Alexia the Annihilator: Sabrina's Execution TEST CHAPTER

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
A teenage girl named Alexia suddenly acquires strange powers; she uses them to defend her girlfriend Sabrina from interdimensional monsters known as shadow entities. She struggles to figure out how to use her powers as the shadow entities keep coming after Sabrina with more and more determination each time.

This is just a beta chapter, probably from the middle of what's going to be the second book in the Alexia series. Mostly just posting it so I can show it to someone special to me 'cause we're too lazy to figure out google drive lol.

Submitted: October 04, 2015

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Submitted: October 04, 2015



Alexia the Annihilator


Chapter: Sabrina’s Execution

Sabrina stands in the gray sand of the center of the shadow dimension, staring into the black, starless horizon in the distance. She wonders why the shadow entities have dragged her out of her cold, pitch black prison cell, and bites her lip in anxiety. She hasn’t a clue what day it is.. her phone died long ago, and there’s no electricity or sun here. However, this dimension is not pitch black; there is enough light to see, but Sabrina can’t figure out where that light is coming from.

She hears the sand shift behind her; she turns towards the source of the noise to see Noir walking towards her, his eyes narrowed. As usual, he wears his shiny black armor made of some unknown material not found in the human dimension. He walks with his left hand on the hilt of his darkness-covered, ethereal black sword situated on his left hip. His cold, emotionless, glowing purple eyes stare sharply into her blue, innocent ones.


“Your time is up, human. You will finally be executed today,” Noir states emotionlessly as a crowd of shadow entities begins to gather around them, several other highlevel shadow entities walking towards Sabrina. She gasps in fear and trembles harder, fighting back tears, but Noir roughly grabs her by the arm and drags her towards a strange-looking black circle made of metal. Hanging from the circle are black chains with cuffs attached. He picks her up and hovers upwards, bringing her to the restraints.

As she trembles in fear, Noir forcibly locks the cuffs on her wrists and ankles, centering her so she hangs in the center of the circle with her arms and legs outstretched, like a star. He steps back slowly, and raises his right palm towards her, coldly staring into her tear-filled, terrified eyes.


This is.. it, Sabrina realizes, trying so hard not to sob. This time.. Alexia isn’t here to save me. I want her here. With me. But these monsters killed her. When Alexia started to get so, so strong and sacrificed everything just to be able to keep me safe from the shadow entities... I felt like she was invincible. She always made me feel so safe! Tears begin to flow down her face, like raindrops running down a window; she can no longer hold them back. I always thought that she would always be able to win, that she would always be able to protect me. BUT SHE’S GONE! DEAD! The shadow entities killed her.. she was so strong, so... so motivated to protect me, but she was still killed..






Sabrina begins to sob hysterically.

Noir glares at her in disgust and annoyance. He begins the trial.

“Sabrina the human.. you are accused of associating with a Reaper, and acquiring forbidden knowledge of Reaper powers. You are also accused of aiding a Reaper in murdering dozens of innocent Umbrians, as well as helping a Reaper increase its power. What say you in your defense?” he coldly states, his palm still raised. Sabrina continues to sob, but stops suddenly. Her tears change from the product of fear and sadness, to the product of anger.


“WHY!” Sabrina shouts at Noir, thrashing at her chains. Noir slightly raises one eyebrow in surprised confusion. “Why did you hate Alexia so much! Why do you all hate Reapers so much! WHAT DID ALEXIA EVER DO TO YOU! You treated her like she was a monster!” she continues in hysterical rage. “The real monster here.. is YOU!”

“You sad, foolish, pathetic little human. You have no clue what Reapers are truly like. You honestly believe that the Reaper was fighting against us to protect an insignificant human like yourself?” Noir cruelly challenges. “She was fighting us solely because of her thirst for blood and battle. Had we not destroyed her, her TRUE soul would have come about.. Desiree the Destroyer would have completely taken over her soul and taken control. She would have annihilated us ALL, just as she attempted to do before. Your death is now, human,” he says in a final tone as a purple ball of shadow energy appears in front of his right palm, aimed straight at Sabrina’s chest. Shadow entities in the crowd begin to cheer.

Sabrina closes her eyes in defeat, realizing that no matter what she says, she will still be killed. She wishes with all her heart that Alexia was still here to save her just one last time, but dismisses her own stupidity, remembering that that would be impossible. She sighs in defeat, hoping that wherever she goes after death, that she can meet Alexia on the other side.


She hears Noir fire the blast, and prepares herself for the pain.


But she sees a white flash through her closed eyelids, not a purple flash.

And she feels no pain at all.


She instantly opens her eyes to see a ragged, pure white slash through the air between her and Noir. The slash just hovers in the air mysteriously and is about six feet tall, moving ethereally.


Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a purple flash; Noir’s blast, hurtling towards the sky, in the opposite direction of where it was aimed.


The white slash disappears out of thin air, revealing a figure.

