daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, a priestess of Athena the Goddess of War and bound by an eternal vow of chastity.

My days and nights were spent with prayers in the Athena’s Temple. I would kneel to her ivory and gold carved statue and pray. It was one night in the temple of Athena that my innocence was taken from me, yanked from my body. Poseidon, a God who you couldn’t deny an order took upon himself the pleasure of my body. My screams never overshadowed the grunts, moans, and laugh of Poseidon as he stole my virginity.

Athena was furious. Not with Poseidon, but with me. In the eyes of Athena I was the one who deserved to be punished.

The victim was about to become the accused.

I felt my skin whiter. I saw my beautiful hair become ravenous poisonous snakes. I ran towards the temple’s lake and in my reflection, I saw my emerald irises turn to black with the power to turn any human who looked into my eyes to stone. My teeth elongated creating two upper fangs and two lower ones. My nails grew to long lengths, poisonous by a scratch. I was casted away to cave in the middle of the ocean; a garden of marble statues surrounding the grounds. My victims. Those who have come on a hunt for my head. I was horrible, I was a monster; and I was grieving.

My days and nights were endless, or so I thought. One stormy afternoon, a demigod entered my cave with sword and shield. His eyes were closed, but I knew he felt my presence. He halted in his steps and listened for my movements.

“Who are you, demigod?” I asked.

He didn’t answer right away for he had swung his sword slicing one of my venomous snakes. “Perseus, son of Zeus!”

“Perseus, son of Zeus. What have you come for?”

“Your head.”

He attacked, blindly, again. I let him graze my thigh with the sword of Zeus. The helmet of Hades was protecting his head when one of my braided snakes snapped for a bite. With the shield of Athena, he peaked for my movements that clever man.

Still with his eyes closed, he began to walk backwards peaking at me from his shield. I smiled at his cleverness and bowed in respect. He eyed me carefully at my image on the shield, eyes bugging out of his sockets.

“What are you doing, beast?” he questioned.

I stood straighter, and smiled. “My respects, son of Zeus.”


“Because you are a clever man.” I stepped closer to him, careful not to touch of look at him. I couldn’t see his eyes now, but I could hear his heart beat. It was strong and so alive, I hated him for it. “Tell me, why have you come here?”

I placed my hand on his shoulder, he pushed it away. I wasn’t a monster, no I wasn’t. But I was known as one as my place was destined. Deep inside I wanted to end my life, unfortunately ending it myself wasn’t part of my punishment.

Perseus, still eyes closed, answered my curious question with a strong voice. “The king is going to marry my mother. And in order to free her I must bring him a gift.”

“And what is greater than the head of Medusa?” I laughed. A sound so horrible that it scared even me.

“Why do you mock me?” Perseus turned around as if facing me, eyes still closed. I walked even closer, holding back the power to stone him.

My voice became sad and grieve like. I haven’t had a conversation with a man for centuries. “Because, to be honest, I’ve waited for this day for a long time.”

“I sense grief in your voice.”


His strong hands seeked mine. He held them in his as his sword clashed to the ground. I closed my eyes and asked him to open his and when he did, he gasped. I wanted to open my eyes but I knew it would be the end of his life.

“You are beautiful.”

I felt his lips on mine even before I could question his sanity. His fingers caressed now free snake tendrils of black hair cascading down my thighs. I opened my eyes, not looking at him and saw my reflection on his magical shield.

They were emerald; emerald gems. I stared into the eyes of a man for the first time in centuries, enjoying every second of it. His smile was a beauty, his light blue eyes a glow in the dark. I felt a love so strong for this unknown man, son of Zeus.

He kissed me again, talking rubbish about love at first sight. I pushed him away and said, “You need to free your mother.”

“But I cannot...” I placed a finger on his lips to silence him. I’ve waited for so long to fall in love with a true man and to die at his hands. This was my chance of freedom; mine and another’s.

“You must.” He nodded and lifted his sword from the ground and balanced it into his hands. I felt the change even before I spoke. “Once you have freed your mother, I may ask a favor.”

“What favor?”

I closed my eyes as they began to glow with power. My hair once again back to the poisonous snakes, my fangs appearing in the blink of an eyes like if they never disappeared. My body shook with fear, and I smiled. “That you take my head back to the temple of Athena and offer it to her.”

“I will never forget you, Medusa, beast of snakes.”

I felt the thin blade of the sword slice through my neck; I felt his hands as he grabbed it in mid air even before hitting ground. I saw how he used my remaining power to stone the King and his men freeing his mother. I saw his tears as he left me on the altar of Athena’s temple.

Athena stared directly into my eyes absorbing all of my power. In a funny way, I was free from the wrath of the Goddess of War. She had the first and the last laugh.

But I still watched over my Perseus from the heavens above, his father proud of his mighty son who will soon join us in a circle of power.

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