I'm Different

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I am Just Who I am

Submitted: October 31, 2012

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Submitted: October 31, 2012



I 'm not gonna hate people,

I never think that I'm the best and other are worst, I only think that I'm different ,,,

I never compare anything between my self and other people, because in the end we'd only be the same dead body..

I don't care about differences, what color you're, religion, race or whatever, as long as you respect me, ill respect you hundred percent more

I don't wanna judge people by their look and by what they're wearing because the cover won't tell you a whole story of a book..

I love to be advised by those who has more experiences, I don't accept advise from a kid..

I can't accept when people judge me while the fact they don't even know me..

Sometimes I try not to care what people say, but the heart is too soft to be attacked by a dickhead,

I cry when people try to hurt me by their acts or words,
But my tears are things that make me even stronger..

I cry when people try to bring me down, but my tears are things that always keep me up..

I always love to be everyone's friends and share the experiences,
I don't wanna have any enemy and being fake like a crazy

Sometimes I feel envy of the others, I can be so jealous to other people's life but that's it and only it, I will never take, ask or steal anything from them, because I have something they might don't have, and I don't like if they steal it,

I'm not gonna hate anyone, because I won't waste my time,
its always better to forgive and continue live

I don't wanna be a hater, because I don't wanna be like them,
That's what makes me always different !

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