Im Sorry even though its to late

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Sorry, but its to late to tell you because you are now gone

Submitted: April 15, 2011

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Submitted: April 15, 2011



Darling this is for you, after how i've been to you, after all thats happened. My anger took over me and I hadn't a clue what I had done now I say this to you

I’m Sorry for making you mad

I’m sorry for being bad

I felt bad the rest of the day

And I almost cried the night away

Without you in my life

It’s like walking on the edge of a knife

But, when you’re there

It’s like relaxing and sitting in a comfy chair

I don’t have to worry

I just continue my journey

Because I know you will be their along the way

Guiding me through night and day

I’m sorry for hurting your feelings

I’m sorry for being so unlike a human being

But now your gone and I have no one to talk to because I'm behind bars that are cold, hard, and no one here is ever like you. Darling as I write this on the wall I start to bawl and my knees buckle over I lay on the floor and slowley let go not caring beacause I know I will soon be with you again. I'm not dying but yes, I 'am crying. Crying for you, crying for me and all of our family.

I knelt down by your coffin and slipped this in your purple silk pocket I wasn't there for long,but I still  got to say goodbye to you for that last time before I pulled the trigger on you.

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