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I died last night.


Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



My mother used to tell me, “What doesn’t kill you, always makes you stronger.”

Unfortunately, when love strikes you the wrong way you die little by little.

And it’s hard to recover.

Because once your heart stops beating, you’re dead.

I died last night.




I used to think that everything happens for a reason, a good reason

That nothing bad could happen to a person who does good.

My beliefs on life where the only thing that kept me alive,

Until you came and snatch my heart away.

Separating reality for fiction you did,

As soon as you tore it piece by broken piece.

And me, with my eyes opened, I saw

That you didn’t cared.

Because love is for the fragile; powerless,

And you had power.

Or so you thought.


The day I met you, I felt wonderstruck.

I loved everything about you; flaws and all.

Everything, meaning, all of you.

I loved your dark and curly hair,

Your brown earthy irises,

Your full lips,

Your beautiful smile,

The scar on your left eyebrow,

Your calloused dark hands,

And your voice; especially your voice.

You made my heart skip beats when your hands caressed my naked skin,

And when you kissed me, very slowly, my world spun.

You were amazing; my type of amazing.

Until one day, you decided to forget

And my entire world, instead of spinning, it collapsed.

Like a bomb,

It exploded.


Because when you started to ignore my voice,

Touch my skin with tempted madness,

Raise your voice to be heard,

Step on all of my dreams,

Curse all of my wishes,

Stare at other bodies,

And diminish our love;

You forgot my name.

Because it wasn’t me it was you,

That decided to drown the air around us

Until we both suffocated.


When I first met you,

On a rainy day,

Without a sun to guide our way

Through the stormy way, you stayed.

And I felt wonderstruck.

So, so, wonderstruck.

But on the last day that I met you,

On a rainy day,

With the sun out wanting to guide our roads together,

Through the lava lane, you walked away.

When I saw you turn around and walked my way I thought we had hope.

But you reached out to the middle of my chest

And ripped my heart away.

I cried, you smiled; so lovingly.

Piece by broken piece you ripped lose the pieces that were sowed together.

When you came to me, you mended my heart

And now I watch you, little by little, rip it

All. Over. Again.

I loved you.

You loved me.

I guess that just wasn’t enough.


But after all, I smiled.

I smiled and walked away.

And you didn’t like that, did you?




So when I’m told “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger.” I sit back and smile at my companion.

I tell them I’m tired.

And that I hate that quote.

They ask me why,

And I take a moment to respond.

But when I do, they seem confused...

“Because I hate that what doesn’t kill me hasn’t made me stronger.”

© Copyright 2018 Luna Hades. All rights reserved.

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