"Erase the torture in my head"

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Wishing I had an eraser to remove all the bad things in my head.

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



I wish I had an eraser to completly remove you out of my head, images of you and I together keeps repeating in my mind instead.

I would erase everything about you, the good and all the bad, I don't want to think about you, it leaves me completly broken and sad.

I want to erase your eyes that liked to look at me and stare, now those eyes look back at me, like if you never truly cared.

I want to erase your lips that kissed me every single time, oh those lips I truly do miss, but now tortures me deep inside..

I want to erase your hands that touched my body til the early morning light, erase those hands that now has left me crying in the night.

I want to erase those arms that held me, oh so very tight, they made me feel sucured to know that our future would be so bright..

I want to erase the sound of your voice that whispered in my ear, sweet words that meant alot to me, that I truly loved to hear, now the sound of your voice, is something I can't bare.

I want to erase everything about you, for this I truly pray, believe me when I say this, I wish I could erase your name.

At one time I did love you like I loved no other, I gave you my heart and soul, and I was so happy to be your only lover.

I thought that you cared for me, but now I know I was wrong, and now that I know the truth, I wish to erase you gone.

I just want to completly erase you,...it has now come down to this, because I know deep inside, in your mind, I really don't exist.

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