A Fishing Trip Gone Wrong

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A boy and his dad go out for a fun day of fishing, but when terror strikes, what will happen?

The sun was warm on the face of the young man as he and his father set out on their newly bought boat. The wind carried the smell and tastes of the ocean as it whipped past their heads. The teen grinned and walked out from the inside of the boat to see his father standing on the deck of the ship, staring at a group of women in bathing suits going past them. “Dad” the kid said, “you are one of the biggest perverts I have met. And I know a lot of them.”
“Jordan” the elderly man said, “you know I like woman.”
“Yeah, but is it worth the risk of them having a boyfriend or getting beat up?”
“Buddy, it is all good as long as nothing happens.”
The teen rolled his eyes and chuckled “Dad, you are truly pathetic.”
The man laughed and steered the ship farther out in the ocean as Jordan took a seat to watch the scenery.
“Hey Dad, I heard that there was some strange things happening out here. People seeing stuff, hearing things, hell even going insane. Some weird shit going on.”
The man laughed and said “I think you should stop believing everything you hear and stop reading those horror stories of yours. Hell, even the stories you write scare me.”
Jordan grinned and picked up a pen and paper, and started to write.
“What are you doing now?”
“Oh, just writing a story. You are the main character.”
“Perfect. What happens to me this time? Killed? Tortured? What?”
“Hm.......haven't decided yet. But I promise you, it will be a great story.”
A few hours passed and they couldn't see a single ship in sight, and now the usually calm teen was starting to get worried. This was the area that the stories had been clustered around.
“Hey dad, I think we should head back. It will be dark by the time we reach land if we turn now.”
The man grinned “Oh, you afraid? The horror writer is afraid of being out on water?”
Jordan glared and walked over to his father “Not a chance in Hell.”
“Good. Then you won't mind if we keep going.”
The teen gulped and shook his head, then walked back and sat down. On the outside he was calm, cool, and collected, but on the inside he was panicking. He had always been a believe in the unknown, knowing that this world is to vast just to be set in stone. There were still too many mysteries that have not been solved, like what was really at the bottom of the ocean, and what power does the mind really have. Jordan looked out at the water, getting a sense of unease. Suddenly, a storm swept in. The wind picked up instantly, dark clouds rolled in fast, the rain came down in torrential downpours. Jordan heard his father shout something to him, and even though he didn't hear what it was he guessed what it was. He raced down under the deck and grabbed the boats radio and tried to call for help.
“Hello?! Hello?! Can anyone hear me! This is the Watcher and we are out in the Pacific Ocean, caught in a freak storm! Please, someone respond!”
Jordan listened, hoping against all odds that someone would respond, but all he heard was static on the other end. The radio, was dead.
Suddenly, there was a shout of shock from the top deck and not even a few seconds later came “Jordan!! Get up here!”
The sense of dread was thick in the air as Jordan raced up from the bottom deck to the top deck. He was only up there a few seconds before realizing that this was bad. He saw the look of fear and terror on the face of his father, the man he watched growing up that was said to be “fearless”. Jordan looked up, and understood at once why his father was afraid. He was literally staring at death. A massive wave was heading right towards their tiny fishing boat. Jordan looked up at the massive wave, a numb feeling passing through his body as he thinks about how drowning will be like. Will the wave crush them? Will he have time to get under the boat? Will he just drowned to death, hundreds of miles off the California coast, unknown to the world? Just as Jordan looked up, the wave crashed down upon them. Sea water filled his mouth as he tried to scream out for help. The boat flipped over in the water, being thrown around like a toy. Jordan tried to grab onto something, but just as he did the whole boat was literally yanked downwards. Just as he looked, he saw his dad trying to swim up towards him. The current suddenly picked up and Jordan saw as his dad was yanked away from him. Jordan tried to spit out the sea water that was filling his mouth, but that only caused it to get pushed down into his lungs. The pain was horrible. It felt like scalding hot oil was being poured directly into his lungs as the salty water washed against the sensitive pulmonary tissue of his lungs. The last thing Jordan saw, was the dark sky above the water, the wind and waves whipping overhead. Just as Jordan started to pass out from lack of oxygen, a creature swam in front of him. It was a strange looking thing, nothing Jordan has ever seen before. The creature stared at Jordan as he closed his eyes, the eyes of the creature yellow, cold, and unblinking.
