Concrete Cell

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The tragic story of two kidnapped children.

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



Sitting on the side walk was a small, pale, blonde haired child. She was twirling her fine hair around her index finger as she stared mindlessly into the street. Avory tapped her feet as a block blue car slowed to a stop next to her. The windows were dark and the music inside was playing so loud she couldn't help but turn her gaze to it. The music blared and thumped, rattling her from her daze.  The door swung open and from the car stepped a tall man. He was slender with deep shadows under his bloodshot eyes. Above them the sky rumbled a warning as the strange man stepped up to the little girl. Her eyes darted back and forth between two men as a muscled man exited the car as well. From pit of her stomach dread started to crawl its way up and into her chest-- the duo drew close with leers pasted to their faces. Avory stood up and began to inch in the opposite direction of the approaching strangers. The thin man with the pock marked face darted toward her, and her petal pink lips parted in a silent scream. She knew what she wanted to say but the words just wouldn't come out. From her mutilated vocal cords came a garbled cry as spider digits dug into her chubby arms. She fought with all her might to pull the rag that the man had put on her mouth off. The muscled man came around the car and lifted her with ease from the lanky one, trotting nonchalantly to the vehicle and tossing her roughly in back. Everything seemed to be fading and Avory didn't know what to do, so she gave into the drug.
Unfocused baby blues peer around blurrily, trying hard to make out the shapes in the dim light. Her dainty hands yearn to feel around but are restrited by coarse rope. She pulls feebly at her cuffs, the rough material digging harshly into her soft wrists. Suddenly a scuffling sounds from what seems to be across the room and Avory can't help but recoil with fear until she hears a soft sobbing. Slowly the sniffling turns to full blown sobbing, quickly her fear is replaced by grim understanding far exeding her seven years. The sobbing silences as she whistles a damp, short note, and a hoarse "Hello?" replaces the sounds of weeping. In the darkness Avory does not see the fear and confusion in the green eyed, chubby cheeked boy just feet away. She taps her foot hoping the figure across from her could possible understand that she can't verbally reply. The knocking reaches rounded ears but he doesn't get the message sent, but still replies,"My name is Sailor..." Avory's eyes widen with the thought that she isn't alone, but her "companion" sounds young like her.
Above them there's the sound of thounderous footsteps bouncing loudly againts concrete walls. Sailor listened in silence for just a moment until he explained to Avory that this was routine for the two men above. Quitly Sailor tells her that it's easier to pretend it isn't happening, that when she opens her eyes again she'll be in a happier place. So Avory thinks of the times when she ran with her puppy and played with her father, back to the times when her parents danced after dinner, spinning around and around the living room. Avory dozed slowly with a sweet smile on her face as she imagined everything was the way it was supposed to be.
As she wakes from her unexpected slumber she notices a flight of stairs illuminated by the light of a open door. Suddely a lanky figure blacks out some of the light, his silohette standing firm with intimidation. A pole-esque arm reaches out and a click sounds before bright industrial lights flicker on. Sailor glances in Avory's direction and is suprised to find a thin cherub faced girl. In a moment of childish wonder her stared in awe before a tray of slop is dropped infront of them. Avory looked at Sailor for a meer moment before her stare turned to the heap of fat trimmings and food scraps ajacent to her. Rat face curled into an ugly sneer, the tall, thin man made his way back up the steps, leaving the light on but the door locked.
Avory gave Sailor a look up and down , he was built thickly with scabby knees from a summer of playing sports. Slowly she used her legs to scoot herself over to him, dragging heself across the floor to sit beside him. Sailor looked into her eyes and felt a selfish relief at the fact that he wasn't in this alone. Sailor then looked down again to the grimy mess of food scraps and began to dig in, pushing his suntanned face down into the slippery pile. Avory seemed disgusted but then did the same, she tasted fat and gristle but still ate because it might be her last meal for a while. As the substances hit her tounge she gagged, it tasted salty and thick. After she had eaten as much as her stomach could handle she pulled away and wiped her face on her sleeve. Grease stained her pink shirt with a sick yellow brown color, vaugly reminging her of pus.  Sailor saw the fear now more prominent on her face and reminded her to think of the good, not the the situation at hand, but she couldn't.  She kept thinking of the stories told by her parents and the news that told her about little kids who got snatched up by strangers and taken away forever.  she had never imagined how horrific the acual situation would be.  Avory refused to except this fate, and tried to slip her hands through the tight rope.  She pulled harshly and kicked her scrawny legs with the effort, all the while Sailor watching facination.  He is suprised that she still has any hope, his having depleted however long ago, he still wants to help.  Thinking for a moment he notices the oily remains of "dinner," though he has lost the concept of time, and quickly points it out.  Avory's eyes widen in realizationn and look to the greasy remains with hope.  She turns herself around, simutaniously sitting up and slips her fingers into the sickly mixture, slicking her wrists with grease and pig fat.  She takes a deep breath and trys pulling again, this time with sucess.  Her wrists rubbed raw but now infront of  her, pink and sensitive, but thankfully free.  She looks at Sailor and smiles, then she reaches out for the gristel and applies it to his bindings.  His hands are bigger than hers, but soon he is free as well.  In sync they both turn to look around to find a way out.  Wondering through the concrete prison they pass boxes stacked high, filled with old clothing and childrens toys. 

