lets play a game

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Figured it out now.... this stupid game.

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013



This game is old it

 has no rules.

Everyone play this game.

No one can choose not to

Many loose the game befor its actual end.

And not everyone wins.

We are peices in this game.

Does it interest you?

What if i say...

You're already playing the game?

And you're not done.

I've made a bet with my challenger.

I haven't lost.

And neither have you.

Thsu game is rather cruel.

And very fun.

A wonderfully horrid experience.

You have your pons,

As do everyone else.

So i ask,

what's your next move?

Will you quit befor the end,

Or will you be the one to announce checkmate?

Maybe someone else will before you.

We have to play, not choice.


So do you know the game?

Do you want to play?


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