Hovering in the air in front of Sabrina is what appears to be a fifteen year old girl. She’s wearing pure white armored pants and boots, as well as an armored white tank top. She has armored white gauntlets on her forearms. The design of her armor is extremely intricate and looks like something not found on Earth. On her left hip is the white sheath of a sword. Clenched in her right hand, with white polished nails, is what was used to deflect Noir’s blast: a pure white, gleaming scimitar sword. She holds it an an angle indicating it really was her sword that was used to deflect the entire blast. Her hair is a white, asymmetrical pixie cut with long bangs pushed to her right side. She wears white oval glasses with a slight cat-eye design, and a white barrette where her bangs begin. Other than her skin, eyelashes, and black eyeliner, the only thing that is not pure white on this girl is a black-corded necklace she’s wearing. It almost seems out of place.


Sabrina’s eyes tear up again, going wide in disbelief and ecstatic excitement as she sees the girl.

“A-A-Alexia..?” she asks in wonder, a huge smile appearing on her face as she believes herself to be witnessing the impossible.


The girl turns her head slightly back, looking Sabrina straight in the eyes. As she turns, the necklace she wears is revealed to have a pendant of half of a silver broken heart. It matches Sabrina’s own necklace perfectly. When the pendants of the two necklaces are pressed together, they make a complete heart. Sabrina bought them for her and Alexia soon after Alexia saved her from the shadow entities for the first time; about two years ago. This girl is definitely Alexia.


As she looks into Alexia’s eyes, Sabrina gasps, the smile fading from her face almost instantly.

Staring into Sabrina’s eyes are a pair of white eyes with white irises, her irises with thick black borders. The pupils are black, but they’re slitted. Sabrina has always hated when Alexia uses her powers so much that her pupils became slitted like this.


However, Alexia’s eyes are far different than Sabrina has ever seen them before. They’re glowing. Not a glow of light, but a demonic glow.


The sparkle, the shine, the love that Alexia used to have in her eyes is completely gone. As Sabrina looks into Alexia’s eyes, she sees nothing but rage, hatred, unfathomable determination, and bloodlust. No matter what happened before, no matter how outmatched Alexia was against the shadow entities, that sparkle in her eyes never faded a bit; but now, it is totally gone. Not only that, but a furious scowl is frozen upon on her face.


Noir’s eyes open wide in terrified disbelief. His expression is like that of someone who is staring Death herself straight in the face. This is by far the most emotion Sabrina has ever seen him show since she’s known him. She’s never seen him show any fear before, let alone downright panic.

“IMPOSSIBLE! She’s been training with the other Reapers! We must kill her NOW-” he begins to yell.



Before he can finish his sentence. Alexia completely disappears. Instantaneously, she reappears directly in front of him, her sword sheathed, grabbing his head with her left hand. Bolts of white energy crackle around her arm, and Noir’s eyes open wide and terrified like a deer in headlights. He struggles and thrashes uselessly against her grip. No matter how hard he thrashes, he can hardly even move Alexia’s hand at all. She stares into his eyes with more than enough intensity and hatred to make a grown man cry, proven by the fact that Noir really begins to shed tears of fear.


The... other Reapers?! Sabrina thinks in shock and fear, her eyes wide and brimmed with tears. There are more people like Alexia, with powers like hers? She was with them this whole time, training..? Alexia.. what have those Reapers done to you..?

“You-you DEMON!” Noir cries, trembling. “You can’t have become anywhere near this powerful in just TWO WEEKS!”

Alexia says nothing.




She violently squeezes his skull so hard that it completely explodes apart in her hand, showering the area and herself with purple blood. Alexia does not flinch or even blink. She does it so casually that it is as if she’s browsing Facebook on a Saturday afternoon. Noir’s headless body falls backwards into the gray sand, his head not regenerating. The purple blood gushes into the gray sand, like an artist’s paint staining an empty canvas.


Sabrina gasps as her eyes drip tears. She shakes her head in disbelief at how different Alexia now is. Alexia has killed many shadow entities before.. but she’s never killed them so brutally and emotionlessly. Before, Alexia was always visibly a little bit frightened as she fought the shadow entities; yet, she had just now very easily and casually slaughtered a shadow entity far stronger than she has ever beaten before, almost as if she has run out of fear to feel. She doesn’t show a single ounce of fear.

That scared, lost, confused little girl struggling with strange powers she couldn’t understand, that girl that Sabrina knew and loved, is gone.. and in her place is a vicious, demonic, and fearless killer.

Almost as if on cue, four shadow entities fly towards Alexia simultaneously, swords at the ready.

Alexia very lazily raises her right hand towards them.



The veins in her right wrist violently explode, her white blood squirting from them. She seems to not feel the pain of it at all. With a lazy flick of her wrist, she forms the blood into four whip-like structures, and whips them upwards at all four shadow entities at the same time, completely cutting through each of them vertically. They split apart in unison, their purple blood showering the ground as the halves of their bodies fall to the sand. The white tendrils of blood coming from Alexia’s wrist immediately disappear back into her veins, and her arm instantly regenerates.


At this, nearly all of the shadow entities who have come to watch Sabrina be executed have ran or flown away in utter fear, evacuating the area. All, but one.



