Share a Little Bit of Your Dressing Room (JemCon fan-fic contest entry 2013)

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This was my entry for the 2013 JemCon Fan-Fiction contest. The rules were that the story had to be written about a situation regarding The Holograms and The Misfits having to share a dressing room together before a concert. Three things also had to be incorporated into the story: the character of Clash, a lighthouse, and a lobster. Hope you enjoy how I managed to do this. Happy reading!

Submitted: October 04, 2013

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Submitted: October 04, 2013



Share a Little Bit of Your Dressing Room

By: Lúthien Lúinwë


Portland, Maine


“I’m an A-list celebrity; I don’t deserve this!” Pizzazz was livid as she looked around the sparse dressing room provided for her and the other Misfits; as part of a charity concert they were playing tonight in Portland. “Why, this dressing room is barely enough to fit my shoe collection, let alone the four of us!”

“Ach, quit your belly-aching, Yank,” Jetta said as she flopped onto the little loveseat, which took up nearly the entire room.

“Look at all the grub we’ve got at the catering table! This dressing room is okay so far, if you ask me!” Roxy exclaimed as she started to fill a plate, taking her seat in front of the vanity, serving as a makeshift table.

“I think it’s quaint, and charming.” Stormer said, looking around in awe.

Pizzazz snorted derisively. “You’d think after all these years of playing sold-out arenas; you would be less enchanted with these sorts of dumps, Stormer. And where is Clash with the rest of our things?”

“Right behind you!” Clash called out as she entered the room, lugging several suitcases behind her.

Pizzazz sighed with relief. “Finally! My costumes are here.” She was going to have four costume changes onstage tonight, and didn’t want to leave anything to chance. She zipped open one of the bags, looking over her choices; still somewhat undecided as to what she would wear.

“You got enough there for four-hundred costume changes, Pizzazz.” Roxy said dryly as she went to work at cracking open the lobster on her plate, dousing it with enough butter to flood the Grand Canyon.

“Well, if we had time to do a proper set, instead of having to play for just an hour, I would have plenty of time to change into more costumes.” Pizzazz said as she held up a floor-length silver-sequined dress.

A few moments later, a knock came at the door. “That must be the stylist!” Jetta said, but made no move to answer as she looked pointedly at Stormer. “Ahem…Stormer, do be a dear and see who’s at the door.”

“Oh…sure thing, Jetta!” Stormer exclaimed as she opened the door and saw Kimber Benton and Aja Leith standing before her.

Pizzazz’s cat-like green eyes narrowed furiously as she saw who their guests were. “What are you two doing here?”

“Hello, girls!” Stormer greeted them enthusiastically. “What brings you here?”

“You’re in our dressing room.” Aja said bluntly, her arms crossed.

Stormer looked around, distressed. “Maybe there’s been some kind of mistake?”

Roxy jumped up from her seat. “Whaddya mean, this is your dressing room?” she crossly inquired, her hands on her hips. “In case you haven’t noticed, we’re The Misfits, and this is our dressing room.”

Kimber shook her head. “No way! This is our dressing room! The promoter told us that this is where our dressing room would be.”

As the women quarreled, Shana approached the group and produced a piece of paper from her coat pocket. “This is our contract.” she said, pointing at the clause that described the dressing room. “Says it right here in black-and-white: this is the location of our dressing room.”

“Well, why don’t you do something about it?” Jetta mocked. “First come, first serve, as you bloody Seppoes always say.”

“What’s going on here?” another voice came from behind Kimber, Aja, and Shana.

“Oh great, it’s the unofficial sixth member of the Holograms.” Roxy rolled her eyes as Jerrica Benton entered the dressing room.

“Some manager you are!” Pizzazz pointed at Jerrica, her finger poking at Jerrica’s chest. “Only you could manage to foul this up to where two bands who hate each other are stuck fighting over a dressing room! And a pathetic dressing room, at that! I can’t believe we’re arguing over this…this broom closet!”

“I’m just as surprised as you are,” Jerrica said calmly, “Pizzazz, in case you haven’t noticed; this is a show for charity to restore one of the oldest lighthouses in Portland. This place was built in the 17th century; not exactly meant to be the hub of the local rock concert scene.”