Suddenly he wakes up on a stone path, gasping for air. Jordan looks around, trying to figure out where he is. That was when he realized something- he had absolutely no idea where “here” was. It was a city, but like nothing he had seen before. Tall, expansive buildings, made out of something he never even seen before. The water was gray and colorless, like something had poisoned it. He groaned as he stood up, then looked around for his father. He searched along the path, but found no one in sight. He was starting to get an uneasy feeling again, as he took his first step down the path. Suddenly, a horrible, sharp pain pierced his head. It felt like a spike being driven from the top of his head, down to the center. Jordan tried to scream out for help, but nothing came out. He gripped his head in agony and dropped down to his knees. Inside of his head he heard what sounded like chanting. It was in a strange language he never heard before, but he was able to make out the words- Ia Ia Cthulhu Ftaghn. It made no sense to Jordan, but he could tell it was evil. Very evil. He tried to stand up, but the pain grew in severity. Jordan dropped to the ground, clutching his head as he felt like it was about to explode. Then, almost by a miracle, the pain started to decrease. Jordan was finally able to stagger to his feet, even though the pain was still there. The chanting was still there, over and over. Ia Ia Cthulhu Ftaghn, Ia Ia Cthulhu Ftaghn. Walking forward, he looks along the path. Suddenly, the path turns sharply away from the city, going to the outskirts of the city. Jordan walked along the path, wanting to get as far away from this outlandish city as possible, fearing the worse if he even gets near it. As Jordan walks along the path he sees that it gets steeper as it goes up a hill. The path turns into stairs, stretching up to a temple at the top. As he steps on the first step, the pain pierces his skull again, worse than the first time. Jordan teeters on the edge of unconsciousness, but almost cruelly something keeps him awake as if it wants him to feel every spike of pain as it rips through his skull. He cries out for help gets in response is more chanting in that strange language, but it was increasing in noise. Something told Jordan to keep going, to keep walking no matter how excruciating the pain gets. He slowly stood back up, and started to walk on. With every step he took, the pain grew and grew, but still he kept on walking. He reached half way before collapsing on the stairs, losing all will to keep going. The chanting had kept getting louder, until it was almost like screaming in his head and the pain was far past unbearable. He just wanted the pain to stop, so he picked up a rock, determined to bash his head in to make the pain stop. Something told him to stop, to keep going. He will be rewarded with great knowledge if he kept going. So, blind with agony, he threw the rock away and crawled on, no longer able to stand. The chanting got louder and louder, like whoever was saying it was screaming at him- Ia Ia Cthulhu Ftaghn! Ia Ia Cthulhu Ftaghn! Ia Ia Cthulhu Ftaghn! Jordan screamed out in pain, the sound horrible and echoing through the entire city- That was when it happened. Suddenly, there was a terrible screeching sound. He summoned just enough strength to turn to see what it was, that was when he saw something that would change his life forever. He saw an wide variety of horrible creatures that were a mix of humans and fish. They walked upright like people, but had bodies of fish. They had wide, staring yellow eyes that seem to be filled with pure hatred and insanity. The creatures did not talk, they clicked. It was like what dolphins do, but it was more gravely and eviller. Then, more creatures walked out of the water, worse than the last. These creatures were misshapen, horrible things. Most were missing eyes, some had no tongues, some where even missing body parts like arms and legs. One was even missing a head, but seemed to know where he was, all of them knew where he was. They started to move together, like one giant demented wave of evil. It was like they were determined to get him. But the hell did not end there, it just got worse. More beasts were walking out, but not out of the water, the city itself. They looked like giant black blobs, with dozens of tentacles shooting out, with dozens of eyes. There were also beasts flying out of the city. They looked like mutated horses with wings and beaks, that look like they could rip you apart in five seconds flat. Their longs claws protruded out about half in inch from their mutated hoofs. And it just got worse from there. These types of panels of light appeared out of nowhere, and