Standing a hundred feet away is a large, muscular shadow entity with purple hair in a crewcut and purple eyes. He wears armor that resembles what Noir wore, but his armor is made up of strange, purple crystals. On his left hip is a large, glowing purple sword. On the butt of the sword is what appears to be a purple design of an energy wave. The shadow entity stares at Alexia with a very amused look on his face.

“Well, well, well!” he laughs out loud, in an almost friendly tone. “Look at you, huh? You’re nothing like the reports I’ve read.. Alexia, right?”

Alexia says nothing, and stares at the man in a combination of confusion and eagerness to kill him.


“I’ll take that as a yes,” he continues. “I’m General Eclipse, the Level 10 General of the Umbrian Combat Force. My specialty.. is anti-Reaper combat. The other Umbrians have sent me just about a hundred reports about you.. But you’re pretty different than any of the reports described,” he says with a laugh of surprise.

Alexia continues staring at him, not understanding Eclipse’s motives and friendly demeanor. She cocks her head to the side in confusion. His voice and tone sound similar to a stereotypical suburban father, to the point that it’s comical.


“All those reports described you as some frightened little girl who could hardly defeat a group of lowlevels and couldn’t even regenerate her head.. you were hardly a Kraftlos class of Reaper,” he says with a taunting chuckle. “Judging by all those tricks you just pulled and the power level coming off you, you’ve got to be at least a Machtig now! You can Tanzen, you can control your blood just like Desiree. You know, you can stop repressing your power level, you aren’t fooling anyone. I KNOW Reapers, and I can tell you’re hardly using any of your power at all! Why don’t you show me just how strong you’ve gotten in the past two weeks? Can you do that for me, Lex?”


Alexia loses her expression of cold fury as she raises one eyebrow in amusement, staring at Eclipse. She begins to snicker at him tauntingly, covering her mouth with her hand. Her snicker soon turns into a laugh, as if he had just told her a hilarious joke.


Sabrina loses her expression of shock and fear slightly, a smile spreading across her face after seeing that there really is a bit of humanity left in Alexia.


“You’re screwing with me, right?” Alexia laughs out loud, pointing at Eclipse in mock and disbelief. “I could tear you apart right now! I made all these shadow entities piss their pants and run away from me, without even putting my mask on!” A cocky smile spreads across her face. “Compared to me.. you’re just a lowlevel,” she taunts, using the putdown often used by shadow entities.


Eclipse, totally unphased, smiles in a much more malicious manner as he raises his left hand. He places the heel of his palm against the top of his forehead.


“You’re not the only one repressing their power level,” he says in an uncharacteristically dark tone, instantly losing his suburban father-like demeanor. He swipes his hand down his face in a slow motion, white energy spurting from his palm and covering his face. Putting his hand back at his side, he now has a ghoulish, white Reaper mask covering his face, intricately detailed and perfectly formed. The mask has large, angry eyes and skeletal teeth, as well as a skeletal nose. Bolts of white energy crackle around him. Alexia’s eyes bug out in utter shock.

“What.. what the hell! How can you have a mask too? You’re just a shadow entity!” Alexia blurts out in disbelief and confusion.

“I’m more than just an Umbrian,” Eclipse laughs, his voice now sounding otherworldly and strange. “If a human like you can get Reaper powers, what stops an Umbrian from getting them? Our bodies are far better suited to Reaper powers anyway.. we already have some regenerative ability.. unlike humans. You’re the first Reaperfied human to ever survive more than a couple of DAYS, let alone years! But... I wasn’t able to just pull these Reaper powers from my soul without having to work for them; unlike you, Alexia.”


“You really think I didn’t have to work for these powers?!” Alexia shouts back, her temper rising again. “I had to practically destroy myself to come this far! I had to get torn apart by YOUR people to develop my powers further! I had to go through TORTUROUS training in Schnitter Welt with the Reapers! You know how they got me to Tanzen?! By stabbing me with dozens of swords, over and over, again for two days straight until my body forced me to use Tanzen to get out of the way!” Eclipse laughs in response.

“Oh, you poor little thing,” he says sarcastically. “You’ve always had control over your powers though.. I haven’t. I was possessed by a Reaper when I was about seven hundred years old, and it nearly took me over. It nearly took over my mind and body just like all the other Maskentrager.. what a shadow entity who has attained the powers of a Reaper is called. All of those other Maskentrager, they became full Reapers; the Reaper within each of them turned them into mindless killers, which is why in Umbria, we normally execute Maskentrager immediately.” Alexia’s anger quells a bit, as she is actually a bit interested in Eclipse’s story. He continues.

“I, on the other hand, used forbidden Umbrian techniques to destroy the Reaper’s soul within me, leaving only my soul in my body but with the Reaper’s physical form still merged with mine. Other Umbrians have attempted this.. but I am the first to survive. I still have my wits, and my Reaper and Umbrian powers are still completely separated.. I still have my normal form, and I have my masked form,” he explains. He looks at Alexia up and down. “You, however, are truly headed down the path of becoming something truly evil.” Alexia narrows her eyes.

