An Odysseus Adventure

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This I wrote for school once, we had to create a character then have Odyseuss fight it. So here's how Odysseus escaped the great shapeshifter Samadhi.

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



The shapeshifting beast Samadhi, his natural form is an inky black color with two short razor sharp horns popping from atop his head. In his lipless mouth are row after row of jagged teeth, and his eyes are milky blue, without pupil or white in sight.  He stands about four feet tall with a two foot forked tail waving wildly behind him.  No god protects him, he is his own man.  As Odysseus struts around the island alone, his men wondering elsewhere, he stumbles across the ruins of what appears to be a temple.  From within the shadows Samadhi slithers out, pouring over the broken stones like spilled tar.  Samadhi is focused on the man infront of him, just as his name proclaims.  Odysseus watches startled as the black beast rises high above his head, stares in sick fascinaton as its body elongates and wraps around trees, trapping him within the circle of its' body.  Quick now to act Odysseus withdraws his sword and makes a quick jab at the constricting walls of the shining body.  Has his sword cuts Samadhi the shape shifter opens his mouth wide and breaths.  The breath hits Odysseus in a wave, the smell of rotting flesh, burning hair, and fecies crashed onto him.  Odysseus' stomache gave a horrid clench and his eyes water.  At the top of his lungs Odysseus yells, making an attempt to reason with the beast.  "Please, I don't wish to die yet! I have heard of you, I've heard that you may be willing to make a bargin?"  Though Odysseus had actually not heard of him, he had made a correct guess, for Samadhi was known for his bargining.  The black beast paused, then nodded his heavy head signalling for Odysseus to continue.  "What is it that you want from me?" Asked Odysseus,"What is the goal here?"  Samadhi rummbled in his loud baratone voice that he wished to collect the faces in his memory, so he may use them at a later date.  Odysseus thought quickly, "Well, I myself have not known many people, prehaps if you release me I will bring to you the oldest member of my crew."  Samadhi thought for a moment then roared, "There will be no prehaps about it, by tomarrow morning you will bring me the man that you offer."  Odysseus looked into the sky, judging by the sun it was late afternoon, giving he and his men plenty of time to flee the island, hopefully with their lives intact.  Odesseus agreen and Samadhi shrank down to his original size, then turned to leave, telling odesseus that he would be here in the morning, and if he didn't return he would set a curse on said man.  Odyssseus nodded an left as quickly as he had come, rounding up his men and explaining the situation.  He turned to the oldest member of the group, telling him of the curse that would be put on him if he didn't go, giving the man thee opton to either live with it or die now.  The man shrugged, saying that surly it would break eventually, and together they left before the sun was down.

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