Stupid Love...

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Why is love so annoying and confusing....

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012



Stupid Love...

Why do I mess everything up?
The love I felt that actually made me forget,
ruined by my own stupidity.

You still liked me months ago,
I chose to ignore it though.
It wasn’t until recently,
That I began to think once more.

Think of you, think of my feelings,
Think of us again.
But you can’t still love me.
I know I must have lost my chance.

I just wish that I hadn’t been stupid,
and given you that second chance.
I wish I had said “I love you still too!”
Instead of “There’s no way..”

It’s true that I could still have my chance,
Your feelings could remain too.
But when I think of showing more stupidity,
I decide I’d rather kill myself on the inside,
And live a life of sorrow.

So if you somehow read this,
and know my feelings true,
I want you to know I’m sorry,
and I really miss you too.

I don’t think you’ll see my sorrow,
I’d never really let it show,
But whether it’s today or the next morrow,
I don’t care as long as my heart is no longer thrown.

For it beats wildly in my chest from the thought of us,
and it hits the walls at such a fast pace,
I wish I wasn’t an idiot,
I wish I wasn’t a bitch.

I’m sorry for the pain I may or may not have caused,
I’m sorry that I fought,
I’m sorry that I said no to you,
I’m sorry for being me.

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