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A story of love that can not be!

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011




Every person has heard of the phrase, "Endless Love" two hearts that beat as one together, a love that's so deep and last forever.

I wish to tell you a story about a different kind of love, a love that can not be, something that's so forbidden, a secret love that was so completely hidden.

Almost like Romeo & Juliet but no one really dies, it is kind of sad, it may make some people cry. It's a story between an older woman and a very young man, an attraction between them, most people can't really understand. An older woman that felt completly alone and a young man that lived very close to her home.

It started like an ordinary day sun was out and bright, she awoke feeling again alone, the same way she did each night. The young guy would walk by, they would looked at each other smiled and said "Hi"

He would walk by her house everyday, always full of energy and so much fun, yet to her this was strange because her energy and fun just grew so numb, he would look at her like she was so pretty and still so very young.

He would make her feel important and he was always so polite, she felt comfortable around him, (a true gentleman), she thought to herself, he really is nice. They would chat, always small conversations, they would talk about this and that. Sometime they would flirt back and forth, he would say cute remarks to her, but nothing to take it serious of coarse.

One day it just happened to be that she awoke a little sad, didn't tell anyone about her feelings but the young guy noticed it fast. He started talking with her for awhile, and he told her she'll be okay, and smiled.

The day came and left, it became night, it was a hot summer, so hot she decided to sit on the front porch and look up at the sky.

No one was in sight, the feeling of being alone, for her came stronger during the night.

All of a sudden, there he is, walking by the house like he always did. He stopped and said hello, he asked if he can have a glass of water, she didn't say no.

They talked some more for a little while, and than he lend close and thanked her for the glass of water, with a really nice smile. His cologne smelled so darn good, it completly filled up the whole room. Than it happened, they kissed for the very 1st time, it just happened so fast, in a blink of an eye. They both knew it was really wrong, but the connection between them both was just too darn strong.

Clothes came off and fell to the floor, making their way towards her bedroom door. The heat of their bodies came so fast, a forbidden passion they both wanted it to last. Two naked bodies just having some fun, everything sexual you can ever image was done. They both felt if they were going to do this tonight, everything was going to be done completly right. It went on for many hours, taking breaks here and there, hands touching each other, everywhere. Her energy came back almost too quick, to think a young man could ever do this, to an older woman half his age, it's crazy, it's nuts, it's totally insane. Two bodies combined into one, and sharing pure pleasure, for they were both about to cum. A thirst for passion in the heat of the night, a forbidden touch everywhere, for them both felt so right.

The following morning she awoke from her bed, with images of him inside her head. Their secret affair continued for them both, a forbidden secret for only them two to know.

After that night they had to pretend, to many ordinary people, and especially their close friends. Only they knew about each other, even more under their own bed covers.

In the beginning it was alot of fun, having a secret romance no one else knew of. Hidden looks from all the rest, and great sex between them was only the best, and deep down they knew that if someone finds out it would be a terrible mess. Still they kept their private life very low key and they both were happy, under their sexy bed sheets.

A year and a half later, still they made secret love together no one ever knew, but she awoke one day not feeling right like if she came down with the flu. She decided to climb back into bed, and try to rest her head instead. A few hours later she finally got up, went to her kitchen to grab a cup. She decided to wash a plate and thought to herself, Am I late? I can't be, I'm too old to have a baby! Can I really be pregnant at 35 years old? No, I'm not pregnant, it's the flu, or some type of cold! She went back to bed, still not feeling well, thinking crazy thoughts, if she was pregnant, who could she tell?

She thought if I tell him, he might get upset maybe even mad, he's not ready to be responsible, he's too young to be a dad. I have to find out for sure, I'm not, she keep repeating those words, over and over alot. Over and over in her head, while laying down in her little lonely bed.

The day came and she finally received the news, A baby was coming and will be arriving soon. She decided to keep quiet, back how her life use to be, when her life was so sad and very lonely. I'll keep it a secret , I'll keep this to myself, I'll be alright, lying to herself. Her belly is growing each and everyday, it got to the point that she got on her knees to pray, "Heavenly Father, Please hear my plea", " Oh dear Father, Please forgive me!" I have sinned and I know it wasn't right, I was wrong for allowing him to come into my bed, all those crazy nights. "Please my lord, forgive me".

