Alice and Mallorie: Testing the Leblos

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Alice and Mallorie go to a huge lifeless planet to test out Alice's new abilities as a Leblos class Reaper.

Submitted: October 08, 2014

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Submitted: October 08, 2014



CAUTION: Read my novel Alice Hamanaka: The Reaper Wars before you read this. If you don't, you're gonna be very confused.

Alice Hamanaka and Mallorie stand facing each other on the surface of planet Zal, a lifeless planet about seven hundred times the size of Earth. Its surface is covered in a greenish yellow sandlike substance.


Alice wears black combat boots, black leggings, and a black wifebeater type tanktop. Sticking out of the right side of her right boot is the black handle of a silver double barreled derringer pistol. Around her neck she wears two black corded necklaces. the longer necklace has a purple flame pendant, and the shorter one has a silver pentagram pendant. On every finger and thumb, she wears a black ring. Her nails are painted white. Her eyes, black with white irises, are surrounded by black eyeliner and purple eyeshadow. She wears purple lipstick. Her hair is a white, heavily layered, medium length ponytail that sways to the right with short bangs. The sides of her hair in front of her ears end just after her jawline. Her skin is a pale cream color. Behind her swishes a four foot long, white pointed tail. She stands at five foot five. She's a thousand and thirty four years old, but is physically eighteen. Situated on her left hip is her guardless katana in its black sheath. The blade is purple. The hilt is purple, and wrapped around it is black cloth in traditional katana style.


Mallorie wears purple Ugg boots, white leggings, and a tight black hoodie. Around her neck is a black choker necklace with a silver pentagram pendant on it. Two black cords come out of both sides of the pendant and wrap around her neck. She wears a single black ring on her right pointer finger. Her nails are painted purple. Her eyes are purple. Her makeup is done exactly like Alice's. She wears a pair of thick black sideways-oval shaped glasses with clear crystal lenses. Her hair is a heavily layered white pixie cut with short bangs. The layers of her hair stick out cutely. Her skin is a pale cream color. She stands at four foot eleven. She's thirteen years old. On her left hip is her own katana, the Sword of Lightning. The hilt is black with purple lightning bolt designs on either side of it. The guard is a black lightning bolt shaped piece of metal. She struggles with all her might to stay standing up.


“Alice?” she questions curiously, her voice strained. “How come we flew all the way to this big empty planet? And why is it so hard to stand up?”


“Because!” Alice exclaims excitedly. “I want to test out my new powers after becoming a Leblos!” Mallorie opens her eyes wide in concern. “And, it's because this planet is so fucking gigantic! It has way stronger gravity than Earth.”


“Are you sure you should be playing around with your new powers? You only got out of a five month long Reaper coma yesterday!” Mallorie warns. “And why isn't the gravity affecting you?”


“That's why you're here!” Alice replies. With a wave of her hand, she opens up a small black portal in the middle of the air. She reaches her hand inside it, and pulls out a full size black double barreled shotgun. “And, it's because I'm strong as fuck now. This gravity only feels very slightly limiting to me,” she explains.




The shotgun shatters into a hundred pieces, which float in the air. The pieces turn white suddenly, and fly back to Alice's hand piece by piece, reforming the shotgun. It is pure white. Now, the shotgun is Reaperfied to Level 2. Its barrels are larger and longer. The diameter of each barrel is about five centimeters. She hands the Reaperfied shotgun at Mallorie, who shakily takes it and stares at it. She looks at Alice in concern as she struggles to keep it lifted.


“What-what do you want me to do with this?” she asks nervously.


“If I lose control again, just shoot me in the head to break my mask!” Alice says casually.


“Alice, if I shoot you with this thing, it'll blow your whole fucking head off, at least!” Mallorie objects, still staring at the shotgun in awe. Alice laughs and shrugs.


“Who cares, it'll regenerate! All that matters is that it'll break my mask and de-Reaperfy me. Be careful though, that thing will kick like a fucking donkey when you fire it!” Alice warns with a laugh. “Okay...” Alice thinks out loud, looking around. “How about I start with a Null? I should try to fire one without Reaperfying at all, first.” Alice points her right pointer finger at the ground, and a small ball of white Reaper energy floats in front of her finger, charging. “Fuck me!” she exclaims happily, staring at the charging Null in excitement. “I can actually charge a Null without Reaperfying! Now let's see how big the blast from this will be. Mals, back up!” she warns to Mallorie.




