Soilders in Christ

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I wrote this when my heart was very troubled by the things happening around me, by the things that weaken my faith. but then I realized that to be a soldier in Christ means to find strength in Christ and not in the world and its people.

Submitted: September 06, 2013

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Submitted: September 06, 2013



In these modern days, people kill each other, some are willing to sell their souls to get an easy buck, the people that we trusted are said to be antichrist, and they do not honour the Lords sacrifice. What we see today is heartbreaking that some might even think of joining the illuminate, turn against God and when asked why, they might respond, “if God does truly exist, if he truly loves us, then why is he letting all of this happen, why should he  leave his children to suffer?”  The answer to these questions is answered by another question, “why did he let it happen to Jesus?’’ why would God let people torture his only son, for salvation, the salvation that is yours today. He let them nail his son to the cross so that through his scars we might be saved. If we are children of God and want t save this world, should we also not share in Christ’s suffering? Christ suffered to save us, then should we also not suffer to bring the salvation Christ gave us to them. Maybe through your scars you can bring Christ’s glory to someone else and help them to be saved. They say that some people learn better from someone who’s experienced firsthand.

Yes people who you thought were holy turn out to be frauds and that may weaken your faith because you don’t know what to believe in anymore. Let me tell you what I do, I focus my faith my trust on one person, I focus on the one that delivers me because with him by my side I am safe. I focus on him because I am solider in Christ, and not in the mortal who is a fraud but in Christ Jesus my lord and saviour. Bad things happen, but just as every dark cloud has a silver lining, God is always working, just have patience and faith that the God of love will keep all his promises. So when bad things happen, don’t give up on Him, because when you were down He was right there to pick you up when you called on His name. Always remember that His will above our own.

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