“What is with you stupid shadow entities!” she shouts in frustration. “Always calling me evil and bad and a killer.. If you assholes never attacked Sabrina in the first place and left her alone.. none of this would have happened. I wouldn’t be killing your people, and we wouldn’t be facing each other like this now.


I’m only a killer ‘cause you shadow entities made me one! Before all this crap started.. I’d never even been in a fight before, with even a human! I’d never even killed a fly! But I fell in love with Sabrina, and when your people became a threat to her, I pushed myself to become what I needed to! ‘Cause she’s WORTH the pain and becoming a killer!”


Eclipse laughs. Sabrina, still listening, begins to shed tears of passion for Alexia, looking at her in adoration.

“You sad, naive little girl. Killing Umbrians isn’t what I’m talking about. Haven’t you seen how much you’ve changed?” he questions Alexia. “Your human form and your masked form are no longer separate.. You’ve summoned your Sword of the Soul, and you’ve materialized armor made of Reaper energy without putting your mask on.


Your blood has turned white and you can control it like Desiree the Destroyer could. Your hair and eyes have turned white, and your pupils become slitted when you’re angry.. with or without your mask. You can Tanzen, and your strength surpasses that of a human by a thousand fold.. all without putting on your mask. Don’t you realize what that means?”

“Uh, yeah! It means I’m getting stronger and stronger!” Alexia says, quite sure of herself.

“Not exactly.. it means that you’re losing your human self to your Reaper powers.. you barely resemble a human anymore,” Eclipse argues. “Haven’t you noticed how much you have changed as a person, even ignoring how you look, in the last two years..?


I have read all the reports on you, I would know. In the first few reports, you were a terrified little girl who was afraid to even hurt a lowlevel; you were afraid not only of harming another being, but also of that being retaliating towards you. Over these last two years, you have gotten more and more vicious and brutal towards the Umbrians that have attacked you.


For example, you murdered Noir very brutally when you first arrived in Umbria a few minutes ago; you completely shattered his skull with a slight flex of your hand, and you didn’t flinch or even blink, even when his blood splattered all over you. Humans, even ones that are in the military, or even ones that are deranged murderers, are almost never capable of killing that emotionlessly and brutally without even blinking.


Your Reaper powers are turning you into a demonic killer.. you are on the path of not only becoming a huge danger to all Umbrians, but to all of reality: the human dimension and Schnitter Welt included.


Even your little human lover; you’re more of a danger to her than any Umbrian is, frankly. If you aren’t taken care of, you will bring about the complete destruction of all reality. And I just can’t let that happen,” Eclipse finishes.


Alexia’s eyes glow white in rage as she clenches her teeth, looking at Eclipse with piercing, slitted eyes.

“I would NEVER hurt Sabrina! EVER!” Alexia challenges, clenching her fists. “Yeah I might have gotten brutal, I might have gotten carried away, I might have gotten bloodthirsty sometimes when I’ve overused my powers. I started killing Umbrians and had trouble getting myself to stop, my mind just kept telling me, ‘Kill. Destroy. Annihilate,’ but even when I got in that state..


I never hurt Sabrina. She was always able to make me better and bring me back when I got like that! I might be like the Kraftig, the high-ranking Reapers of Schnitter Welt, in a lot of different ways, yeah.. I’m almost as powerful as a few of them now. I use their techniques. Even without my mask on, for the most part I’m biologically a Reaper.. but you know how I’m different? No matter how strong I get, no matter what sort of demon I turn myself into.. I’ll always love Sabrina with all my heart and soul. I love her even MORE than I did before I got this strong.. and that won’t ever change... I swear on my soul!” Alexia finishes, clutching the half-heart necklace around her neck tightly.


Sabrina is now sobbing at Alexia’s passionate promise, staring at her lovingly; Sabrina clutches her own matching necklace as well.


I was so scared at first when Alexia appeared here.. I saw that look on her face, the intensity and hate in her eyes.. and I thought she’d finally become bad and evil like the shadow entities kept telling me she would, Sabrina thinks to herself. But.. she’s even more loving than before.. just because she’s a Reaper doesn’t mean she’ll hurt me or lose herself.. She just swore on her soul.. she never, ever breaks one of those special promises. She’s here to stay.. with me, She happily ponders as her tears flow harder, a small smile on her face. Alexia.. you can do it. I know you can.


Alexia looks across the dark land, staring into Sabrina’s eyes, her pupils no longer slitted and her facial expression softened, love in her eyes and a smile on her face. She kisses her hand, and blows it towards Sabrina, throwing her a kiss. Sabrina smiles harder. Alexia then looks back towards Eclipse, losing her soft expression and her pupils becoming slitted again, her white irises glowing.

She draws her sword and points it at Eclipse, a look of determination on her face. She points the first two fingers of her left hand, puts them together, and places the tips on the right side of her jaw. In a quick, smooth motion, she slides her two fingertips across the bottom half of her face, half of a monstrous white mask appearing where her fingertips slide.

