Simple Yet Complex Things

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

When we were all kids we all saw the beauty in the world.
We never saw the terrible or the terrifying.
We all thought everything had to last forever.
That everything the world was-was pure.

In all reality, the world is an upsetting place.
People dying because of others hatred.
Countries going to war over nothing.
We all created our fate on stone with the painted word of Satan.

Maybe we should all be kids again.
Were our love and passion for each other never faded?
Where we never cared what everyone thought.
That the complications of the world were overrated.

However, it is very cynical to think that way.
That all our lives would be better if we lowered our mentality.
Is it our mentality that makes all of us miserable people?
No, it’s the mechanics of all humanity.

None of us were born evil.
Nor were we all born to be good.
It is your choice where your destiny lies.
All on a path in the wood.

At night there is darkness.
In the morning there is light.
Although, both equally encompass those attributes.
But each has a weakness.

When we were all kids we never thought that one day our parents will be gone.
We all literally believed we were all immortal.
That is the art our minds created.
We thought it was completely normal.

Then you get older and realize that is not the case.
Nothing lasts forever.
Even though you wish it did.
As you swing in your own ocean of tears of flowing water.

Losing a loved one is never what you want.
To be honest, no wants to lose anyone.
However, everyone’s life is limited counting down until your last breath.
Deep down there is a definite lesson.

Live every day as if it was your last.
Love like you will never see that person again.
That is the point that people don’t understand.
That life wasn’t meant to be filled with all this despair.

I’m trying to understand all the simple yet complex things in life.
Why we all have to die someday?
Why people kill each other for their own entertainment.
Why everyone thinks it’s their way or the highway?

Why there has to be a thing called rape?
Why there is a disease called cancer?
Why there has to be hydrocephalus?
Why there is a strategy called war?

These are all the things I’m trying to understand.
These are all the things that make my head spin.
These are all the things that make my heartache inside.
Life is filled with lessons that must be learned.

But until then, I will be sitting here in my limited lifetime with the crudities of all humanity,
Trying to understand.


Submitted: August 27, 2017

© Copyright 2020 Lunar.Moon. All rights reserved.

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