Brown is Blue Like Roses (Sable is Moss Like Earth)

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Midway between tangible and imaginary, fire and water circle in precarious, cautious admiration.

Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012




Subconscious, submarine;

Midway between tangible and imaginary,

Fire and water circle in,

Precarious, cautious admiration.


Human hands and wolf-kin mind,

White swan wings and dragon eyes,

Raining leaves and mirrors and skies-

Shattering stone and vulture bones,

Sift away through the wind.


The eye of the storm is frozen time.

Haiku. Silence and eternity,

Race for miles with the twilight sun.


Echoes, hollow with pain . . .

Dissolve into elm with the sound,

Submerged in a forest, twin wooden chimes,

Amber on fire, embrace and combine,

Dream-deep, simplistic, warm-hearted, alive. . . .

This paradox of fireflies.


You breathe with impossibility.

You are as solid as the moon.

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