Oblivious To Their Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Do. The. Math.

3 People - 1 Person = A Loving Couple

My Best Friend + My Boyfriend + Me = Terrible Love Triangle

My Best Friend + My Boyfriend - Me = A Loving Couple

So the answer?

It's time to let go, forget, and move on.

My heart dispersed into a thin nothingness as one simple tear fell from my eyes.

The scene before me was too much for me to handle.

Too painful for me to believe.

Too harsh for me to see, as I’m blinded by the clouds of tears.

But there it was.

The plain truth.

Obviously, I’d heard an endless amount of stories about boyfriends who slept with their girlfriend’s best friends. But for it to actually happen to you is a whole another story. The idea doesn’t simply tear you apart; it rips your whole existence into two.

As I watch them cuddle each other unconsciously in his bed with loving smiles on their faces, I realized it was my entire fault that my heart was breaking at this very moment. It was all my fault.

How many times had they dropped hints about how much they cared for each other? How many times had he tried to break up with me, while I tried to ignore it? How many times had she told me about her love for this one perfect guy, yet one she could never be with?

It all fell into place.

They had cared too much about me to tell; knowing the truth would break my heart. And this was fate’s cruel way of snapping me into reality and showing me what they feared to show, afraid it would hurt me to no ends.

They loved one another. It was written on the expressions in their faces as they held each other closely as they slept.

My best friend of ten years, and my boyfriend of five; it was pure love that had bonded them together all these years.

Not me.

I had been completely oblivious, completely ignorant, and completely in their way of their happiness.

Happiness they deserved.

They deserved it. They were the selfless ones. The ones who pretended their love was nonexistent, for my own happiness.

They were both actors, and my life was their movie.

We had gone too far into this lie, this plot in this movie. There was turning back.

Out of the three, someone had to let go and forget.

Somebody had to move on.

And this was destiny’s way of telling me that, I, was that somebody.

Submitted: March 07, 2010

© Copyright 2021 luvbubbleso. All rights reserved.

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wow I frikkin loved this...make it a novel please haha!! my favorite line was "They were both actors, and my life was their movie" loved that!!!

She is a good person for seeing this situation in that perspective instead of the obvious perspective of feeling betrayed and pissed...she sees it as wow they were/are in love...man 10 yrs....5yrs...thats a long time to have people in your life then BAM....

sorry for my rambling I really liked this and you are very talented! have a great night!

Sun, March 7th, 2010 8:00am


wow thanks :) (its okay... i constantly ramble when i'm commenting on your novel "Renesmee: Eternally Yours "...LOL)

i like that line too.. i tried making some metaphors, to show how they lied cause they actually cared about her.... :)

anyways perhaps i WILL write a novel... maybe a novel about her moving on (even though i'm not even sure who "her" is... lol i'm sure the name will come along the way!)

thanks again! :D

Sun, March 7th, 2010 12:12am

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