Her left hand falls back at her side. Now, the mask extending from just below her nose to her chin and across her face is a strange, ceramic-looking white mask that looks a bit like it belongs to the skull of a human female. However, where the flat human teeth should be, there are long, sharp teeth of some sort of otherworldly demon. White bolts of Reaper energy crackle around her as she grips her sword tighter. A white aura surrounds her and her sword.

“This.. is your last chance, Eclipse,” Alexia growls, her voice sounding female as usual, but with an otherworldly, almost demonic sound added to it. “If you let me and Sabrina go right now, and no Umbrians ever bother us again.. nobody else is going to get hurt. I won’t kill anymore Umbrians, and no Umbrians will try to kill me or Sabrina. That’s all I want.” Eclipse laughs tauntingly.

“Lex, you’re finally getting serious, huh? Oh, I’m terrified!” he replies sarcastically. “I’ve had these powers for THOUSANDS of years.. you’ve only had yours for two. You’re hopeless. And I told you, I can’t let you go and risk the entire fate of reality,” he argues. “And I can’t let the human girl go either.. I can’t let her spread all this information about Umbrians and Reapers around in the human dimension.. she knows way too much.”



Eclipse instantaneously disappears out of thin air. Alexia, fearing the worst, quickly looks towards where Sabrina is still trapped. Eclipse, having Tanzend there, hovers thirty feet in front of her, his sword drawn in his right hand. The index finger of his left hand is pointed straight at Sabrina; a small, spinning ball of Reaper energy floating in front of it.


“And I know exactly how to deal with you, Alexia! Because if I kill the human, you’ll just BLOW YOURSELF UP in sorrow, just like Desiree the Destroyer did for her human lover those thousands of years ago!” he laughs maniacally. The small ball of energy suddenly turns into a huge, two hundred foot beam of destructive white energy, shooting full speed towards the helpless Sabrina. She screams in fear.




The beam makes contact with something.


As the beam dies down and the smoke clears, Eclipse lowers his hand. He looks to the ground and sees a large trench heading towards Sabrina. He looks at her to see that she is still quite alive and well, without a scratch on her. But between Eclipse and Sabrina hovers Alexia, her sword out in front of her in a guarded stance. The flesh on her right arm and shoulder is completely burned off, revealing nothing more than pure white bones. Where the trench hit Alexia, it should have just kept going; yet, behind her, the trench splits into two smaller trenches, as if she has cut the enormous blast in half with nothing but her sword. Even though all of the flesh and muscle has been burned off of her arm, Alexia does not wince or flinch in pain; she stares through Eclipse with a murderous intensity, far more intense than when she caused Noir to burst into tears. Her eyes glow white in rage. Eclipe’s eyes nearly pop out of his head in shock.

“Don’t you dare... LAY A HAND ON MY GIRL!” Alexia shouts as her arm and shoulder regenerate in milliseconds, white liquid pouring from her bones and reforming the damaged tissue, without her even blinking. Eclipse regains his composure and smirks in surprise under his mask.

“Cutting an entire Null in half with nothing but a sword, hm? Surviving that with nothing but a burned arm? I really have underestimated you, Lex,” he chuckles. “That’s a heck of a Starke Haut you got there.. I can’t wait to see how it holds up to a sword. That Null would have completely vaporized just about anyone else.”



He Tanzens to Alexia, instantly appearing right next to her and swinging his sword at her unprotected left side.




Without missing a bit, Alexia stylishly switches her sword to a reverse grip and slams it into Eclipse’s, their swords fighting against each other. She lifts her left hand, pointing her index finger at him, a small ball of white energy charging in front of it.

“So... you wanna play with Nulls, huh?” Alexia asks him menacingly, charging more energy into the Null. Eclipse grins under his mask.

“The Kraftig really managed to teach a mere human girl how to fire a Null? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed. You fight just like Desiree.. it’s strange,” he murmurs. “Yet, you have your own twist; you’re FAR more vicious than she ever was,” he notes as he begins to charge a Null of his own, pointing it back towards Alexia.


She disappears, Tanzening behind him and delivering a powerful kick to his back, pointing her still-charging Null at his back. The kick cracks his armor, sending him hurtling towards the ground at deadly speed. He attempts to turn around and point his charged Null at Alexia, but she fires her Null at him before he can fully fire his own. A huge white beam with a diameter of five hundred feet erupts from Alexia’s fingertip and slams into Eclipse.



Eclipse Tanzens out of the heat of the Null, appearing ten feet next to Alexia, clutching his left arm and breathing heavily. Most of his armor is melted off, and half of his left arm has been burned off, purple blood dripping from it. His visible flesh is severely burnt, all the way through to the muscle.

“HOW?!” Eclipse weakly shouts in frustration, his body slowly regenerating. “How could you have shot a Null like that after just barely learning how to use them?!”


