Reality or Fantasy?

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Is what we consider reality truly that? Or is our reality the true fantasy?

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Submitted: April 25, 2012




Reality Or Fantasy?

What if dreams are truly life?
What if life is truly our dreams?
Could the dragons and unicorns of children’s dreams,
truly be the life we choose not to accept?

What if the wizards and fairies are real?
What if we truly are werewolves or vampires?
Could life truly be a dream that we refuse to see,
and the dreams we love, a life we really hate?

If dragons were real and unicorns a pet,
how would you feel if you retreated to your dreams?
The dreams which are boring and plain and simple.
Would they truly be plain,
If the reality was so different?

Are children’s minds truly strange?
Are those who hallucinate truly insane?
Or do they see reality for what it really is,
A game of fantasy that we choose to ignore?

So what if our dreams are reality?
If we choose to ignore it then it shouldn’t really matter.
It is a wonder though,
It truly makes you think.
What if the lives we currently lead, are just our fantasies?

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