Random Ranting About My 7 Day Writing Schedule

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Me ranting and writing random stuff while trying to procrastinate writing... A picture of My 7 Day Writing Schedule is included xD

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011



WORKWORKWORKWORKWORKWORKWORKWORKWORKWORKWORKWORK…..Work is now done(not really) xD God Dammit(YAY I SPELLED IT RIGHT!!!!!) I don’t want to write……… I mean I don’t want to write the story. Writing this random crap to procrastinate is fun xD um what now >____>  IDK but I actually have to do some research for this and I really don’t want to…. How long has it been since I started working on this I wonder….. I mean I probably have like 2-3 days before I’ll actually get serious and write this and It’ll take me a couple hours to finish >________> My 7 day writing ummmmm what word am I looking for….. My 7 day writing….. 7 day writing…… day writing…. Writing……. IDK but anyways I started the 7 days about 3 days ago so I mean I should be finishing this soon and I just realized I started writing this below the story so I’m definitely gonna have to delete this -_______- But anyways more crap? Yes I think so :D

  Oh god now I’m writing it in paragraph form…. I write too much I think I need to stop writing…. BUT IT GETS RID OF MY STRESS ;________________________________; I can take out all my anger on my characters and make their lives living hell :D Well actually I have my xbox to help me take out my anger so maybe I should stop writing… I mean it really sucks so why should I continue? Oh well… I think I should go make a diagram of my 7 day writing thing and show people so they understand the process of my writing and then people would know that if I don’t update something I’m either experiencing writer’s block or I’ve lost interest… Or a combination of the both??? Yeah  I’m gonna make that diagram now xD

  OMG I JUST GOT THE WORD!!!!! MY 7 DAY WRITING SCHEDULE!!!! xD I feel victorious… My sister was watching that show earlier….. It’s really stupid >_____> Ok so the picture is now done and oooo I should post this along with the picture on Booksie! This is uhhh I think day four right now xD yeah cause I mean I just started this book….. Oh um when am I going to write more of F Buddies…… Um maybe tomorrow? No WAIT BAD IDEA!!!  Then I’ll have two 7 day writing schedules overlapping… After I write this chapter I’ll write F Buddies :D

  Lol I have 404 words(more now -___-) so far xD That’s almost as many as this chapter has right now >___> OOOO YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE COOL!!! WRITING THIS EVERY 7 DAY WRITING SCHEDULE and giving away a few spoilers for my novels…. That’d be interesting, wouldn’t it? Well I’m definitely gonna post this so I guess I can ask people on Booksie…. So yeah person who is reading my randomness what do you think? Should I add spoilers but make sure that it has BIG BOLD WRITING so that if people don’t want the spoilers they don’t have to read them??? I think I’m gonna leave this ranting at this because I want to go play Bastion xD Ummmmmmmm is that really it? Hmmmmm yeah it is xD bye bye weird person reading this xP


A link in case it is too small: http://oi43.tinypic.com/6784go.jpg

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