“‘Cause. You said it yourself, I’m superior to you,” Alexia calmly answers, matter-of-factly. “You said that, biologically, I’m way more Reaper than you are.. so I’m gonna learn and get stronger a lot faster than you can. My body adapts way faster than yours can. Look at your arm... your blood’s still purple.. even with your mask on. So you can’t instantly regenerate like a real Reaper can.. you’re stuck with that shitty, inferior shadow entity regeneration that’s nothing but a sped up form of how humans heal. You might be able to use Reaper powers.. but the only source of Reaper energy in your body is your mask. Your mask takes the shadow energy in your body and Reaperfies it.. but only as you need it, and only your energy is Reaperfied.. not your actual body. Biologically speaking.. you’re just a shadow entity. And I had to ramble on like this for like a minute for you to FINALLY finish regenerating.. you’re just some pathetic little lowlevel that wants to play Reaper with the big girls, but you just can’t keep up. You depend completely on your mask to hold your hand and make it so you can last more than half a second against a real Reaper. Without that mask.. you’re nothing,” she finishes. Her tone is not taunting, it is completely serious. She throws her sword out of her hand, and it disappears into thin air.


“HOW DARE YOU SHEATHE YOUR SWORD TO ME!” Eclipse screams in anger, stomping his foot into the ground; his anger reminds Alexia of a child throwing a tantrum, and she begins to smirk under her mask. “I am General Eclipse! I am the Level 10 General of the entire Umbrian Combat Force! I’ve protected Umbria from Reapers for thousands of years! I WILL-”





Alexia Tanzens directly in front of Eclipse, and, without missing a beat, she delivers a powerful punch to his face. The punch completely shatters his mask and breaks his nose. He flies backwards from the force of the strike; his mask falling off of his face, piece by piece. His nose gushes purple blood all over his face.



Alexia Tanzens again, instantly appearing above Eclipse. She drops down on top of the airborne Eclipse, roughly stomping her right foot into his stomach, causing them to crash into the ground. Eclipse struggles wildly under Alexia’s foot, trapped. Alexia casually raises her right hand, making two white katanas of Reaper energy appear out of nowhere on either side of her. They hover in midair. With a wave of her hand, she hovers the two swords over the trapped Eclipse and telekinetically forces him to spread his arms wide.


Thunk. Thunk.


With a downward wave of her hand, she sends the two swords stabbing through Eclipse’s forearms, all the way to the guards of the swords. As he grunts in pain and struggles to free his arms, purple blood begins to gush from where the swords have stabbed him. Alexia puts more pressure on her foot, bolts of Reaper energy crackling around her leg.




She violently stomps her foot through his stomach and spinal cord, purple blood spurting from the wound, gushing all over him and Alexia’s lower leg. Eclipse begins to scream, coughing up purple blood.


“You see what happens.. when you try to play with the big girls? When you try to match a REAL Reaper?” Alexia taunts, smirking under her mask. “Without that mask.. you’re just some measly little shadow entity that can’t do SHIT! I break your mask.. you’re helpless for minutes on end, you can’t just re-Reaperfy immediately after it gets destroyed. If you break my mask?” She waves her hand through the air, making her scimitar sword appear in her grip. Eclipse flinches.





Alexia strikes herself in the cheek with the butt of her sword, shattering her mask and pulling it off her face, throwing it over her shoulder. With her mask gone, an uncharacteristically sadistic smile on her face is revealed. She has a hungry look in her eyes. She sheathes her sword, then slides her two fingertips across her face. She easily reforms her unique mask, to the surprise of Eclipse.


“You break my mask.. and it doesn’t do a thing. Breaking my mask can’t save you, little man!” she continues to taunt him, humiliating him. “‘Cause my mask is linked to my soul.. you can’t just take it from me.”


“YOU ARE NOTHING LIKE THE MASKENTRAGER!” he shouts in fear and anger. “Even the ones who lost control and became dangerous weren’t like you! You’re far, far more evil and monstrous than any of them ever were! You’re more evil than even Desiree the Destroyer ever was-”


Alexia calmly fires a tiny beam of Reaper energy from her index finger into his chest, creating a small hole all the way through.

“Quit your bitching,” she harshly says. “You think I care about being good or evil? You really think I give a damn about being liked or accepted? You really believe I give a single shit about keeping my humanity or what you shadow entities think of me?” Her expression and tone soften suddenly. “The one and only thing in all of reality that I care about.. is Sabrina. My girl. My love. I swore on my soul to her almost two years ago that I would keep her safe no matter what.. and nothing you, the other shadow entities, the Reapers, or anyone else can do or say is EVER gonna make me break that promise. If I have to be ‘evil’ to protect my girl-” she begins, her tone and expression turning harsh again.




She shoots another hole through Eclipse’s chest. He coughs up even more blood, his body desperately and slowly trying to regenerate the damage.


“...then so be it. If I have to turn myself into the strongest Reaper in all of reality and totally throw my humanity away to protect her?” She fires another beam into his chest. “I’ll gladly do it. If I have to turn myself into a demon or monster to save my girl...? If I have to have my head blown off, soul shattered, limbs torn off, heart torn out, sent to Hell itself and then have to fight my way out to protect my girl?!” She points her right index finger straight at Eclipse’s head and begins to charge a Null.

