The Tale of the Winds

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The story of how tornados were created.

Submitted: October 18, 2010

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Submitted: October 18, 2010



The Tale of the Winds
There was once a girl named Ventus who was the Daughter of Aeolus, King of the Winds, and sister to Alcyone. When Alcyone left to marry Ceyx, King of Thessaly, Ventus was left alone with her father. She became his apprentice and learned the ways of the winds. Eventually Zeus, being jealous of Aeolus’s power over something of the sky, killed him and took over his powers and job. Ventus, depressed and enraged, went to live with her sister in Thessaly.
A couple years passed and Ventus rarely used her powers. Then one day a mad hurricane appeared in the sky and Ventus, fearing the storm, drove it away with wind. When she did this she remembered how exhilarating it felt to be in control of something in her life. She told Alcyone that she was leaving to take over their father’s role of ruler of the winds.
“But Ventus!” her sister cried. “What about Zeus? Don’t you remember what happened to him? And he wasn’t even doing anything wrong! Please don’t go! I can’t lose you too!”
But Ventus ignored her sister’s please and left for the mountains of Hains, where she could practice in peace.
Zeus didn’t realize that Ventus had taken over wind duty for a while. Ventus made sure to do small things; move clouds, change wind direction, and carry echoes. But when she started to effect the weather in other places he became suspicious. He sent Hermes to find out what had happened to effect the wind.
When Hermes found Ventus he was amused. Ventus was only a child yet she dared to defy Zeus and control the wind. Interested, Hermes disguised himself and went to Ventus.
“Fair maiden,” he greeted her. “What are you doing? Don’t you know the dangers of defying Zeus? Do you not fear death?
“I do not fear death,” she replied. “Nor do I fear Zeus. Let him do what he will to me, for he had already taken my father and there is nothing more he can do.”
Hermes left Ventus and went to Zeus to tell him what he had witnessed. Zeus ordered Poseidon to kill Ceyx when he was out at sea and then let his body wash ashore.When Alcyone discovered the body of her husband Zeus turned them into to birds and they flew away. When Ventus learned of this she sent wind to bring a message to Zeus through the wind.
“Dare you take my sister away from me also? When she has done nothing to oppose you? Do you torture her with the death of her husband and then curse her to the life of a bird?”
But Zeus calmly replied “Whatever do you mean? I did not kill Ceyx. He died in a storm on the seas. And I did not curse her, I blessed her so that she would be able to live with her husband.”
But Ventus was not fooled. She sent strong winds to Mount Olympus to bring a terrible storm. Now the always peaceful place was in an uproar. Zeus, furious, sent whipping winds to Ventus to show her who was boss. The winds cut her skin and almost killed her. To stop it she met the power of Zeus’s winds with her own. The two winds merged into a spiral, sucking everything in. When eventually Zeus and Ventus tired the winds died out and everything was peaceful again.
Ventus and Zeus never gave up though. They often fought, creating storms wherever they met, and when they were in a terrible rage, a tornado would once again rip at the ground and destroy everything in sight.

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