A Torn Heart

Poem by: LunarEclipse


A broken heart in need of repair.


Submitted: February 04, 2012

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Submitted: February 04, 2012




A Torn Heart

You came into my life
like a bullet racing through the air.
You then left my life
and it seems you didn’t even care.

Once before one came,
and passed in two years.
He split my heart
into two halves.

It took me double that time
to move on and forget.
It took me all that time
just for that one.

Then you came and dragged
me out of my shell.
I was vulnerable and
weak in the world once more.

With you I felt safety and
that safety was a mask.
It was a mask I put on to
hide the truth.

You came four years later
and passed in half of a single year.
You made excuses and lies
and I just could not take that pain.

You left as if it was not a big deal.
You sent a virtual knife through
that computer of yours and
it stabbed straight into that heart cutting into four.

I got over you in three months
and still came another.
His intentions were pure
and he was perfect.

Perfection is not possible though
and it soon became apparent
that it would not work.

I was the one who broke a heart this time.
His words however also cut deep.
They split the pieces in two
leaving eight in its place.

My heart lays scattered inside me now.
It whimpers and begs for no more.
It asks I give up and leave it be,
so that it can repair and live quietly.

Quietness is impossible because you reappear,
Six months later after you disappeared.
You want me back and you make that clear,
I no longer believe what I hear.

I can no longer deal with these stupid games.
I can no longer hide the first’s face.
It appears everywhere and refuses to leave,
it follows me everywhere including dreams.

I’ve cried and cried my silent tears,
this without a cure.
My heart now cries softly every day,
wishing for things to just die away.

I think it’s right and I should follow it well,
doesn’t the saying state that you must
Listen to your heart?

This was written straight from my heart. I know that I rhyme a bit and it's not consistant but oh well. 

© Copyright 2017 LunarEclipse. All rights reserved.

A Torn Heart A Torn Heart

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



A broken heart in need of repair.
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