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This is a piece of flash fiction I thought I should upload just to get the ball rolling really. Any comments are welcome, please tell me honestly what you think of it, and also if you think of any ways to improve I wouldn't mind hearing that either.

Thanks for reading

Btw - it does contain swearing (hence the R rating)

Submitted: September 30, 2011

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Submitted: September 30, 2011



“Marco! C’mon! We’ve been mates for years!”

“Yeah, we were…”, Marco’s eyes narrowed and his hand gripped the revolver even tighter.

“Seriously man, I didn’t tell them! And George is not dead!”

“That’s what I knew you’d say! You told the feds that he was in on the plan!”

“Marco… that’s no-”

“SHUT IT! I’ll be next Chris, I know it, I can feel it, you, you sold us out! You told ‘em we were the ones who stole the money! An’ the feds killed him, they killed George. An’ it’s your fuckin’ fault!”, his hand began shaking even more than it was before, but the gun was still pointing straight at Chris.

“Man… I didn’t rat you guys out! I would never do that and you kno-”


Chris took a few steps backward and stepped into the concrete wall behind him.

“Stop movin’… you say anything, move anywhere, and I’ll fuckin’ shoot. Don’t think I won’t!”, a bead of sweat ran down from Marco’s brow, down his face, and then off the end of his chin.

“Please Marco… c’mo-”

Before Chris could finish a loud bang erupted from behind Marco, and his now suddenly lifeless body slumped to floor with a deathly ‘thud’.

“B, B, B, Ben… thank God you turned up! Marco went crazy started saying that George had been killed and the feds had done it, and that I had ratted us out!”

“Well what do you know… that crazy son-of-a-bitch got one thing right…”

Ben fired a single shot into Chris’ chest, he feel to the floor grabbing the wound and letting out a cry of pain.

“You see Chris my clueless friend, George is dead, but it wasn’t the feds, it was me. You people were always too stupid, to mother fucking idiotic to understand how much power this money gives us! So someone had to take control of the situation. And I picked me.”

Chris’ eyes closed slowly and Ben turned around and started to walk towards the door.


Ben fell into the door frame, and turned around in enough time to see Marco getting up to his feat.

“When you shoot someone you make sure there not wearing a bullet proof vest Ben. An’ one more thing, just before you snuff it; never under-estimate me.”

“Wh, wha, what d, do you mean?”, stuttered Ben as the pain in his right hand side became worse.

“I mean, I had you figured out from the start! Chris you can stand up now”

Chris rose from the floor and unbuttoned his shirt revealing the vest underneath

“Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben… you also might wanna look behind you, cause that gun barrel pressed to your head, that belongs to George.”


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