Until Death Do Us Part (End of the World)

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Jonathan and Arianna are the two last remaining humans to walk upon the earth. As they search for human life, they come upon a horrifying scene. What the last King has done to the planet earth shocks to the bone. Jonathan wants to Arianna to end his life, but Arianna is afraid of being alone. Love sometimes can blind you, and you become selfish.
But how selfish could Arianna be?

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



Jonathan came with a prelude of dreams and a wounded heart, begging me to end his miserable life. I shook my head back and forth slowly, tears cascading over my skin. A man can be so blind sometimes, that instead of looking through the sunrise they cover their eyes and welcome the darkness.

He followed me to the other side of the world with a deep frown tainting his beautiful face. His irises were bottomless black, pupils dilated. The skin of his body was white and shallow; his black shinny hair was dulling and thinning to gray. I couldn’t take it anymore, and so I halted my steps. “Why don’t you just kill yourself?” I was angry, very angry. My voice was poisonous; the world beneath my feet shook. Without look up at me, already losing strength, he whispered a soundless plea, “I am begging you, Arianna.” I shook my head in denial, and walked forth. “I cannot.” I felt his hand with its bony fingers grasp my shoulder. I whirled around, disbelief on my face, “Why?” he whispered.

“Can’t you see? I love you. I need you, Jonathan.” Closing his eyes, sighing in relief. Not letting go of my shoulder, he bent down and pecked my chapped dry lips. “You cannot be so selfish.” Yanking his hand, I began to walk away. Away from him. Away from everything.

But that didn’t stop him, for he followed me another forty seven days around the world. The skies were finally dying down, the dark descending. My heart and soul was dying as daylight dies. “Arianna.” I turned around to find him staring at something far away. He pointed at my questioning stare. “Look.” I looked, and what I saw killed me.

The King had gathered the corpses of every human being, and built a pyramid. Their faces looking out towards us as we got closer, decomposing to a putrid smell. Hollow white eyes, gaping mouths, outstretched hands. “Venus. We left for Venus, leaving them all here, unprotected.” Both of his arms were around me like a protective circle. Resting my wet cheek on his chest, I heard the thunder of his voice. “It wasn’t our fault. They decided to live this way, to die for a King without a name, without a throne, without power. All those people, including their King at the top of the peek, knew that one day or night it would all end here, like this.”

Jonathan didn’t want to live like this, us, being the only two living creatures walking upon this earth. I looked up at him, and smiled weakly. “I’ll do it, Jonathan. For you, I will.” He smiled weakly back at me and nodded. He kissed me deeply before taking two steps away from me. “You won’t be alone, Arianna.” A cryptic promise.

I lifted my two knives; with one penetrating his abdomen the other slicing his throat. I stood there, watching in slow motion, as his body became gray and dull. My body shook, and earth cried with me.

As I began to walk away, I heard shuffling behind me. I looked back to see a dark black mist rise from his chest. A hooded figure flew past me and back to stand face to face. I looked under the hood, and found myself face to face with a grinning skull. “Never alone, Arianna. With me.” It whispered the voice of Jonathan and a million others. Closing my eyes, I prayed. “Jonathan.” The skull opened it grinning mouth and sucked my soul from my body.

I saw it fall, I saw it whither, I saw it disintegrate. The world shook. The ground cracked. Space and time meant nothing in that moment as the fire of a million volcanoes erupted to a fiery hell. The oceans flooded the earth, taking away the pyramid bodies to its own dominion.

The Earth will start again, new and enchanting.

The last two humans remaining on earth died with it.

A new King will rise, and people with it.

Until death do us all part.

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