these creatures walked out. They also walked like humans, but they had four arms and were completely bald and had tiny eyes that seemed to glow with hate. The pain in Jordan's head grew so much, that he would have gladly thrown himself at these beasts, even if it meant enduring hours of torture. Anything would be better than the pain he was facing now. The chanting was much louder than anything he had ever faced. If it was outside of his head and not in, his eardrums would have surely burst and blood would be pouring from his ears. Then, the true creatures came out. One was a massive spider with a human like head, that seemed to glow with power. The next was a giant slug creature that seemed to walk on feet shaped like triangles and had these strange metallic spikes coming off of it. It had three eyes on long stalks, that all seemed trained on Jordan. The creatures now were starting to move to one point- him. A sudden sense of dread washed over Jordan, and calling on very last drop of willpower in him, he picked himself up and started to run up the stairs. Every fiber of his being was telling him to stop, the pain was attacking his mind with renewed anger and rage, and the chanting was growing louder with every second that passed, but still he kept going knowing full well that if the beasts catch him he would face much worse. As soon as he started to run, there was a chorus of shrieks and screeches from behind him, and the force of the running of the creatures was so much that the temple and stairs itself were shaking underfoot. Something told him not to turn and look, but he ignored it and looked. It was a horrible mistake. He saw at once that if he didn't keep going, they would reach him in a minute. They were already racing up the stairs and the beasts that were flying were joined by help and were racing towards him. He ran harder and faster than he ever did in the sixteen years of his life and finally hit the top of the stairs, the entrance to the temple. That was when the spider creature and the slug creature seemed to scream in rage. Jordan turned around, and with a weak grin on his face, ignoring that crippling pain inside of him, flipped off the demented creatures then raced inside the temple.
Instant silence. There was no sound at all. The chanting stopped abruptly, the pain was gone, even the noise from the creatures just beyond the temple walls were gone. It was so silent, it stunned Jordan for a few seconds. It was like stepping into another world. The temple was rather small, only about twenty feet long and twenty feet high, like a perfect square. The walls were a cold, lifeless gray like the water of the city. The walls were help up by tall support beams, that went up in a twisting fashion. The ceilings were decorated with strange symbols and sigils from an unknown culture. The teen looks around the area, examining the strange symbols and architect, when he catches sight of another strange sight. As he looked, he saw a strange book bound in what looked like leather sitting on a strange alter with. Around the alter was this small pool of what looked like more grayish water that seemed as lifeless as this unholy world. Jordan slowly walked towards the book, and suddenly a sense of utter dread and pure fear filled the area. Shaking it off, Jordan walked closer to the book, but with every step he took the feeling grew in ferocity. Then, as if by a wave, the chanting came back louder than ever- IA IA CTHULHU FTAGHN! IA IA CTHULHU FTAGHN!! Then the pain came back, so powerful that it caused Jordan to double over in agony, the pain filling his skull like fire. Determined not to give in, he stood up and continued to walk towards the book. Ten steps. Five steps. Two steps. Every second that passed was pure pain and agony as he worked his body far pass its breaking point. One step. The book is within reach. He can just barely make out the words on the cover- Necronomicon. The name caused a strange pang of remembrance in the back of his mind, as if he had heard of it before. As if hoping that destroying the book would make the pain stop, Jordan grabbed the Necronomicon. Instantly, everything went silent. He looked around, confused. Then stared down at the book. This was when he realized with a sense of oncoming horror, that the book wasn't bound in leather- it was bound in flesh. Repulsed, he went to let go of the book, but something stopped him. Slowly, with a trembling finger, he opened the book to the first page. Jordan gasped with horror at what he saw. The book told of horrific creatures of chaos and war, blood thirsty and filled with hate. Misshapen creatures from Hell itself, just like the creatures outside. It talked of