“THEN SO BE IT!” she finishes. He desperately tries to free his arms so he can try to form his mask, but he simply can’t. Alexia snickers sadistically. “You’re like a rat caught in a trap.. pathetic.”


She fires the Null point blank at his head.


The powerful beam of energy completely eradicates Eclipse’s head, arms, shoulders, chest, and upper torso, leaving nothing but his legs and stomach area behind; and a shadow entity simply can’t regenerate from that sort of damage. If any of a shadow entity’s internal organs are completely destroyed, they can’t be regenerated.


Alexia waves her hand through the air, Eclipse’s sword flying into her grip. She examines it for a second, and then nods. The sword suddenly turns totally white; except for the sharpened portion, which turns black. She waves her free hand through the air next to her, a circular white portal opening. She tosses the sword inside, and the portal closes.


“SOUND THE ALARM! THE GENERAL HAS BEEN KILLED BY A REAPER!” Alexia hears in the distance. She squints, and sees a shadow entity in black armor slamming his hand onto a button on the side of a large, square building. A shrill, high pitched alarm begins to ring loudly, echoing across the entire planet. Swarms of shadow entities, both highlevels and lowlevels, fly towards Alexia from all over the planet. As the swarm approaches Alexia, she raises one eyebrow in amusement, then begins to smirk sadistically under her mask.

“IF WE ATTACK HER ALL AT ONCE, WE CAN DEFEAT HER!” another random shadow entity shouts. No less than a hundred shadow entities fly towards Alexia simultaneously from all directions, swords in hand. As they enclose within twenty feet around her, she does not blink or even draw her sword.




Alexia does not appear to move at all, her body just seems to flicker in place for a second. Once her body stops flickering, her hand is on her sword. All the shadow entities flying towards her completely stop in midair, as if they’ve become frozen in time. They do not move left, right, down, or up. They just seem like statues.




The horde of shadow entities approaching Alexia suddenly splits into a dozen pieces each, perfectly cut through; each one cut to twelve pieces. Their dismembered bodies and purple blood rains down into the gray sand as Alexia laughs sadistically. The one and only shadow entity Alexia left alive, a black-haired female with purple eyes and black armor, attempts to fly away from her as fast as she can.




Alexia disappears from where she was standing, and reappears instantly in the female’s path; her sword drawn, pointing millimeters away from the female’s throat. She lightly nicks the female’s throat, a single droplet of purple blood dripping from the tiny cut.


“Y-y-you’re the R-Reaper... You killed General Eclipse,” the female stutters out; completely frozen in fear, afraid to move.


“Listen, and listen good,” Alexia begins, her tone serious. “If you move an inch before I tell you you can go.. you’ll end up like the rest of them. If you listen to me, I swear on my soul I’ll let you live, for now.”


The female shadow entity stays silent, trembling.


”You’re high-ranking in this dimension, right?” Alexia demands.


“I-I’m a lieutenant. Lieutenant Dusk,” she stammers.


“Good. You can relay my message to the rest of the shadow entities..” Alexia plans out loud. “What I’m going to do.. is leave this dimension. For all of eternity. I will never come back here and I will never harm another shadow entity ever again.. on a few conditions.”


“But you’re-you’re a Reaper.. what could you possibly want from us?” Dusk wonders out loud, still afraid.

“All I want...” Alexia begins, in a reasonable and calm tone. “ for your people to leave this human girl alone,” she requests, pointing at Sabrina in her chains. “If your people never come after or come near her again.. I swear on my soul that I won’t hurt them or come back here ever again. That’s all I want from you. BUT...” she snaps, her tone turning malicious and hateful. “If any of you EVER lay a hand on her again or so much as come within a hundred feet of her... I will destroy the shadow entities trying to harm her. I will come back to the shadow dimension. And I will slaughter every single shadow entity here, man, woman, and child! I WILL ANNIHILATE THIS ENTIRE FUCKING DIMENSION AND WILL NOT LEAVE A SINGLE ONE OF YOU ALIVE. Is that clear?”


At this, Dusk is trembling heavily; she’s barely able to keep herself hovering in the air. She weakly nods her head, her eyes wide in fright.


“Good,” Alexia snaps, her eyes glowing. She suddenly gets a sadistic smile on her face, under her mask. This translates to an uncharacteristically hungry look in her eyes as she continues to stare through the frightened Dusk. “And by the way.. enough of referring to me as ‘the Reaper’... that shit is getting old. I have a name, and you better spread it far and wide in this dimension... Alexia.. Alexia the Annihilator.” Alexia lowers her sword and sheathes it.



At this, Dusk starts trembling and just shuts down. She slowly drifts to the ground and stands there, staring into the horizon. She doesn’t move, and waits for the other shadow entities to come.



Alexia Tanzens to just a few feet in front of Sabrina’s restraints, instantly appearing there. She stares at Sabrina, her pupils still slitted and her eyes still glowing like white hot coals.

