The phone that changed my life

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This is an creative non-fiction essay about the day that life would be changed forever

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



I was woken abruptly from a deep sleep.  What I was about to hear, I did not know at that time, would permanently change my life.  What had woken me was the phone call, one that had shocked me to hear.What I heard was so tragic, so unreal I processed the information with disbelief.  What was even more disturbing, I was dreaming of exactly what I was told. 

The day I got this phone call was on the morning of September 11, 2001.  I had just got off shift at 6 a.m. and fell a sleep with the television on.  What I had been dreaming about, I was in a foreign country, a mountainous and dry country, fighting in a war.  I have always wondered why I had those dreams on that day.  I continue to ask myself did I know subconsciously what my future held. Alternatively, was it because I feel a sleep watching television and the news of the first airplane hitting the first tower was playing while I was a sleep?  So realistic were the dreams that I had dreamt.  So when I was awaken by the phone about the first aircraft hitting one of the towers.  I could not comprehend now, am I awake, am I still dreaming.  It took me a while until I realized that this was not a dream, this was real.  At this point I seen the second plane hit the second tower, right behind the reporter that was speaking.I could not dream that this would ever happen on American soil.

At the time, I was working the night shift at the Salt Lake City international airport as the co-regional manager.  I had been working at the airport a little over a year and was the youngest employee at the age of 21.  The job was for a courier service that transported bank work to the different federal reserves, for many different banks.  We had seven different flights that I was responsible for the loading, weight and balance, but most importantly that they were on schedule.You see every time that one our flights went out, the bank work was then taken to the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve had certain time cuts that we had to meet or we would receive a very high fine.  That would cost company money and could eventually cause us to lose our contract with the different banks. 

Now the Airports were closed for a little over a week.The company still had to meet the Federal Reserve times.  They then decided to contract the bank work to be transported by ground.  I never realized how this would affect my future at this company.  I knew the events that happened on that day were very horrifying, but I could not picture it at the time.  The owners of the company then decided that they could close down the Salt Lake City office.  They figured out they could save money by contracting their routes by ground.  Therefore, at this time 40 people were laid off and left looking for a job.

I never knew myself to be a very patriotic person but at this time it was hard not to be.  My job was lost and I witness one of the most devastating events in the history of United States.I always had mixed feelings about the military because my dad is a Vietnam veteran and the way the public treated our Vietnam veteran was less than hospitable.  I had this feeling in my heart that I could not just go on with my life ignoring what had happened.  On 1 October 2001, I decided to enlist in United States Army and I found myself in Kandahar, Afghanistan by March the next year.  I still wonder how that dream I had a couple of months early all of a sudden came true. 

I still think about that day, almost every day.  As I said before it changed my whole life.  It amazes me that one little phone call changed my life.  I have been in the army almost 11 years now.  That thought that would have never crossed my mind not in a million years before that day.  I am very grateful for everyday that I have had in the Army.  I am so grateful for all the things I have seen because of the Army.  I never thought that I would be the person I have become.  I will never forget that phone call, that day, the changes that followed. 

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