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This is Ravis, a monster in the forest, and he's plauging your dreams

Submitted: March 02, 2012

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Submitted: March 02, 2012



In the dark and twisting forest there are many monsters, waiting behind trees and under rocks, giddy with the though of sinking their pointed teeth into your soft stomach and tearing out your insides.  You can feel their eyes on you, even though you don’t see them.  You’ve entered this twisted world time and time again, and have been in this very forest more than you can count.  Your just stumbling around, tripping on blue roots and brushing past orange and pink vines, careful not to touch that pretty little bug resting near your hand because you no that it stings like no other, but oh look, your finger taps it anyways, that silly little digit.  And oh! It burns so badly that it melts your skin a little, and you know that it hurts even though you don’t feel it.  There is a smooth spot on you finger now, but that’s in the past, onward through the forest your go! 


You’re not really looking for anyone, but you can feel that you’re coming close to seeing them anyways.  Now here deep in the forest is a strange looking plant, not the most frightening thing you’ve seen in the forest, simply because you know who this is.  Trying its hardest to appear human, this “plant” sprouts from the ground with two jagged hip like structures jutting from the ground.  The figure is standing erect from the ground, and its body is bulging with bone and muscle, though the way the stomach is sunken in it gives off an anorexic feel.  This is Ravis.


Silver thorns protrude from random spots of his body and grey - green skin is pulled tightly against the skull, pulling back the eyelids and revealing his pink gums and razor sharp teeth.  His body spasms as you walk into the small clearing and you realize that as the vines that grow around him bloom with poison flowers he has yet to recognize you.  Trying his hardest to appear human, for a reason that you can only figure is that it serves is to frighten unfortunate victims, his deformed arm which sprouts from his side with an awkwardly placed elbow twitches in something that resembles a wave.


You smile fondly at him and call out a casual greeting.  After a series of sickening cracks his long neck turns from its broken position to one more human like.  Baby blue flowers bloom around the vines and burst open with a golden mist, you no that it will quickly put you to sleep, but you are still smiling.  Your not sure why, but your always very happy to see Ravis, you find him adorable in a creepy T.V. show character kind of way, and because it’s such a beautiful day you know he’ll only put you to sleep, and if your luck, maybe he’ll talk to you!  Like a child who can’t wait to open their birthday presents you take deep breaths of the sweet smelling powder and let them lull you to sleep.


When you wake up, you think that ‘maybe that wasn’t such a good idea’.  You should know better than that now, never just expect something from these monsters.  While Ravis might be one of you favorite beasties, he is just as dangerous as the others.  You’ve woken with his shimmering spikes piercing through your back and out your stomach, slicing through the tissues of your arms and legs, and scraping the back of your skull, and your head is cracked for sure, and the best part is that you’re missing large chunks of flesh from where he’s been eating you.  You’re not even going to think about how your still alive, or bother to wonder were the blood is.  The thorns are freezing cold and the skin around your wounds are turning blue from the temperature, you can practically feel every individual ice crystal forming, even though in your subconscious you know probably you aren’t really.  But right now that doesn’t matter because now is now, and right now hurts and that’s all that seems to matter


But then it doesn’t.  It doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t matter because Ravis has released his hold on you, and suddenly you’re awake in your bed, and you are no longer You but Me, and I am so terribly tired that I don’t even bother to relive the dream , it simply is and all that’s important is my head resting back on the pillow and having a deep dreamless sleep.

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