Water Princess (The Secret Gardens #2)

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Every Princess has a secret; The Garden of Air, The Garden of Water, The Garden of Earth, The Garden of Fire, and The Garden of Spirit.
In this short tale the Princess of Water found her father Triton, the King of the new Atlantis laying in front of his throne turned to stone. In a fury she swims to the dark waters after Tentacilla, the one who caused her father's downfall. As she faces the dark Queen of the dark waters, her fury transforms her into every living merman and mermaid's nightmare.
But to every fairy tale a cruel ending must be written, and Princess Star must fight until the last breath.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



The Water Princess (The Secret Gardens #2)

Princess Star swam through the ancient water gardens of the old Atlantis. Her fins were a little tired so she slowed down to collect shells. Shells of all colors; green, yellow, pink, and blue. Satisfied with the new collection, she began tot dig deeper for unknown treasures.

She always heard stories from the Mermen elders about the treasures hidden under the blue sand of the old Atlantis. Her father, King Triton, said to say that a ship was about to sink one stormy night; people began to drown, the screams of fear, the pain... it all cost him great grief. So he swam p to the surface and offered his powers to help the travelers.

After he was done, a witch offered him a present of gratitude and said,

“The Gods will fall and she shall rise.”

When he opened his hands he found a shiny object. “A Fallen Star.” When he looked back up, there was no witch, no sailors and no boat. Months went by and she was born, her mother dying in the process.

Star dug deeper and deeper still. Her fingers wrapped around something and pulled. In her hands she held a rock with sharp edges. Cutting her palm when she closed her fingers around it, the rock seeped the blood as if thirsty and glowed.

“The Fallen Star!”

But before her excitement could even go overboard, she heard the trumpets from the castle; a call for a meeting.

Taking the rock with her she swam towards the new Atlantis where mermaids and mermen surrounded her father’s throne. A look of pity and grief crossed over the beautiful faces of the people of ne Atlantis.

She swam closer and saw her father’s body...in stone.

She didn’t feel grief or sadness, only anger. Why anger? “Who?” her voice was poisonous but calm with a cutting edge. Surprising herself, she walked away from the body of her father.


Her anger increased causing the others to cringe back in fear. They could feel the ancient power of the old Atlantis infiltrate her thick scaly skin.

“Stop Princess, you what will happen if you absorb the power of the Atlantis!”

She wouldn’t be who she is now but simply another enemy in the seven seas...another deadly monster. Another Tentacilla.

“What did she want, Sirius?”

He blinked three times in rapid succession. “The Star, your highness.”

Nodding at her father’s first in command she swam away in a fury towards the dark waters.


Tentacilla felt it even before the Princess showed herself to her. The power, that building power radiating around the Princess Star.

When the Princess blasted the cavern’s entrance calling out to her, her body shivered in an unknown fear. The image before her took her breath away. The transformation form mermaid to tentacillen...it was a horror to behold.

“Why?’ her voice, a thousand voices, echoed through the cavern walls.

Tentacilla stared at her horrible beauty and smiled. “It’s time fore the Gods to completely fall, child. Now, the legions shall rise!” Her arms and tentacles rose up in a sign of future victory. There was a war around the world but not every possessive demon will win.

The atmosphere changed and freezing waters became warmer and hotter still. Princess Star’s tentacles retracted, forming her once beautiful fins back together again. On her head a crown of definition, in her hands was the Fallen Star, once a rock now a flat stone. When the stone glowed; Princess Star opened it like a mirror compact. As it opened the image of a ship appeared powerfully in vision.

“Impossible!” screamed Tentacilla.

But, oh it was possible. Princess Star was part of the fallen Demon Slayer, just as many other. Star didn’t respond but stared at the image of the replicated ship her father once helped through the storm. Then she saw herself, a witch, hand over the fallen star to Triton in gratitude; her father.

Are you ready Princess? A voice so much like hers asked.


Give up your soul, Princess Star. So she did exactly that; gave up her soul. He soul left her body, and blinded the tentacle queen. She screamed in agony as the Princess’s soul consumed her dark one. The tentacle queen of the dark waters fell to the sandy ground.

A dark mist rising from her chest, floating to the surface. The white light formed itself to a beautiful woman, wings as white as pearls. The angel leaned down next to the mermaid princess and kissed her scaly forehead.

You were very brave Princess.

Princess Star could not speak and so she nodded drowsily. Pearly tears escaping the shields of her beautiful purple irises.

Are you ready?

Again she nodded and closed her eyes waiting for the pain to come. But it didn’t. All she felt were the lips of an angel on her lips as she floated up to the surface.

Open your eyes Princess Star.

When she did the angel had disappeared and all she saw was the rising sun; her body, lying on warm sand, sleeping without agony. She saw fins and scaly skin disappear like slime to smooth cream colored legs.

Princess Star watched the sun rise as she became human...and her life fly before her closed eyes as she took her last breathing breath.

Thank you, Princess Star. Now rest.

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