As Avory's eyes peer around a tall stack of boxes she sees the glowing outline of a door, she is suprised to find it and also noted that it is daytime.  She points and Sailors eyes follow, his heat fluttering and his stomach squeezing at the thought of escape now possible.  The immediantly rush over to investigate the door, finding a latch at the top.  The metal hook is high above their heads, but together they could just bearily reach.  The creak of the door open and look into eachother's eyes, Avory's hand slipping into Sailor's as she look forward and pushes the door open.  Outside are two rows of three of dog houses holding unchained, rabid looking dogs.  Both of the children gasp and take off for the cracked open gate door, but the gate doesn't appear to get any closer and instead farther as the mad dogs begin to give chase.  Eventually though the pair makes it to the gate, Sailor peeks behind them and sees "Muscled man" and "Mr. Tall and Lanky" chasing after them at a steady reasured trot, well behind the dogs.  Both children's hands are damp with sweat, and as Avory starts to weeze her hand slips from Sailors.  He looks at her scared, tired, and hopeless.  Avory points ahead to some houses in the distance and she starts to slow down.  Sailor keeps his quick pace and yells "Come one!" She collapses on the cold dew coated ground.  Sailor stumbles with suprise and fear, he screams "Get up! Hurry!"  He's got tears brimming his eyes now, and is slowing.  Avory struggles to croak out a gargaled encouragment, but barely manages the begging letter of "Go!" 

With misty eyes  Sailor continutes on, slipping through the cracked wood with his shirts red cloth only catching momentarily.  Behind him Avory digs her fingers into the damp soil as the first dog pounced.  Sharp teeth dig into ivory flesh with orders to kill.  Soon after the first bite others are piled up too.  The two men watch with an odd mix of dismay and grim satisfaction as light blonde hair is stained red.  Droptels of blood steaming down her face turned to crimson rivers.  With the tearing of flesh and clothing, mixed with the steady stream of a mute girls gurgling and visious growls it was difficult to tell when exactly ice blue eyes turned to dull grey and the life slipped from the dainty body.  Unaware Sailor continues down the unevven path towards the safety of civilization.  Oddly fasinated by the even taking place the two men forget about the other child.  Sailor runs up the sidewalk to a faded red wooden door and starts rapidly knocking, hoping the resident would sense the urgency.  From inside a voice calls to wait a momentand soon a  frail elderly woman with curly permed white hair answers the door.  After a rushed explination of what he later finds out to be the last four days the woman called Mary pulls him into the house and dials 911.  Soon there are police cars with flashing lights, an ambulance with a blaring siren, and two sobbing parents standing infront of Miss. Mary's house, all asking little Sailor for details and descriptions.As a man in a dark green shirt comes up he intoducs himself as Detective John Ancers, and pulls Sailor to the side.  As the detective begins his questioning the green eyed boy begins his tale of a concrete cell and a blonde haired blue eyed girl.

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