Mallorie Reaper Steps to a spot ten feet away.




Alice fires the Null, a gigantic beam shooting from her finger into the ground. The beam itself has a diameter of nine hundred feet. Mallorie's eyes nearly pop out of her head in surprise as she sees the enormous Null Alice has easily fired from a single finger. Both Mallorie and Alice hover in the air, because Alice's Null has shot a nine hundred foot wide hole straight through the entire planet, destroying the ground they were standing on. When they look down the hole, Alice and Mallorie can see space on the other side. Alice has just shot a humongous hole through a planet hundreds of times the size of Earth.


“FUCK!” Alice happily exclaims, holding her stomach as she laughs in victory.


“Wow, Alice!” Mallorie exclaims, smiling and gawking at the huge hole Alice put in the planet.


“Watch this shit, I bet I can do a bigger one!” Alice brags as she points her finger towards the horizon of the planet. A small ball of Reaper energy floats in front of her finger.




She lets out another Null blast with a diameter of of over ninety thousand feet. It shoots towards the horizon at hundreds of miles an hour. Alice finishes the Null, putting her hand at her side. Her Null leaves an enormous trench in the ground that stretches all the way to the horizon. The trench is twenty six thousand eleven feet deep, and eighty one thousand six hundred and fifty eight feet wide. Mallorie gasps in surprise.




Alice Reaper Steps, instantly appearing ten feet in front of Mallorie, facing her.


“Alrighty, now draw your sword and see if you can cut me!” Alice commands confidently.


“But Alice!” Mallorie objects.


“But nothing!” Alice giggles. “I wanna see if my Starke Haut ability works even if I'm not Reaperfied. If you actually take my head off, who cares? Yeah it'll hurt a little bit, but it'll regenerate! Oh yeah, Reaperfy to Level 2 so you'll have enough strength to move quickly under this gravity!” Mallorie sighs in defeat as she switches the Reaperfied shotgun to her left hand, and draws her sword. Her sword has a purple bolt of lightning crackling on the black blade.




Mallorie's body completely shatters into a hundred pieces, which stay suspended in the air. The pieces turn pure white and start flying towards one spot, clicking into place one by one. Finally, Mallorie's body is reformed in a Level 2 Reaperfication. Her sword and its sheath have turned white, but the lightning bolt on her sword remains purple. Her body is covered in intricate white armor. On her face is a ghoulish Reaper mask with two small horns on the forehead. Behind her swishes a three foot long white pointed tail.




Mallorie Reaper Steps at Alice, swinging her sword with a decent amount of force at Alice's neck.




Mallorie's sword hits the right side of Alice's neck. It barely even nicks her, a tiny cut visible on Alice's neck and nothing more. The cut instantly regenerates. Alice laughs in victory.


“Fuck yeah, that's what I'm talking about!” she exclaims. She turns to Mallorie. “Now here comes the part where you might need to shoot me, I'm gonna Reaperfy to Level 3, AKA my Leblos form.” Mallorie bites her lip nervously.


“Is this really necessary, Alice? Don't you have enough power already?” Mallorie asks as she sheathes her sword and switches the shotgun back to her right hand.


“Nope!” Alice grins. “I wanna see just how powerful I really am. You never know, someday I might have to use my Leblos form. What if there are some Reapers left? Some other Lebloses that attack us? We (mainly I) gotta have a way to fight back, right?” Mallorie nods. Alice shrugs. “Well, here goes nothing!”


Her body, clothes, and weapons quickly melt into a puddle of pure white liquid. Slowly, the liquid gets surrounded by a powerful white aura and flows upwards into the air, reforming Alice's body. Her skin is pure white. Her feet and legs are covered in sleek, white, form-fitting armor. Her derringer pistol, now white and larger, has its handle sticking out of the right side of Alice's armored right boot. Her torso is covered in sleek white sleeveless armor, with her necklaces on top of it. Her arms are bare except for hard, white gauntlets on her forearms. All her rings have turned white. Her hair has turned into ethereal white flames. From her just below her nose to the bottom of her chin there is half of a Reaper mask. The half-mask has a large grin full of pointed teeth carved into it. Behind her, her tail doesn't move. Her sword and its sheath have turned white. Mallorie's eyes open wide in fear.