Sabrina jumps at Alexia’s sudden appearance and nervously stares at her, trembling slightly. This is the first time she’s really gotten a good, close look at her since she’s come back from Schnitter Welt. She looks Alexia’s intricate, otherworldly armor up and down. She stares at Alexia’s mask, noticing that the design of it is much more crisp and detailed than before.



Alexia puts her hand on her sword, as if to draw it.


“A-Alexia.. what are you.. doing?” Sabrina stammers nervously, staring at Alexia’s sword. Her heart races like a Mustang on full acceleration.

There’s no way Alexia would hurt me! There isn’t! Sabrina tries to calm herself. She swore on her soul that she wouldn’t hurt me.. and she won’t break that promise, no matter what... right?


Alexia remains silent.



As Sabrina blinks, she feels the cuffs on her wrists and ankles come apart, dropping her from her restraints. Alexia had cut through her restrains in an instant. Sabrina begins scream as she hurtles towards the ground.




Alexia Tanzens directly below her and, to Sabrina’s great surprise, she catches her very gently with both arms, her sword sheathed.


As Sabrina looks up into Alexia’s face, her heart beats hard and fast. She’s afraid of what Alexia may do.


Alexia looks down, back at Sabrina, with her eyes are no longer slitted. They no longer glow with rage, and they no longer have that intense hatred and bloodlust in them. The love her eyes had before going to Schnitter Welt is not only back, but stronger. Alexia gently sets Sabrina down, and slides her first two fingers across her own face, making her mask disappear.

This reveals an ecstatic, sweet smile on Alexia’s face as she lovingly looks into Sabrina’s eyes. Alexia’s eyes brim with tears and she bites her lip.


“BABYDOLL!” Alexia squeals with an even bigger smile on her face, wrapping her arms around Sabrina’s neck and nuzzling her blonde hair.

Sabrina starts to cry, putting her face in Alexia’s neck; Alexia’s armor jabs her in the chin a little bit, but Sabrina doesn’t care.


“A-Alexia.. you’re still in there?” she cries in disbelief.


“No, I’m your goddamn fairy godmother,” Alexia replies sarcastically, in a playful tone. She sticks her tongue out playfully. Sabrina looks up at her, glaring at her. “Of course it’s me, sweetgirl.” Sabrina smiles slightly, but then she cries harder, pounds her fist angrily on Alexia’s armored chest.


“Ow!” she shouts in pain, shaking her hand in the air. Alexia’s lightweight-looking armor is far more hard and dense than it looks. She aggressively pulls out of Alexia’s embrace. “YOU SCARED THE LIFE OUT OF ME, ALEXIA!” she shouts at her in frustration. “How could you not say a thing to me and act so scary! How could you do that to me..? Don’t you know how scared I was when I saw how you were? I thought.. I thought that the shadow entities were right, and that your Reaper side took you over forever.”

“Babydoll,” Alexia begins, in a serious tone. “I swore on my soul to you that that would never, EVER happen. And if the Reaper or Desiree side of me wants to take me over that badly, it’s gonna have to drag the both itself and me straight down to Hell in the process. The way I was just now.. I was just in the zone. I was just focused on saving you at all costs. Okay?” Sabrina looks a little reassured, but not quite. Alexia nervously looks out in the horizon, seeing that the approaching group of shadow entities have stopped were Dusk has been standing, not moving an inch towards Alexia and Sabrina. Alexia smirks in a feeling of superiority, then turns back to Sabrina. “Let’s just go home, okay? I promise we can talk about everything that happened the past two weeks there.. I’m just getting really damn tired of these shadow and Reaper dimensions, I actually want to watch Netflix again and have electricity!” Sabrina giggles, her tears fading.


Alexia draws her sword, a nervous look appearing on Sabrina’s face.
She gracefully slashes it through the air in a diagonal, downwards direction; this opens an ethereal, white slash through the air, just like the one she used to enter the shadow dimension. She throws her sword to the side, it disappearing out of thin air. She grabs Sabrina’s hand and begins walking towards the portal, but Sabrina doesn’t walk with her.


“Is.. is that thing safe?” Sabrina asks nervously, staring at the ethereal rip in reality itself. “What is it?”


“Would I pull you towards it if it wasn’t safe, Isaac Newton?” Alexia teases. Sabrina facepalms. “It’s a portal, silly girl! It’s totally safe.. the shadow entities pulled you through a portal to get you here to the shadow dimension, right? This is just like that, only it’s made from Reaper energy.”


“I.. guess so. I trust you,” Sabrina uncertainly says, following Alexia by the hand, back to the human dimension.


In a flash of white light, the appear in Sabrina’s room, in the human dimension. As Sabrina and Alexia come out the portal, it disappears.


Sabrina quickly jumps onto her queen sized bed, spreading out and relaxing for the first time in weeks. She quickly sits up and sits on the side of her bed, patting the empty space next to her and looking at Alexia.


“You promised we were going to talk about all this.. so sit down,” Sabrina says nervously. Alexia frowns slightly, but then smiles. She sits down next to Sabrina.


“Well.. what do you want to know?” Alexia asks her, nervous, yet eager to tell Sabrina of her adventures.



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