Josei To Kashi No Ki: The Woman And The Oak Tree

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She Waited day after day, year after year at the old Oak tree.

Submitted: April 23, 2014

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Submitted: April 23, 2014



It was so long ago now, when I waited for him, when I sat and waited and waited, such a long time ago. . . .

I waited for him, for hours, days, months, years, by that old large “oak tree”.

I waited in the pouring rain, I waited in the cold snow, I waited in the cool spring, I waited in the hot summer, I waited during the loud festivals, I waited during the enchanting balls, I waited and waited under that old “oak tree”

Wondering, if he was ever going to come home, eventually, before I even noticed, a year went by, all the while I waited. . .

Time flew by, mother told me to find another suitor, I told her no, I said “I will have no other”, father died, sister got married and moved away, brother died in the war

But no news of my fiance, a year and a half went by, and nobody knew if Hajime was even alive, “but I still waited”, I stood under that old “oak tree”, every day, once or twice I even fell asleep there

By the time I looked back, two and a half years had flown by, mother was very ill during this time, urging  me to find another man, but I still said no, I knew mother just wanted me to be happy, and a few times I nearly gave up, but looking back I always smile at the thought that I never gave up and then

A little over three years had passed, mother had died, sister and her love had their first child, I grieved for mother, I envied sister, yet still I waited, I loved him, I love him, and I will always love him, I began a routine, where everyday on my way to and from the “oak tree” I would stop at mothers and fathers graves

Then, finally, that winter on the coldest day, as I was standing there watching the snowfall, I began to cry, as the man I had waited and waited for, battered and bruised, several things broken, his left eye was bandaged, but he told me he would still be able to see out of it there would just be a scar going across it

Walked up to me, arms stretched out wide, as I ran to him and embraced him, I had missed him so much, he lightly caressed my cheek, as he kissed me and held me tight, we spent the rest of that day walking hand in hand, as we shared the things we had done in the past three and something years we talked and talked as we went back to the house so we could prepare for the wedding would be in a few days.

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