The Racoon and the Red Panda

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Just a silly little fable, I wrote it for school once apon a time, and I found it and thought "why not?" so here it be.

Submitted: June 12, 2012

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Submitted: June 12, 2012



A red panda and a racoon frolicked jovially throughout the green tree tops.  This was how they spent their days, always together, and the other animals of the forest knew this.  Whenever someone was in need of the racoon they would ask red panda where to find her, for she was the only one who could keep track of the quick animal.  The same is said of racoon, she was expected by the others to always know what was on red pandas mind, and she prided herself in knowing so much about the other.  One day red panda was searching for racoon, an anomally in itself.  When she asked the great elephant he told her that racoon had moved onto another jungle.  Red panda was destrant, she wept for days, weeks, months, until finally she pulled herself together and went in search of her beloved racoon.  It didn't take long to find her, and when she did they rejoyced.  Apon questioning racoon on her dissapearence she replied that she knew red panda so well, that she knew she would be angry at her departing, so she left without warning and told the forest animals to keep silent about her leaving, to avoid confuntationRed panda sighed and explained to racoon her great sorrow, and her offense at her assumptionRacoon swore to never again  assume that someone or something will act a cetain way.

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