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What would be my next adventure when the car stopped read on and you will see.....

Submitted: October 17, 2007

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Submitted: October 17, 2007



I jumped into the car I was no more than a pup, the engine started with a roar I gave a mighty jump. My master sat behind the wheel and drove down lots of roads because I was so small my nose could only just touch the window. I sat wagging my tail for I loved it in the car I was wondering what my next adventure was and what i would see.

We seemed to be driving for ever then the car it twisted and turned then with a swift bang I fell on to the floor as the car came to a sudden halt. The door was opened wide my master said “this way lady” I did as I was told he walked me down a small path with giant trees each side.

The further on we went the sky began to darken and I started to feel a little afraid yet hey I’m with my master by his side. We walked just a little further yet off the path we had gone then my master let me off my lead I ran ahead all free yet when I turned around my master I could not see.

I felt scared and all alone the wind was blowing now the sky was dark and it was hard to see I just wondered where my master can be. I smelt the ground to get a sent but nothing I could smell only damp wood and soggy leaves beneath my tiny paws.

It started now to rain the fear built up inside that I was all alone I carefully carried on then a large gap within a tree invited me in from the rain. I cuddled up into a ball and slept soundly.
I poke my head outside the tree and the sun shone up above the trees did not seem so big now but alone I knew I was. Hunger came inside of me I found a small puddle of water and took a drink from it.

I saw a little rabbit scurrying across the grass, I heard the birds all singing from the trees up above. I thought I would just keep walking because I did not know what to do hunger started to grip at my stomach as the day turned yet again into night. With no tree to keep the rain off I snuggled up into a ball, fear hunger was all I felt till sleep caught up with me.

This went on for 2 days weakness crept in. I saw a ray of lights ahead amongst the trees with all of my strength I carried on to see.
I had reached a road but fatigue over came me so I lay down to sleep.
I felt warm hands around me and a kiss upon my head I slowly looked and a child was clutching me to his chest.
The fear and hunger I had felt had melted away for I had been saved to face another day.

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