Here We Are, Divided.

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This poem reflects how I was feeling after arriving home one day.

Submitted: October 12, 2010

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Submitted: October 12, 2010





A split from the former leads us to believe

About another realm that coincides with reality.

A new understanding emerges,

Showing us life in a different light,

A new view that illuminates the dark corners,

And clears all the senses for a fresh reason.

When something develops,

We recognize its faults right away,

But take longer to accept its formalities.

Humankind is quick to judge,

But take longer to welcome the new.

Perhaps in beyond,

There is a more accepting world,

One that allows freedom through difference.

People are free to choose the life they desire,

Without listening to the conflicting opinions of others.

Perhaps one day green can merge with blue,

And accept the faults of gray and orange,

And appreciate the joys they bring.

Until then we are divided by difference,

And cannot stand to realize that really we are the same.

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