Race towards the End

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Man..life is tough. Be careful to make the right choices otherwise...

Submitted: April 07, 2011

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Submitted: April 07, 2011



Climb faster

or else poverty will strike you.

Run faster

or else  boredom will kill you.

Cling on tighter

or else they'll be gone.

Roll the dice and see where they land;

hold your cards tight with anticipation.

Sit on the ladder and look down;

do you feel ashamed yet?

Look at all the others that you've stepped on.

The shuffle of the deck determines our lives

and the clock spins away to end it.

The ladder is merely there to make us run,

make us cry, scream, and with one wrong step,

we tumble down.

Go on, move your pieces.

Will you choose to move correctly, to speak correctly,

or will you make a fatal mistake?

Run away with this game or else you'll be dormant.

Run away with these feelings or else you'll be empty.

Don't drop any of the things you love no  matter the cost.

Don't let them go and let them be snatched by someone else.

They are your posessions,  and if you lose them all, you will be nothing.

Climb, Run, Cling, Play your way towards the end.

But be careful when you finally reach the last card...

Is this really the way you wanted it to be?

Is this really the life you wanted to lead?

Is this really your " life" to choose?

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