All alone( nag-iisa) Vocabulary Words

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Meanings of the words that you don't usually hear from my poem Nag-iisa(All alone).

Submitted: June 09, 2013

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Submitted: June 09, 2013



All Alone (Nag-iisa) Vocabulary Words

Mollify- appease the  anger or anxiety

Nullify- made legally null and void; invalidate

Ostensive- adv. denoting a way of defining by direct demonstration, e.g. pointing

Peculiarly- more than usually; especially

Queasy- nauseous; feeling sick

Stupendously- adv. extremely impressive

Temperamental- adj. liable to unreasonable changes of mood

Ubiquitously- adv. present, appearing, or found everywhere

Vaunt- boast about or praise, especially excessively

Xanthous- yellow

Yearning- a feeling of intense longing for something lost, absent, or attainable

Zealously-adv. having or showing zeal

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