Girls, Boys, Make-Up, and Lying

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Girls fall in LOVE with what they hear.
Boys fall in LOVE with what they see.
That is why boys LIE.
That is why girls wear MAKE-UP.

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



A/N: Hey Guys :) So this is my first story...don't worry, I'm not going to beg for comments or anything. I just wanted to let you all know that I joined this site to help me improve my writing. I'm not super amazing, I'll admit that. My grammar isn't the best and I make mistakes sometimes, but I think that I'm okay. So yeah, just wanted to get that out. I think that this is one of my best pieces, I tried really hard on it. Thanks for reading ~Hailey.


Girls fall in LOVE with what they HEAR

“Yeah, we came in first place for the championships.” Ethan Shaw bragged to his best friend, Andrew Lane, as his crush Lana walked down the hallway.

I rolled my eyes. I knew for a fact that they didn’t come in first; my brother was on the team himself.

“Congrats Ethan.” Lana said with a flirtatious touch to her voice, placing her hand lightly on his arms.

“Thanks Lana.” Ethan accepted, flashing her a huge smile, “Walk with me to Earth Science?”


They began to walk down the hall and I followed, having to get to Earth Science anyways and not really wanting to be late. I sat in my spot, next to Ethan, only to be interrupted by Lana Corlie herself. “You wanna trade seats today?” She questioned.

I looked towards Ethan, who was one of my okay friends. He nodded his head. I then looked towards Lana’s seat next to Andrew. The biggest jerk in the school. “Please?” Ethan added in and I shot him a glare but slowly stood up.

“Thanks girl!” Lana shouted out brightly as I slumped down in my seat next to Andrew. He looked over to me and then turned back down to his work.

“You okay?” He questioned softly.

I looked over to him, “I’ll live.”

“Yeah so I hit this amazing homerun to win the game in the last inning. It was pretty sick.” Ethan carried on from his seat.

I needed to talk to him about this.

His total lies.


 Boys fall in LOVE with what they SEE

That much make-up?” I questioned, looking over to see my best friend Lana applying loads of mascara, blush, foundation, eyeliner, and lip-gloss to her already pretty face.  

“I just want to impress Ethan.” She replied innocently, tying her blonde hair up into a bun and then putting her makeup into her Hollister Bag.

“Ethan likes you for your personality, Lane.” I insisted, opening up the door and stepping out into the deserted hallway. We were probably fifteen minutes late for study hall and I really didn’t feel like getting a detention, “You have a pass, Lana?”

“Okay first,” Lana started, sashaying down the hall even though no one was there to notice her, “Guys like girls for what they look like. And second, nope. No pass.”

I glared into the back of her head.

I loved Lana to death but really, she was becoming obsessed. She wasn’t like this last year. She wasn’t vain, wasn’t boy-obsessed.

“Ethan!” She called to the dirty blonde boy talking to a red-headed girl about ten feet in front of us. “Wait up!”

He turned to the girl, mumbled something to her, and she left down the stairs as he walked to Lana. “Hey.” He said casually, greeting her with a hug.

“Hi.” She said back, the two of them starting a conversation.

I rolled my eyes, I needed to get to study hall and I did not feel in the mood to watch them flirt. I started to walk away.

 Lana didn’t even notice.


That is why GIRLS wear MAKEUP

I really liked this girl.

She had something that other girls didn’t.

Maybe it was her personality, maybe it was her sense of style, maybe it was her quirky charm.

Although, it might have been the way her blue eyes were popping from a layer of black surrounding her eye-socket. The way her already dark lashes were lengthened and darkened with what my sister calls mascara. The way her lips were a pink color and the way her face was painted on with something called foundation.

I try not to judge how I like a girl on looks, really, I try.

It’s hard though, being a teenage boy and all. I’ll talk to the girl but sometimes I’ll make my ultimate decision based on the color of her hair, or the color of her eyes.

Some girls don’t wear makeup. They don’t get noticed.

As much as I want to say that we teenage boys like girls because of personality, charm, interests, and what they believe it; we sometimes don’t.

It may seem selfish, or rude, or terrible but it’s true.

I know about three other boys who like the same girl I do. One because of personality, the others because of her looks. One even lied. Truth be told, we do that too.

Boys like what they see.

They like to see a pretty girl with dark lashes, clear skin, perfect hair, light and full lips, and a pair of long legs.

It isn’t our fault.

It’s just stereotypical.


That is why BOYS LIE

Okay. I exaggerated a bit.

Or a lot.

I just really liked Lana.

I wanted her to be proud of me, really, that was all I wanted.

My friend got really mad after, though. She told me I shouldn’t lie to get a girl to like me. Said they would like me because I’m me.

But she doesn’t know, a guy has never liked her before.

She doesn’t understand they guys lie because girls like what they hear.

Once you date the girl, you’ll tell her the truth and then she’ll make out with you for being honest…a win-win situation.

I just hope that she doesn’t tell Lana the truth; at least, until before I tell the truth to her. After she’s my girlfriend and all.

I have experience with girls and extending the truth.

It’s never backfired before.

I don’t it would on Lana, either. She was just another one of the girls who likes a guy because of what she hears and goes through all sorts of trouble to get with him. The kind of girl that I like. Her best friend, Victoria, isn’t that bad either. Anthony can get with her and I’ll get with Lana and we can double date.

The thing is Anthony doesn’t lie. Doesn’t like it or something. I don’t think it’s that bad.

Honestly, I don’t.

It just helps things move along.

Abraham Lincoln was a honest man and he got killed.

So lying isn’t that bad.

No matter what Alicia says.




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