"Dear Mother"

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"A poem from my heart"

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



"Dear Mother"

When we open our eyes to this world that we see, the 1st person that was given to me, was a person named Mother that I learned to adore, I was amazed with her kindness & beauty, I wanted to know about her of coarse, and when she smiles at me, I wanted to know her even much more,...of this person that seemed to love me the same, even before she gave me a name.

She kissed me, loved me and hugged me so tight, I remember that she would sing to me each and every night. She clothe me, bathe me, and fed me each day, so much to give, and so much praise. She would tell me stories, non-fiction, some true, and each time she saw me, she would say "I Love You".

I grew every year by her side, I tried to make her happy and never to cry. I would try my best in school to give her good grades, it's all she really wanted for me, to be someone important someday.

She taught me to pray every morning and night, to be thankful to God, who is a heavenly light. She taught me to be happy, not to be sad, to talk out my problems and never get mad. As I kept growing older she was walking slower I didn't think much about it, I was a teen, and having friends & fast foods, meant everything to me.

Loud music and shopping malls, was something I liked best, later on when I'm older, going clubbing was next. She would give me a curfew and I would get mad, than I would hurry up and run to my dad, trying to convince him it wasn't all bad. "Please allow me, I would be alright", Please let me stay out a little longer, just for tonight." He would ask me to be honest, What did your mother say to you? I answer him No, and he answered me back with a No too. At times she would give into my plea, I guess she felt bad, or even sorry for me, when I would beg her on my knees. She was worried about this crazy world and would always say it wasn't safe for any young boy, or a young girl.

The years seem to fly so darn fast, I went to college, met new friends, had a blast. Met & fell in love with my husband, now of 14 years, we've had our ups & downs, share many sad and happy tears. We have 2 beautiful kids together, that we will both love forever.

I visited my mother one day, and for the very 1st time I noticed her hair were full of grey all around her wrinkled, yet still beautiful face. I realized with tears in my eyes, that she too grew older right in front of me and I'm guessing I was too busy not to see, trying to grow up and live my life free.

Now it's my turn to read her stories, non-fiction some true, clothe her, bathe her and feed her meals too. Sing to her songs that she likes, every morning and sometimes at night. I try to read to her as much as I can, especially when reading the bible I like to just hold on to her hands, and remind her of God's love and how he's so grand.

She once whispered in a quiet voice that when she 1st saw me the very 1st time, that she fell in love with me in that moment of her life, the minute I opened and she saw my beautiful brown eyes. She told me that I looked at her with so much love, and I was a gift sent from heaven above. She told me that moment she loved me the same, even before she gave me a name. That I was her beautiful girl, and she was ever so grateful to God, for allowing me to share her world.

I have my beautiful mother, silver-grey hair and still alive, My dear mother, that I will adore till the day I die!

Dedicated to all the beautiful mothers in this world, especially My beautiful mother Rafaela Morales. " I truly adore you"!

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