The Dearg-due And The Princess

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
An invisible knight, a horse so dear, a maiden so fair and a Dearg-due so very hungry.

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



He rides through the night,
the horse missing his knight.
The reins are pulled and ever so tight.

The dim light which passes through the air,
is visible almost everywhere.
The dark is cold and the land is bare,
with a lady in trouble, with skin so fair.

The horse rides on through the dawn,
It is only just a mere pawn.
A doe and buck sit with their fawn,
laying out on the lawn.

The missing knight with armor rumored so fine,
trembles as he crosses the line.
The horse races on and with hair like a vine,
is shot by an arrow quite divine.

The invisible man appears once more,
His armor shining as glorious as time and lore,
He passes through the camp showered with gore.

No one expects the strange surprise.
Everyone sees truth in the lies.
But no one sees their dark demise.

The knight climbs up and in,
searching for the Princess within,
the prize which he’d love to win.

He found her there inside a tower,
it took courage and a lot of power,
and above her rested his many tiny flowers.

His mouth was wide, his wings spread and his fangs long,
the clock tower rang sounding like a gong.
His prize was the blood of a girl so wrong,
to fall for a Dearg-due because of a song.

His teeth stick with no chance of escape,
they stick in just above the nape.
Her sweet, sweet blood, the taste of a grape.

Her life now lifeless and cold,
his marks left aren’t so bold.
Her death is one not so old,
but new and always told.

The story of the Dearg-dueand girl so tender,
The girl incapable of suppressing the other gender.
The message to the parents an unfamiliar sender.

The note spoke with quiet words,
was whistled by many wonderful birds.
A song arose with life and was always heard,
of the Dearg-due and girl couple that was so absurd.

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