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Waiting for the words "Sorry" coming from someone that has hurt you.

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012



I'm waiting for the day,

that you would pass by my way,

and for this I truly do pray,

that u would have to say,..." YOU'RE SORRY"

SORRY for saying so many lies,

SORRY for all the tears I cried,

SORRY for wishing me to die,... SORRY!

SORRY for letting me down,

SORRY for not sticking around.

SORRY that you didin't stay with me through the good times, or the bad,

SORRY for doubting me, and leaving me so sad,... SORRY!

SORRY for putting your friends and your family first

and allowing them to say things about me that truly did hurt.

SORRY for prancing other girls in my face,

to me that was such a mean and awful disgrace.

SORRY, for saying you loved me so many times in my bed,

SORRY for putting fake dreams in my head,...SORRY!

SORRY, for not fighting hard enough for me to keep,

SORRY for allowing me to walk away from you and leave.

SORRY, for breaking my heart,

SORRY for tearing me apart.

SORRY, for making me feel so used,

completely broken and abused.

Never physical but still it hurts, treating me so wrong, like I was nothing but dirt,...SORRY!

That pain that is stuck in my head,

you left me badly wounded, Yes badly wounded instead,

like a person left in a coma, not fully dead,...SORRY!

Left in a dead sleep,

A nightmare of so many lies & pain that run too deep.

A pain inside that only you gave to me,... SORRY!

A simple word you're SORRY is all I want to hear,

coming out of your mouth and really being sincere.

Is the least thing I deserve something that simple and so true,

because you left me broken and so very confused,...SORRY!

I truly want to hear that word SORRY, because the only thing I did wrong,

was cared for you and kept my love for you so strong,

and the truth is, I held unto it, for far too long.

I loved you this is the honest truth,

My bad for being such a darn stupid fool.

I have to say, I have looked in the mirror and told myself, "SORRY" u see,

Now I'm waiting for the day to come, when 'YOU" say, "You're SORRY" to me!

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