“Then they should have built on more dressing rooms.” Roxy said as she sat back down to finish her lobster.

Raya had since joined the group by this point, but no one had noticed her presence until she spoke up. “Maybe we can take turns using the dressing room?” she suggested shyly.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Stormer nodded in agreement.

“Forget it!” Pizzazz retorted. “We were here first, and we’ve already made ourselves comfortable. We need every minute before the show to get ready.”

“We need to get ready for the show too!” Shana said impatiently, and gave a knowing look to Jerrica. “It’s stated in our rider that Jem needs privacy and her own personal space to prepare for the show.”

“So then let her go change in the gas-station bathroom or something.” Roxy said flippantly as she returned to her lobster dinner.

“That’s not a bad idea, Roxy!” Pizzazz smirked. “Now get lost, Holograms!”

“Why don’t you get lost?” Aja countered back.

“No, you!”



“Ladies!” a male voice thundered above the din. Eric Raymond elbowed his way through the throng of angry women, standing in the middle of the room. “LADIES!”

Eric!” Pizzazz shrieked. “Tell these amateurs to get out of our dressing room!”

“That’s what I came here to tell you, if you would quiet down for a minute and listen!” Eric said angrily. “This is the only room available in the entire lighthouse that can serve as a makeshift dressing room. The building is old and dilapidated; this is the only room that has functional electricity and plumbing.”

“I shoulda known you’d book us at a crummy dump like this.” Roxy glared at Eric.

“And we’re not even getting paid!” Jetta complained.

“Well, what does all this have to do with us?” Stormer asked, getting back to the subject of whose dressing room this belonged to.

Eric sighed in frustration. “What it means is that both of your contracts are legitimate. You both have the right to use this dressing room. To put it simply, you’ll have to share the dressing room between you.”

Share?!” Pizzazz screeched. “I’m a Gabor, and we Gabors donotshare!”

Roxy proceeded to throw a donut at Eric’s head. “What a load of

Stormer was quick to interrupt Roxy before she was bound to say something she’d regret. “Come on, girls! You’re always saying that we’re The Misfits, and there’s nothing we can’t do. So let’s look at this as a challenge…a fun challenge! We can do anything…right?”

“I’m bored with this already. Wake me up when you’ve hashed it all out.” Jetta said with a yawn, flipping on her side to take a catnap on the loveseat.

“I apologize for the mix-up, Eric.” Jerrica said. “We honestly didn’t know that this was the only room available.”

Eric looked coldly at Jerrica, but nodded his head. “Neither did we,” he said, “but there’s nothing we can do about it now. Better that you stay here and make sure these girls don’t kill each other before showtime.”

“I’ll do my best.” Jerrica said, trying not to crack a smile as Eric stormed off. As he slammed the door behind them, the women stared each other down; all of them squeezed into the miniscule dressing room together like a pack of sardines.

“Well, don’t look at me!” Pizzazz scoffed. “You were the ones who cried and complained so much about wanting this room, so don’t let us stop you from having it!”

Aja threw up her hands in resignation, taking her make-up kit over to the vanity table, where Roxy barred the way by ceremoniously putting her feet up; her plate of food taking up what was left. “You’ve got another thing comin’ if you think you’re gonna use my space!”

“You’re all really something else!” Aja huffed in frustration as she found a small space in the far corner of the room, and sat on the floor to fix her makeup.

Raya came over to sit beside Aja, and whispered worriedly in her ear. “What is Jem going to do?” she asked, nodding in Jerrica’s direction. Jerrica was looking around the room nervously; her thoughts could be read loud and clear by the other Holograms.

“I don’t know,” Aja whispered back, “she certainly can’t change while the Misfit girls are in the room.”

There was no need to speak out loud what they were all thinking: even if Jerrica quietly went into the bathroom to change, there was no way she could come out as Jem without everyone noticing. As long as the Misfits were in the room, Jerrica could not risk changing into Jem. And if there was no Jem, there was no show. If there was no show, then The Misfits would not only have their comeuppance, but the lighthouse would not be saved. A historical landmark would go to ruins, all because of its very flaws that they were now here to try and fix.