She avoided every chance she had, to stay away from this young man, with a sharp pain inside her heart., she did everything possible to keep them apart, for her it was the hardest thing to do, but deep down inside she knew she had too.

A couple of months passed and rumors of her cute little belly flew fast. Most of her close friends were truly happy, others were surprised, questioning that they never saw a man really by her side. The news of her belly got back to the young man, and deep down inside, he knew he was the biologically dad. He was upset, mad, confused and scared, saying to himself, "This can not be", I'm too young to be raising a tiny baby."

He went to see her that very same night, still upset and full of anger inside, repeating in his head, "This is a lie, I know this can't, this can't be right". He knocked on the door, it got louder of coarse, ( 1 knock, 2 knock, way more than 3), she finally opened the door and in quick disbelief, he saw with his own eye, a cute little belly.

He begged her " Please let us talk, let me in, we need to talk about this baby within." She talked, he yelled, screaming louder each time, telling her, "I know that baby,... that baby is mine!" She knew deep down he was angry mostly scared, his worry was how he was going to tell his family that's what he truly feared. He said, "What will they say?" "What will they do?" I wasn't thinking, I'm such a darn fool, for *_ucking an old woman, an old woman like you!" Those hurtful words, that were coming from him, that energy of light deep inside her grew dim. Those hateful words will remain in her head, and at that moment in her life , she wish she were dead. "You need to get rid of this mess in less than a week, have an abortion and forget all about me".

She thought, how terrible those words are coming out of this man, something she could never really understand. Broken inside, she quickly said No, I want you to leave, and don't come back no more. I'm not asking you for anything, I'm not asking you for a diamond ring. I'm not asking you to be a dad, at this point of my life, you've left me so sad. I don't want your last name, I don't want your support, oh and please don't worry, I won't take you to court. I just want you to leave us alone, Please don't return to this lonely old home.

He left and she finally cried, holding her belly that held her baby inside.

One night a vision of them came into her head, when she was resting in bed, of what the future would look like for them, if he decided to stay with them instead. I'm getting older and so is he. An old lady like me, and a handsome young man full of life, it really can't be.

A young man starting his life enjoying clubbing, meeting new people and he should have a young wife. And his family members, what will they think of this old lady at their son's side, just crazy thought inside her mind. Horrible looks and stares, is something she knew they couldn't bare. Competition with younger woman close to his age and thoughts of them touching him will drive her insane and she would get feelings of just total rage, like a wild animal locked up in it's cage. He should be with someone for him to love and most important for him to be proud of. He wasn't in love, or even proud of me, I was a secret a hidden key. Instead he was ashamed of me, ashamed of my old age and our innocent baby. She thought to herself, I don't want to live my life that way, always worried about what people will say. I don't want him to be living a life with a old lady like me, I need him to grow and enjoy life, I want him to be completly happy.

She did move a few weeks later and before she left she wrote him a letter. It read:

"I'm sorry I'm old and it's come down to this", I'll remember you always and our 1st special kiss. I'm sorry for many things I just can't explain, and I'm so sorry I had to leave in such a terrible way. I was lonely before I met you and felt many times alone, in my little tiny home. Yes, this is all true, I was completly empty until I met you. You saw my feelings that I completly hid, you made me feel special that's what you did. I was lonely and needed somebody bad, and yes your hurtful words, have left me so sad. I too wasn't thinking right that night, but either way I thank you for changing my life. I want you to be, happy with your family.

Enjoy your life, hope you get married and have a beautiful young wife. Have many children and grow old too and make wonderful memories is my wish for you. As for me and my son we will be alright, I have the lord near me and always on my side. As for my son he will know of you someday, I will let him know, that he was a secret gift, so I will never feel, or be alone.

The moral of this story is love has no direction, it tends to make mistakes, it doesn't cost a thing, and it can easily break. Love comes for all ages and it should be an Endless love, two hearts that beat together as one. If your love is going to be one that is Forbidden, always remember that your heart and your tears will always remain hidden.

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