different races like the Old Ones, the Deep Ones, Elder Gods, and other demons. Then it mentioned some of the worst of all, a beast called Cthulhu. Cthulhu was the High Priest of all the Old Ones, kinda like the leader. He wasn't the strongest, but he was the most well known. Then it talked about another called Hydra and Dagon, which were sea creatures. Then two descriptions jumped out at Jordan- a spider creature with a human like face, and a slug like creature with dozens of metallic spines protruding from its body. The names were Glaaki, the slug creature, and Atlach-Nacha, the spider creature. Then, he read a passage that made Jordan sick with fear. It said that the Old Ones were sealed away in different dimensions and that Cthulhu was sealed away in a city called R'lyeh. That was this city. Jordan, was in R'lyeh. It also said that when the stars are right, the Old Ones will break out of their prison, and come back to Earth. If they did, they would kill everyone and everything in their path. Sick with fear and pain, he dropped the Necronomicon back onto the alter. As soon as he did this, the pain and chanting came back, ten fold. Screaming in pain and fear Jordan staggered backwards just in time to see the doors to the temple fly backwards, destroyed. The sight that greeted him was horrible. Hundreds of creatures, had massed outside the temple, determined to get in and kill Jordan. What seemed like blood and slime dribbled from their mouths as they stared at Jordan. They clicked and screeched as they communicated with each other. Suddenly all the creatures abruptly left. The fled down the temple steps and the flying creatures that were positioned around the temple in the air, left. Confused and in pain, Jordan looked around. There was a giant explosion. Instantly, the roof of the temple was ripped off the support beams, the walls caved in. Jordan ducked down low to try to dodge the falling debris. Looking up at the sky, the pain was clawing at the brain, trying to rip it apart with pain. Just when he thought it couldn't get worse, it did. Filling up the entire sky, was a creature of unimaginable proportions. It had the head of an octopus, the body of a human, wings that easily stretched over sixty feet per wing, and hundreds of feet tall. Horror set in as the beast slowly raised its giant, webbed hand high into the air, then brought it down with all its forced upon the ruined temple, aiming right for Jordan DeAngelo. Jordan cowered, and right before the giant fist hit, one last chant came through his mind- Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. Surprisingly, Jordan knew what this meant. It said “In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming”. Then, darkness fills the area as he is crushed.
Gasping for air. The young teen looks around confused, wondering what happened. As he looks around, he sees that he is laying half on, half off of the left over wreckage of the Watcher. Jordan sighs with relief as he realizes that everything he had heard and seen was all a hallucination. Looking around, he notices something odd. Where is his dad? What happened to him? Then, he gets his answer. He sees his dad, floating face down, a few feet away. Thinking the worse he swims over to his dad and grabs him. No response. Panicking, he flips him over to see if he is alive. He wished he hadn't. The sight that greeted him, was awful. His father, Brian DeAngelo, was certainly dead. He didn't even need to check for a pulse. He knew because his eyes were ripped out of his skull. His jaw was ripped off of his face, and the blood was drained out of his body. That was when Jordan realized something- the blood dripping from the mouths of the beasts wasn't just some random thing- it was the blood of his dead father that was dripping from their mouths. Screaming in utter terror and disgust, the teen pushed the lifeless body of his father away from him. Just as he did, a creatures surfaced out of the water. It wasn't as big as the creature back at R'lyeh, but it was massive. It stared down at Jordan with cold eyes. Just as he was about to swim away, the beast brought its webbed hand up, and crashed it down upon him. Just before the hand hit, Jordan DeAngelo thought “Please, let me wake up again.”
I did NOT create the idea for the Old Ones, the Deep Ones, or Cthulhu and by this story I do not claim ownership. The true ownership goes to Howard Phillips Lovecraft for his creation of the Cthulhu Mythos. All credit goes to him. I just borrowed the idea for this story. Thank you.

Submitted: March 04, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Lunarmaster13. All rights reserved.

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