Wind and Fire Princess (The Secret Gardens #3 & 4)

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Every Princess has a secret; The Garden of Air, The Garden of Water, The Garden of Earth, The Garden of Fire.
The final battle of the last two Princess's is down to this one. The fire Princess and The Wind Princess battle off a horrible witch of storms, an Imp from hell. Along with a dragon of fire, will they be able to defeat the monster of storms? Will this be the end of both Princess'?

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



Part 1: The Garden of Skylar Windflow


Once upon a time, far from the pages of an old dusty story book, high in the skies lived the Kingdom of Skylar Windflow; an orphan princess left to take care of her sky people as they lived the past, present, and future lives. Both of her parents were killed in an awful battle over the seas of Triton. Princess Star defeated the possessed Queen of the Dark waters with a price; her own life.

Everyone fears that soon it might be her turn to fight the battle of returning Gods. They’ve prepared everything to help the Princess of the Winds to fight any kind of threat towards her. What they didn’t know was that this fight was for her and only her to fight.

Princess Skylar Windflow was always hidden in prayers deep inside her secrets nebulous garden. A garden so old, her parents when younger used to come and play. Everything around her looked as if made of cotton candy. It was a place of love; of peace, but not for long.

The skies rumbled hungry for blood; colors of white, to bright pink to a complete and utter black.

Lightning all of a sudden stroke her hair tendrils in a urgent whisper. The thunder cracked the protective wall of time, taking with it everything sacred like a black hole in space. When the face of a horrible creature appeared through the crack, Skylar Windflow knew it was time to fight.

And so the witch of storms smiled widely and threw a lighting bolt through her chest.

Part 2: The Garden of Blaise Edana


The skies turned black before her eyes. Her parents, King and Queen, demanded immediate departure but she stood behind. Something in her heart told her to stay...and fight. Cowards, the King and Queen damned her and left her behind as they disappeared into carriages of fire balls. As she saw the ashes fall from the city of the skies, she walked towards her sanctuary; her secret garden of Fire. She prayed to the Gods, or to some one anyone to guide her.

She heard the screams of a thousand piercing needles come from high above, and when she looked up the image of the Princess of Winds appeared in a gruesome fight against the imp of storms.

Being a friend of the Princess of the skies for very long, she ran deeper into the garden and called out in a fiery whistle the name of a horrible beast.

Warog, the dragon of spirit fire.

Part 3: The Battle of Wind and Fire

The imp of Storms had missed the chest of the Princess of winds by the time Edana reached her garden. Sitting on the back of her dragon, she breathed in fire and spat at the imp. She cringed in fear as the fire reached her and attacked in less than a minute striking Edana on the shoulder. Warog felt the pain the Princess felt and attacked head first and feinted to the side as his spiked tail scratched the imp’s scarred face. The imp was mad and even worse furious; she threw another thunder bolt towards Princess Skylar striking her in the chest. The Princess fell, in her hands bullet’s of foggy piercing clouds dying at the touch of nothing. Edana jumped off of the Warog, her fire dragon,

“Keep fighting!” she told him and he flew back up spitting fire at the imps’ direction screaming in pain whenever the fire touched its’ skin.

Edana reached Skylar before she could exhale her last breath.  She took her head in her lap and smiled down at the Sky Princess. She smiled in response.

“Pacis exsisto vobis.” She whispered in to ear of he the wind princess and saw her soul separate from her body. It floated in the air, waiting. And then there was a voice like magic coming from it.

Princess Edana it is time...

“Quis vicis est is?” time for what? She asked.

The soul of Princess Skylar ran into the body of Princess Edana before it responded. Edana closed her eyes at the million of sensations that ran through her body. It felt peaceful and strong.

To unite. To become one and fight.

Then she remembered. “Vincite bellum.” A war to win.

Part 4:  Destiny of the last Princess

The imp stared at the last Princess as her wings soared her into the skies. A halo of great light and power cascading around her like a hoop of life. Warog flew to her side and breathed out fire at the imp, the fire princess with her spiked whip flew towards the witch of storms. Fear reeked out of the pores of the imp as it cringed back in fear at what it had to behold. Princess Edana smiled down at the witch and with on fiery laugh, the dragon opened its mouth and bit down the witch’s head.

The skies became clearer, the people of the wind shouting in victory. But Edana didn’t celebrate right away, she waited.

Because far off to the north a creature of grand power awaited her; a creature so horrible it will be the death of her.

It striked.

She whirled around and found herself face to face with the creature. But it was no creature at all but a man.


“You have been causing me a lot of problems.” The Princess was scared; she didn’t know what to do. She hesitated her attack and she saw how Hades destroyed the people of the city of Wind and Sky. Hades then punched her in the chest, his hand reaching the other side of her chest, his claws holding her still beating heart. Warog cried out in fury and grief. “Now, it is over.”

Blaise Edana, give yourself to me now!

Edana didn’t hesitate the order of the Angel inside of her. She let herself go just as the Ocean Princess did and flew high above the skies. But not high enough, the soul came back down accompanied by three others and entered the now bloody body of what was once the Princess of Fire. Her skin turned white, her hair turned grey; her lips crystal like, and her eyes black. On her head she wore the halo of a goddess and on her back the wings of an Archangel. The arm that Hades still had in her chest froze to a crystalline state. The heart stuck in his claws; warm and beating.

The dragon came to her side, now the color of innocence of purity; white. It breathed no fire but ice towards the face of Hades; but he was fast. He broke off his arm, dropping the heart back into her chest and fled.

She let him go far off back to the North where the legions of hell took over. Below her floating form, people injured and alive cried out towards her and Warog, now the dragon of Ice.

“I am Athena.” The people shouted in victory as she looked down below her. “The last Spirit Warrior.”

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