How the Earth Got It's Color

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This is a short story about how the world got its color

Submitted: March 02, 2012

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Submitted: March 02, 2012



There was once a time when everything in the work was grey, people, pets, the sky, and the flowers, all ranging various shades from black to white.  Until noon that is, when the blinding white sun was highest in the sky, a beautiful rainbow stretched around the world.  A beautiful band of colors, span across the ocean and over high mountains, shining brightly for the entire hour.  Since anyone could remember this rainbow had appeared every day without fail, no matter the season, it was always warm and bright at noon.  But alas, all good things must end.


It was a year with a terrible drought, and in a small village far from the ocean the villagers gathered in the center of the village to do a rain dance.  They danced and dance from noon to sunset and through the nigh despite the heat.  They spun with their arms held high into the air, dancing in complicated patterns with practiced ease.  Tired and thirsty, the villagers left the ash pile where the fire once burned the night before, and waited for the rain to come, to worn to even admire the brilliant splash of color on the dull grey sky.  The people were so distracted by their aching limbs that they didn’t notice the black clouds rolling in.


It didn’t take long for the entire town to be completely dark, the only light being from the soft glow of the rainbow.  And then it started to rain.  The water fell from the sky like bullets and quickly the rainbow started to fall.  Various shades of violet and red splashed to the ground, painting the people and houses in brilliant colors.  Before long the entire rainbow fell like ribbon, all around the world the colors fell.  They fell into fields and onto mountains, covering everything.  Blue fell into the ocean and splashed the sky, and green poured onto the tops of trees and dropped to the grey grass below.  Most importantly were the people of the world, they ran and splashed through the puddles of color, dying themselves all different colors.  Days had passed since the rainbow had fallen and the sky had stopped showing them its brilliant colors everyday at noon, but the people of the world were still painted with its colors. 


The dye wouldn’t wash from their skin and everything was still stained with color!  The drought had ended, and the people realized that even though they could no longer see the brilliant colors light up the sky, after it rained and the sun came out from behind the clouds you could find a faint  rainbow printed across the sky, a pale reminder of what used to be.

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