“A-Alice?” she stammers, frightened because Alice isn't speaking. She struggles to lift the shotgun and points it at Alice's head with her finger on the double trigger.


Alice says nothing.




Alice disappears, and instantly reappears a few feet in front of Mallorie, with her sword drawn. Mallorie backs away.


“Alice, answer me!” Mallorie demands, terrified. Alice cocks her head to the side.




She disappears, and reappears with her face leaned close to Mallorie's.


“BOO!” Alice shouts with a giggle, her voice sounding otherworldly because of the Reaperfication. Mallorie jumps hard, covers her heart with her left hand, and glares at Alice.


“ALICE, YOU SCARED THE FUCK OUT OF ME!” she shrieks at the top of her lungs. “I thought you lost control again!”


“Calm your shit, sailor!” Alice replies with a laugh, sheathing her sword. “I'm just fucking with you!” Mallorie blushes hard in embarrassment.


“It wasn't funny! You were really scary when you lost control as a Leblos! You almost killed me and Blaze!” Mallorie argues. Alice holds her hands out in front of herself defensively.


“Alright, alright, I'm sorry! Wait, if you thought I lost control again, how come you didn't shoot me like I told you to?” Alice realizes. Mallorie looks at the floor sheepishly.


“I-I couldn't do it,” she admits. “I care about you too much.”




Alice instantly appears right in front of Mallorie, wrapping her arms around her neck in a hug.


“That's sweet as fuck, Mals!” she happily exclaims. “I care about you too!”


“Then let go of me!” chokes out Mallorie, tears of pain in her eyes. “You're crushing me!”


“Fuck!” Alice exclaims. “Sorry!” She lets go of her. As Alice lets go of her neck, Mallorie's head lolls to the side, bending her neck sideways. Her neck is broken.


“Shit I'm sorry!” Alice apologetically says. “I don't know my own strength in this form!” Mallorie grimaces in pain as her neck unbends and her head goes back into its normal position, her neck regenerating.


“It's okay, Alice!” she says happily. “I'm just glad you didn't lose control again..”


“Don't you worry about that!” says Alice confidently. “I think that since I've finally become a full powered Leblos, I might truly have perfect control over my Reaper powers now! I mean, I can even fire a huge ass Null without Reaperfying! That's a sign of how much control I have now!” Mallorie smiles, reassured. Alice, smiling under her mask, points her left finger into the horizon. A small white ball of Reaper energy floats in front of her finger.




The Null she unleashes has a diameter of fifty million feet, shooting into the horizon at hundreds of miles an hour. Mallorie covers her mouth in shock. Wearing a huge smile under her mask, Alice stops firing the Null. The Null has left an unimaginably huge trench in the planet's surface. The trench is twenty three million feet deep and nearly fifty million feet wide. The trench seems more like an endless abyss than a trench.


“ALICE THAT WAS HUGE!” Mallorie excitedly shrieks. Alice laughs.


“You ain't seen nothing yet!” she replies with a smile.




With a single Reaper Step, Alice instantaneously cuts the gigantic planet into thousands upon thousands of pieces. Because of the force of the gigantic planet's gravity, the pieces all stay together. But Mallorie could easily see the obvious slashes through the planet's surface. She gasps in shock.


“DID YOU JUST CUT THE WHOLE PLANET IN HALF?!” she shrieks in disbelief.


“Yup, I cut in half a few thousand times!” Alice brags. “Well I guess that's enough for today, how about we go home?” she asks Mallorie. Mallorie nods.


Alice de-Reaperfies, liquifying her body and weapons into a white puddle, which morphs into Alice in her normal form.




Mallorie's body shatters into a hundred pieces, which regain their normal color and fly together into the same spot. She's now back in her normal, un-Reaperfied form. The two fly into space and head back towards Earth.

© Copyright 2020 LunarPentagram. All rights reserved.

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