" Blessings & Prayers all around the World"

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A Poem from my heart!

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011



"Blessings & Prayers"

There's so many different blessings & prayers all around the world, there's blessings & prayers for every little boy & girl.

There's blessings & prayers for babies that come into life, there's blessings & prayers of love to a husband & wife.

There's blessings & prayers for both the old & the new, there's blessings & prayers when you marry your true love, or buy your 1st shoes. There's blessings & prayers when you buy your 1st car, house, or bed, there's blessings & prayers for all the living & dead.

There's blessings & prayers to all those that truly have faith & to those that don't, Please God grant them that grace.

There's blessings & prayers for those that truly believe, blessings & prayers to those that are in so desperate need. There's blessings & prayers to the rich & the poor, Please give me a minute, there's more blessings & prayers, so much more.

There's blessings & prayers when a couple ties the knot, there's blessings to an ex's new love, maybe, why not?

There's blessings & prayers for our soldiers that are fighting for peace, please don't forget them, they're fighting for you & me.

There's blessings & prayers for animals too, to keep them alive & find a loving home too. Someone to love them & keep them from harm & love them & hold them with wide open arms.

There's blessings & prayers for the healthy & ill, hey I'm sure there's blessing & prayers to those that have written a will.

There's blessing & prayers to all the people you know, even blessings & prayers, to all the Jane & John Does. There's blessings & prayers to all that are missing & blessings & prayers to all those right now, that are kissing.

There's blessings & prayers to all those going to bed, blessings & prayers to all those that are out partying instead.

The best blessing & prayer, I have to recall, is when we pray to God, and he truly blesses us, blesses us all.

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