“We need to think of something,” Kimber whispered to Shana from their side of the room. They fared no better than Aja and Raya; standing wedged in-between the small enclosed area that served as a closet, and the food-laden catering table.

Shana nodded; a distraction was certainly in order, but it was the same dilemma that Aja and Raya were thinking of on their end. If Jerrica tried to contact Synergy through her earrings, the Misfits would know about it. Synergy could not cause a distraction unless Jerrica sent a direct command. The clock was ticking.

“So, where’s your pink-haired leader?” Clash retorted as she happily picked up the pile of clothes that Pizzazz left on the floor as she rummaged through her luggage to find the outfits she wanted to wear onstage tonight.

“She’ll be here, don’t worry about it.” Kimber said, though not entirely sure of it herself.

“She had some press to do before the show,” Jerrica explained, “so she’s probably running behind. She’ll be along shortly.”

Jetta’s response to this was a loud snore.

Roxy decided to take advantage of Jetta’s unconscious state, and play a prank on her. Very quietly, she took Jetta’s hand and scooped a large dollop of chocolate pudding into the palm of her hand. Clash looked over at what Roxy was doing and covered her mouth to suppress a giggle. Clash was not terribly fond of Jetta either, and rather liked when Roxy played pranks on the Misfit that Clash would forever deem as “the interloper”.

When Roxy turned around to go back to her place, Aja was already there with her make-up kit spread out on the table’s surface. “Hey, whaddya think you’re doin’?” Roxy asked.

“Move your feet, lose your seat.” Aja teased with a grin.

“Is that so?” Roxy shoved Aja out of the chair. “Looks like you’ve moved, and I got my seat back.” she said triumphantly as she sat back down.

Aja rose to her feet, dusting herself off as she glared at Roxy, balling her fists. “Oooh, if I get my hands on you, Roxy…” she muttered under her breath.

“Why don’t you just let her have the chair, Roxy?” Stormer tried to smooth the fracas between the two headstrong women.

“Whose side are you on anyway, Stormer?” asked Roxy. “If you want to make yourself useful, why don’t you bring me a lemon-lime soda?”

“Okay,” Stormer acquiesced, moving towards the little catering table and rummaging through the ice chest where the sodas were kept cool.

Pizzazz clapped her hands, as if to call everyone to attention. “Attention, kiddies!” she called out. “It’s time for all of you to vamoose so that I can change into my first costume for the night. In other words, get outta here!”

“Everybody out!” Clash tried to bully the other girls by pushing the timid Raya towards the door.

“That’s just about enough!” Jerrica exclaimed, tired of seeing the way the Misfit girls were running roughshod over the Holograms. “Pizzazz, no one died and made you queen. If you want to change into your costume, you can just go into the bathroom and get dressed.”

“Well, nobody died and made you queen either!” Pizzazz lashed out at Jerrica. “You’re not the only ones with a contract, you know.”

“Yes, and our contracts state that this is the only dressing room allowed us,” Jerrica said, “so rather than fighting about it, why don’t we try to get along and make the best of things?”

“We don’t wanna get along!” Clash exclaimed.

“How’s this for getting along?” Roxy took the remains of her lobster and chucked it at Jerrica, but it missed; landing square on Pizzazz’s designer blouse.

Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!” Pizzazz screamed as she lunged at Roxy, pulling her hair.

“Stop it!” Stormer jumped in-between the two of them. It was clear she had done this before. “Both of you, stop it right now! Quit fighting!”

“This is all your fault!” Pizzazz turned her anger from Roxy back to Jerrica, as she grabbed the lapel of Jerrica’s suit, and ripped it.

“You can’t do that to my sister!” Kimber raged as she yanked the sleeve of Pizzazz’s blouse and tore it off.

“Kimber!” Jerrica exclaimed in shock.

“I’ll show you, you little goody-two-shoes!” Pizzazz grabbed the bowl of punch on the catering table, attempting to dump it on Kimber’s head. Kimber was too fast, and ducked out of the way, leaving Clash in the wake of Pizzazz’s destruction.

“Hey!” Clash yelled. “What did I do to get in the middle of this?” But she didn’t dare play into the vicious game. She would sooner take the brunt of Pizzazz’s foul mood than to incur her wrath directly, and fall from her favor. Dripping with red punch, Clash stumbled into the bathroom to try and dry off.

“Look what you did!” Pizzazz went back to harassing Jerrica, giving her a shove for what just happened to Clash.

“You only have yourself to blame!” Jerrica pushed her back.

“What’s going on ‘round here?” Jetta’s voice was groggy as she slowly woke up. Everyone had forgotten Roxy’s earlier prank until she went to rub her eyes, and smeared chocolate pudding down the side of her face.

“Ha!” Roxy pointed at Jetta, laughing so hysterically that she was holding onto her sides.

“Think that’s funny, eh, Roxy?” Jetta went to the catering table and decided to even the score. “How about some of me mashed potato?” she took a handful of mashed potatoes and wiped it all through Roxy’s hair. Before long, a complete food fight among the Misfits broke out, while the Holograms silently stood watching in shock.

“What’s going on in here?” a voice shouted through the commotion. Jerrica turned to see the concert promoter standing in the doorway.

“The Misfits are having a food fight!” Raya exclaimed.

Stormer looked at the promoter apologetically. “I tried to break up the fight, but I’m afraid things just got worse.”

Just then, Eric Raymond arrived on the scene, and all he could see was chaos. “Oh no,” he said, “now what have they done?”

“Is this common behavior with these girls of yours?” the promoter turned to Eric.

“I apologize,” Eric said, glaring at Pizzazz all the while. “I’ll pay for the damage…”

“Oh, you’re going to do more than that!” the promoter said angrily. “You can forget these girls performing tonight.”

“But…but…” Eric stuttered.

“I don’t want to hear any excuses!” the promoter thundered. “Now you get these…Misfits…out of here, and I don’t want to ever see you here in Portland again. I’d rather lose this lighthouse than to come begging to the likes of you to save it!”

Stormer looked on the verge of tears; as yet another show was pulled because of her bandmembers’ inability to behave themselves. “I hope that you’ll raise enough money to save the lighthouse at the concert tonight,” she said remorsefully, “even without us.” She didn’t even wait for the other Misfits as she left the room with her head hung in shame.

“Thanks a lot, Holograms!” Pizzazz said irately. “It’s just like you to put all the blame on us and not admit your part in this whole disaster.” She spun on her heel and stomped out of the room in an angry huff.

“Good going, you bloody Yank.” Jetta said accusingly to Roxy, as she took one last shot at her by firing a chicken wing at her shoulder.

“Oh, why don’t you Brits dry up and get a sense of humor?” Roxy said with a laugh as she left the room.

Just then, Clash came out of the bathroom and saw the results of what had happened. No one needed to tell her how it had ended, judging by the absence of her beloved Misfits. “Looks like we’re missing another show.” she sighed as she gathered up all of the luggage that Pizzazz had left behind, dragging it behind her as she had before.

The Holograms all stood in the middle of the room in stunned silence after the Misfits had all gone. “What just happened?” Shana was the first to speak.

“The Misfits, that’s what!” Aja laughed.

“That’s the Misfits for you,” Kimber agreed, “always their own worst enemy!”

Raya nodded. “Seems like they can never get out of the way of themselves.”

“Well, as usual, The Misfits always help us when they try to harm us,” Jerrica said wisely, “and as the saying goes, all’s well that ends well.”

“And we didn’t even need Synergy to do it!” Kimber exclaimed with glee.

“Nope,” Aja concurred, “when it comes to the Misfits, sometimes all you need to do is sit back and wait for the fireworks to go off.” At that, the women all burst into laughter.

“That being said, let’s put this unpleasant situation behind us so we can save the lighthouse and prevent future bands playing here from ever having to share a dressing room again!” Jerrica said with a knowing wink. “We’ve got just a few minutes before the concert, so it’s time to rock!…Showtime, Synergy!”


-The End-

© Copyright 2019 Luthien Luinwe. All rights reserved.

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